Best Men’s Walking Boots

A good pair of men’s walking boots are more than their weight in gold. When you choose the best men’s walking boots for your specific needs, you can say goodbye to common issues a like blister, sore feet and frostbite. A good pair of walking boots should last you for a long time and should provide the comfort and support that your feet need when you need to walk on uneven terrain and unforgiving grounds.

We set out to find the best men’s walking boots that have the characteristics mentioned above. Read on to find out more about the walking boots we found.

Tips in Buying the Best Men’s Walking Boots

Not all walking boots for men are created equal. That said, it’s imperative that you take more than a minute to ponder on your vast number of choices and assess your individual needs to arrive to a better buying decision. Let us help you out even further with these buying factors:

Weather Compatibility. It makes sense to check the weather compatibility of the pair of walking boots first. Some walking boots are more ideal for winter use as they are integrated with fur lining or thermal components that keep the feet nice and warm. In the summer, these boots might not be the best ones to use. When deciding which one to get, decide how often you go for a walk or a hike during different seasons.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who doesn’t choose what weather is suitable for hiking or walking, go for an all-season pair of boots that is capable of withstanding different weather conditions. If you are a summer-only hiker, one that is lightweight and more fitting for the humidity and the heat of the summer season should suffice.

Rugged and Durable Exterior. Since walking boots are not cheap and you will most likely have to spend a bit of money for a good pair, you would want to make sure you are getting a rugged and durable one, capable of deflecting common wear and tear. Check the exterior material to find out what it is made from and if it can be subjected to rough terrain and be exposed to pebbles, rocks, water or sand. Check the stitching and the laces to see if they will hold up well against some high level of abuse.

Breathability. You need a pair of men’s walking boots with superior breathable functions because you don’t want heat to get trapped in your shoes. This can cause excessive sweating, which will make your feet and boots smelly. Breathable functions will allow air to circulate effectively inside the boots to dissipate heat and prevent sweating. It can help in controlling temperature, thereby avoiding issues like frostbites in the winter or sweaty feet in the summer.

Water-Proof Functions. Wading in water? Expecting some rain? Make sure your feet don’t get soaked in the rain or puddles with the help of a pair of walking boots that can repel water.

Traction. Stay safe while traversing those difficult slopes and slippery rocks with a pair of walking boots with deep grooves and better traction. Check the level of traction of the boots to know whether these are to be used on slippery ground conditions or can be used on more forgiving terrains only.

Fit. The fit is subjective. But one thing that you would want to check is the width of the pair of boots and how roomy the toe area is. It should feel snug enough but not too tight that your toes will be squished in. You still would want your toes to have enough room to move around since you will do a lot of walking. That is how you can avoid chafing. Also make sure you take into consideration the fit of the boots when wearing orthotics or socks. Thicker socks might make the boots feel tighter, so leave some room for the socks.

Brand. The brand of the walking boots will tell you a lot as to whether it is a reliable choice. Some brands are known for their quality craftsmanship. Try going for more reputable brands that are known in making boots that can last for many uses.

Best Men’s Walking Boots Reviews

Now that you know all these, it’s time to check out what’s out there. Here are the walking boots for men you should consider getting:

  • Northwest Territory Men’s Inuvik Fully Waterproof Lace Up Boots
  • Northwest Territory Men’s Terrain Lace Up Premium Leather Upper Boots
  • Karrimor Bodmin Mid IV Weathertite Men’s Shoes
  • Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Men’s Boots
  • Hi-Tec Men’s Eurotrek III Waterproof High Rise Hiking Boots

Let’s take a closer look at the features of these boots:

1. Northwest Territory Men’s Inuvik Fully Waterproof Lace Up Boots

Northwest Territory Men’s Inuvik Fully Waterproof Lace Up BootsSee details

What you will get from this pair of walking boots is a rugged-looking exterior that is easy to match with your outdoor wardrobe. Although brimming with style, it isn’t lacking in features. It features a hydry membrane that keeps water out for optimum interior dryness even during bad weather conditions. It has a durable outsole you can rely on for many more kilometres of walking. The padded insole keeps your feet comfortably protected from chafing. It has a high top design that supports the ankles. Easily get in and out of it, with the help of its lace-up features. Get this in various colours.


  • This pair of boots comes in a wide array of colours.
  • It is comfortable to wear. A lot of people say they bought this pair multiple times and it hasn’t failed them when it comes to comfort.
  • These are comparatively lighter in weight than many standard boots out there, great for prolonged walking.
  • It does offer waterproof functions as many customers have tested out. They were able to wear it when the roads are wet, but the water did not seep in.
  • These boots are true to size with some room at the toes for your socks.


  • Some people said it required some extra effort to break these in. Make sure you break these in advance before going trekking or hiking.

2. Northwest Territory Men’s Terrain Lace Up Premium Leather Upper Boots

Northwest Territory Men’s Terrain Lace Up Premium Leather Upper BootsSee details

A highly recommended pair of boots, you will get a lot of wear from this one and be hard-pressed not to use it for everyday walking, so comfortable it is. Like the previous contender, this also brings durability to the table, with its leather exterior. The inside is made from textile material that does not chafe the skin.  It has a lace up closure that shouldn’t be too difficult to close or open and a gum rubber sole with tread for more effective traction. Wick sweat away with its breathable membrane interior but make sure to keep water out with its waterproof exterior.


  • Many customers can attest as to how comfortable this is to use. The soles are more forgiving, allowing you to get more flexibility from them when treading uneven grounds.
  • Sweat doesn’t retain inside the boots when it’s hot outside. It has a nice ventilation feature that ensures air circulates effectively.
  • The fit is superb. Most people did not find the need to size up even when they wore socks. It has a good fit with some room left to spare.
  • For the quality, this pair of boots is surprisingly affordable.


  • These are not completely waterproof according to some. Water might seep in behind the materials of the laces.

3. Karrimor Bodmin Mid IV Weathertite Men’s Shoes

Karrimor Bodmin Mid IV Weathertite Men’s ShoesSee details

Challenge yourself on those more perilous trails with this pair of boots that feature a dynagrip outsole. Loaded with a technology that improves surface grip, this pair of boots won’t fail you when the road conditions are less desirable. The outer material is made from a combination of mesh and suede materials while the inside is made from a textile material. It should be easy to maintain or clean after use. It comes with a memorable lining that boasts of breathable functions.


  • These pair of boots are cheaper than the genuine leather ones out there. If you want something that will last you for a long time but won’t cost a lot of money, give these boots a go.
  • They are truly waterproof. Many people can attest to the waterproof functionality of these boots.
  • The uppers are quite supportive. They can provide ample support to the ankles.
  • The soles can last for a long time.
  • Many customers also said they used this without breaking their pair in. It’s really that comfortable.


  • You might need to find a way to get the laces to stop getting undone.

4. Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Men’s Boots

Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Mens Boots - Waterproof Rain Boots, Synthetic & Textile Walking Shoes, Added Grip Mens All Season Shoes - Footwear For Hiking & TrekkingSee details

Let this pair of boots become your companion for all those outdoor excursions. With its synthetic upper that can resist wear and tear, you will surely get more use out of this. It boasts of breathable and waterproof features that can prevent your feet from getting soaking wet when traversing muddy roads or wet grass and can also avoid sweaty and smelly feet during those hotter days. It has a cushioned footbed for extra support and comfort. The bumpers at the heel and toe provides additional protection against sharp rocks. You can also get more stability from the outsole with this pair.


  • This is one of the most affordable walking boots out there.
  • It seems to be waterproof as some customers have tested it and it did not leak water inside.
  • They like how comfortable it is. It didn’t require a lot of breaking in.
  • The fit is just right. There might not be a need to get a bigger size if you are going to wear socks.
  • It is backed by good customer support.
  • This product is quite lightweight as well.


  • There is a customer who said the inner lining of the shoes split after just a few minutes of use but could be just an isolated case.

5. Hi-Tec Men’s Eurotrek

Hi-Tec Men’s EurotrekSee details

Make sure you never go home with your feet soaking wet again with the help of this pair of boots that offer superb waterproof functions. The upper leather material stops water from leaking inside. It even has Dri-Tec features that provides good weatherproof abilities without stopping air from circulating inside. You can maintain dry and sweat-free feet while trekking or hiking.


  • These shoes are comfortable to use because of the CMEVA midsoles that absorb the impact of walking.
  • The waterproof functions of this pair of boots is remarkable, great for people who are always walking on muddy terrains.
  • The rubber sole has reliable traction. You won’t find yourself slipping on rocks.
  • There is a breathable membrane incorporated inside to ensure that air can pass through with ease.


  • There is a customer who complained that the thin film at the exterior of the boots tends to peel off.

Which One Should You Get?

Now let us help you decide even further as to which one to get:

Great for Regular Hikers: Northwest Territory Men’s Inuvik Fully Waterproof Lace Up Boots. If you do a lot of hiking in a month and you need something that will not succumb to wear and tear easily, consider this one. It is made from superior materials that can withstand some abuse. It can be relied on when it comes to frequent walking, hiking and trekking.

Great Comfort: Northwest Territory Men’s Terrain Lace Up Premium Leather Upper Boots. For those who prefer something with more superior comfort and support, choose this one. It’s not as weather-resilient as others but its comfort is unparalleled. You can wear it for extended periods of time without suffering from blisters and pain.

Good Traction: Karrimor Bodmin Mid IV Weathertite Men’s Shoes. One of the selling points of this pair of boots is its superior traction. The traction is great enough to traverse more slippery rocks and terrains. If you do a lot of hiking in different seasons and weather conditions, give these boots a go.

Inexpensive Choice: Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Men’s Boots. Better doesn’t always have to mean pricier. You can still get a good pair of boots without spending too much. This is something this pair of boots can offer. They are inexpensive, but they are still quite reliable.

Good Waterproof Functions: Hi-Tec Men’s Eurotrek. Say goodbye to wet feet with this pair of boots. You can walk on wet grass or puddles without worrying that your feet will get soaking wet.

What to Do Next?

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