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A One Man Tent or One Person Tent is the easiest to set up because of its size. But despite it being a smaller option for campers, it has plenty of advantages such as its lightweight size and more affordable price tag. If you are new to having camping adventures, you might want to start off with a simple one man tent.

But even though the one man tent is designed for the use of one camper only, some of the products out there might actually provide more room to allow one more person to squeeze in or to allow you to store your valuable camping gears inside.

If you are on the lookout for the best one man tent for your camping needs, you came to the right place. We have searched for the best ones out there with lightweight features, durable materials, ease of set up, good price tag and spacious design in mind.

  • Best Pick - GEERTOP 1 Person 4
  • Best Buy - GEERTOP 1 Man Backpacking Tent
  • Most reliable - Mil-Tec Recom
  • Editors choice - Snugpak Ionosphere
  • Occasional use - Top Lander Ultralight Outdoor Camping Tent
GEERTOP 1 Person 4 Check latest prize

This affordable tent has weather-proofing materials. It has flysheet covers capable of protecting the tent from water in case of a rainstorm and can protect your tent from morning dew as well. It is reinforced by lightweight aluminum poles. Although boasting of lightweight capabilities, you can be assured that this tent will hold up well against stronger winds.

Double-stitched seams backed by a tape seal ensures it stays intact and rip-free even when subjected to a good amount of rough handling. It comes with reflective materials. Get this if you want your tent to be visible for added safety at night.


  • It is a highly durable tent with sealed edges and materials that can keep moisture at bay. The aluminum poles are easy to use and can keep the tent standing upright.
  • There are 2 windows in this tent, great for increased airflow so the inside of the tent doesn’t feel stuffy and stifling during the summer season.
  • It is one of the lightest tents around with only 1.5 kg of weight. Backpackers who need to carry a lot of stuff will have no problems lugging this around.
  • It is an ideal tent that you can use for 3 seasons – spring, summer and fall. You can also easily set it up even with no extra help.
  • It is quite roomy. Even people over 6 feet will find sleeping inside comfortable.


  • There are actually not a lot of complaints about this product. One person just complained about the reflective gear not being included in his purchase, but this problem can be escalated to the customer service support of the manufacturer.

GEERTOP 1 Man Backpacking Tent Check latest prize

This GEERTOP tent for one person truly delivers on its promise of lightweight properties. If you plan to do a lot of hiking, a lightweight tent is indispensable.

Weather proofing is sufficient with this tent as it is 100% waterproof. The flysheet has been crafted from 20D Silicone-Coated Nylon, which gives the tent added durability. Unlike other tents with a flysheet, this one has a flysheet that can be separated so you can use it or the inner tent separately.

It is quite the affordable option as well, perfect for new backpackers or those who want a quick replacement for their camping tent.


  • Affordable and durable. For its price, you can get a lot of durability from it.
  • It is also light in weight. You can even remove the flysheet if it’s not necessary to make the tent even lighter.
  • Unlike other one man tents, this one has 2 doors. It is more convenient to get in and out of this, especially when the wind is high. It also features 2 ventilation windows to allow air to circulate better inside.
  • Comes in color orange or blue. If you prefer your tent to have a striking, noticeable color, get this.


  • Some people are confused about its 2 parts. Make sure you read the information carefully before buying.
Mil-Tec Recom Check latest prize

This mid-priced tent has a camouflage design that will seamlessly blend in nature. It has a unique shape, which is cleverly designed to make the tent more resistant to strong gusts of wind and storms. There is ventilation on the left and the right side, giving the inside good air circulation properties.

It comes with a storage space for your equipment, so you can keep your gear safe but still have plenty of room to sleep in. The materials used are polyester, polyurethane coated so you can be assured of its storm-proofing properties.


  • This is an affordable tent ideal for people on a tight budget. It comes with 2 windows for more than adequate ventilation.
  • The design is good. It can protect your tent from bad weather conditions. A lot of customers said they have used this for years and it is still staying strong even when subjected to a lot of abuse.
  • It is also compact, so you can easily put it away after your trip. Set up is also fairly simple.


  • Some said they feel a little bit confined in this tent. If you get easily claustrophobic, you might not find this a good fit.
Snugpak Ionosphere Check latest prize

If you are looking for a more compact tent, get this one. It is small and easy to carry. It is even lighter than many tents advertised as lightweight with only 1.2 kg of weight. Durability is something it can offer as well, thanks to its sturdy materials and taped seams.

It fits one person with more room to spare for your travel and backpacking stuff. It works in different climate and weather conditions. The length is also ideal. Taller people can fit in this without issues.


  • One of the most durable tents out there. Many people have used this for years and it is still in great condition.
  • Those over 6 feet in height won’t have trouble fitting in this tent.
  • It can hold up well against bad weather conditions. With proper set-up, you should also avoid having condensation inside the tent.
  • Compared to the Stratosphere that is from the same brand, people commented on how this one has more breathable space. It doesn’t feel claustrophobic, great for people who easily feel constricted when sleeping in tight quarters.
  • Set up takes just a few minutes. Even one person can easily handle the setup.
  • The look is classic and discreet. The woodland green color makes this a great choice for backpacking.


  • Pitching might take some more time because of the 18 pegs. Also, the opening might be smaller than some people would prefer.
Top Lander Ultralight Outdoor Camping Tent Check latest prize

Another affordable one man tent, this one is easy to carry with its 2.84 lbs. of weight and easy to pack away in a hurry. You can even stash it in your backpack. It boasts of a 3-pole frame system with the poles made from fiberglass, allowing you to quickly set up your tent in just a few minutes.

You won’t be disappointed with its ventilation and waterproofing features. Made from polyester materials, this tent can keep you protected from rainstorms. It only has one window and one door but still allows good airflow inside.

Whether you are using this for camping, hiking, hunting or fishing, this will serve you well in 3 different seasons.


  • It has a good amount of space for one person but a space is also allotted for your camping paraphernalia. It doesn’t feel constricting instead, which is great if you are claustrophobic.
  • This is so easy to set up. The stakes have solid feet, so the tent stays upright even in high winds. The triple design of the tent also allows it to have a strong structure.
  • There is adequate ventilation in this tent. The mesh front and the window provide ample air circulation inside.
  • Waterproofing is good. The tape sealed seams prevent water from seeping in your time while you sleep.
  • It is affordable and portable. Even first-time campers or backpackers will find this so easy to use.


  • It doesn’t have a flysheet unlike other one man tents.
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