Best Portable Camping Shower Reviews (2018): All Our Favorite Setups

Best Portable Camping Shower Reviews

Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of the dirt, grime and sweat you have collected during the day with a nice shower? You would think that’s not possible when you are outdoors but with the help of a camping shower, that can actually be achieved.

It definitely enhances the whole camping experience so if you are after comfort and still want to enjoy the quiet nature around you, investing in a camping shower is a good step. There are good portable camping showers out there that you can include in your camping essentials. Read on to find out which products we recommend that can offer convenience, portability and durability.

Different Camping Showers to Choose From

Camping showers are operated differently. There are different types that you can choose from so before you set out to find one fitting for your needs, you should first identify your options. Here are the types you can choose from:

1. Solar-Powered Camping Showers

These days, these are camping showers are gaining in popularity because of how efficient and easy they are to run. You only need sunlight to heat your water. Usually, the set comes with a PVC bag that is attached to a hose used to fill up with water. If you are getting a more expensive solar-powered camping shower, you might be able to get those that do not use PVC materials.

This is available in different sizes, so you should be able to find one with a size that suits your showering needs. Since it relies on sunlight to operate, this is best used in the spring and summer seasons.

2. Battery-Powered Camping Showers

If you want a more reliable source of energy, get the battery-operated ones. These are typically used for camping because it mainly uses 4D cell batteries that will heat up your water quickly. It comes with a hose that draws water from a water source and directs it to a shower head. There is a pump that ensures it gets a lot of water.

Aside from reliability, another advantage is its ability to heat up water fast. However, you will have to regularly replace the batteries or bring spare ones to make this work. Some may also be built-in already. All you need to do is recharge them.

3. Propane-Powered Camping Showers

These camping showers heat up water using coil and burner technology. Out of the different types of camping showers out there, this one is the fastest to heat up water. Check the BTU when opting for this type of camping shower. The higher the BTU, the more heating power it has.

The downside to these heaters is that they are generally more expensive. They are also heavier, which might not be ideal for backpackers.

Best Camping Showers to Keep You Clean Outdoors

  • Suaoki Portable Battery-Operated Camping Shower
  • Hozelock PortaShower
  • Ring Automotive RS1 Portable Shower
  • Laserbeak Portable Shower
  • Milestone Camping Solar Shower

Here are more details about these camping showers:

1. Suaoki Portable Battery-Operated Camping Shower

Suaoki Portable Battery-Operated Camping ShowerClick for Price

Camping is more fun and exciting knowing that you can take a shower any time you want. This portable and compact camping shower is easy to bring anywhere with you. Whether you need it for camping purposes or you just want to have a handy shower to use outdoors to bathe your dog or wash your car, you definitely can rely on this.

It operates using a rechargeable battery. The battery can be charged using a USB charging device so even if you are outdoors, you should be able to replenish its power through the use of a power back or even your car.

It comes complete with a shower head, an S-hook, a hose, rechargeable battery and a suction cap that siphons water from a pail.


Its compact features won’t make this difficult to bring for your travels. It is easy and simple to use so set up doesn’t have to feel like rocket science.

Replenishing its power is easy as well. You just have to bring with you a portable charger like a power bank and you are great to go. Fully charged, this can work for 60 minutes. Everyone can take turns taking showers with this.

It is safe to use as well. The battery is 100% waterproof. It also has a water filtration system, so you can be assured that you are showering using clean water.

This product is versatile as well. Even if you don’t go camping a lot, you can still use it for a variety of purposes. If your house is near a lake or a beach, you can install it outside so people can quickly wash away the sand or dirt from their feet before getting in the house.


There are isolated cases of the battery running out of power fast even after sufficient charging time.

2. Hozelock PortaShower

Hozelock PortaShowerClick for Price

Another multi-purpose sprayer that is in the same price range is this one from Hozelock. It’s great not just for camping but for gardening purposes as well. It comes with a 7-liter bottle that shouldn’t be too difficult to store or bring with you. The set-up includes a spray head, a flow control handle and a strap. If there are water restrictions where you are camping, you can store the water in this bottle instead and take a shower whenever you want.


This product has pressure levels that you can adjust with ease. If you want to use it for showering, you can set it up to a lower pressure setting. If you are going to clean paving or a vehicle, you can change it to a higher water pressure.

This doesn’t use electricity at all. It actually makes use of compressed air, great for those who want to have a reliable camping shower that isn’t dependent on an external power source.

It can be used for other purposes such as bathing the dogs, watering the plants and washing your shoes and feet. It should be a great addition to your home.


It might only be good enough for one wash before you have to refill the tank with water.

3. Ring Automotive RS1 Portable Shower

Ring Automotive RS1 Portable Shower Click for Price

This portable shower might be a bit more expensive than others, but it also offers more features. It really acts like a shower, albeit a portable one, with a shower holder and a suction cup to ensure that you are getting sufficient supply of water. It comes with its own storage bag for water, so you can be assured that you have a clean supply of shower water all the time.

This portable shower is powered by a battery. It is not a rechargeable battery but should be inexpensive to replace so you won’t have trouble using this if you only go camping occasionally.


The flow of water is just right for showering. You can wash away soap with ease. It also comes with a flow control, so you can adjust the settings to find the right pressure for your needs.

The portability of this product is one of its best features. It is not just great for camping but also comes handy when you need a shower in an area where there is no plumbing. People who are bedridden or injured may also be able to use this to shower without going to a bathroom.

This comes handy during emergency situations as well. In case you have a problem with a leaky shower, you can use this temporarily until you can have your shower fixed.


Some customers had issues with the water flow not being adequate enough for their needs.

4. Laserbeak Portable Shower

Laserbeak Portable ShowerClick for Price

This battery-operated camping portable shower is thoughtfully-designed. It comes with not just one but two conversion buttons for flow stalls. It gives the best pressure for washing. It also has a water filtration system already built in, so you can take advantage of clean water all the time.

The battery is rechargeable using USB charging. An indicator light will tell you when it has sufficiently charged. Use this for various purposes such as outdoor showering, washing your pets, deck or car, watering your plans and for traveling purposes.


The design is nice and portable.  It is beautiful to look at and quite easy to put together and disassemble for storage.

For its many features, this product is quite affordable. It works so well for washing because the water pressure is just right.

The battery has a long capacity. More people can use this without worrying that the battery will give out. Even people with long hair were able to wash their hair properly with this. Other camping showers might not be that sufficient.

You can actually stop the water flow if you want to put on conditioner in your hair or stop to lather soap. It’s great for saving water.

The length of the shower hose is also just right. You can hang it up and then take a shower. Some people even use this to wash their dishes when outdoors.


There aren’t a lot of complaints about this product.

5. Milestone Camping Solar Shower

Milestone Camping Solar ShowerClick for Price

This is one of the best solar-powered camping showers you can get. Others make use of low-quality PVC materials but this one uses a kind of PVC material that is non-toxic and resistant. The tube is quite flexible, so you can adjust its position and get the best height and angle for showering.

The mechanisms are also simple to understand. Just fill the reservoir up with water ahead of your shower time and place it in a sun-lit area. This will heat up the water for you.


It is capable of heating water up for up to 40 degrees in just about 3 hours.

The tank is also fairly large. You can put 20 liters of water inside, just enough for your showering needs.

Since it doesn’t require an external source, you never have to worry about recharging this again. With just sunlight, you can operate it.

This is one of the most inexpensive camping showers out there. If you only go camping occasionally and during sunny days, this should be a good choice.


Some complained that this didn’t come with instructions. They needed to figure it out themselves.

Which One Should You Get?

We recommend getting the Suaoki Portable Battery-Operated Camping Shower because of its hassle-free operations. It is easy to power up since most people have power banks these days. It charges fast and can operate for a long time.

The Hozelock PortaShower is recommended for your simple outdoor showering needs. It’s a good option for solo backpackers. One tank can accommodate one wash so if that’s all you need, this is an ideal camping shower for you.

You will like the portability of the Ring Automotive RS1 Portable Shower. It really feels a lot like using a real shower. It is versatile as well since you can control the water flow. You can use it for various washing and cleaning purposes.

Perhaps the most reliable one in this list is the Laserbeak Portable Shower. It has superior water pressure control, so you can adjust the flow of water to your desired one. The battery life is long lasting as well so you can use it without needing to charge it over and over again.

If you are eco-conscious and you are looking for a more sustainable option, go check out Milestone Camping Solar Shower. It’s the cheapest choice out of all the products in this list.

Buying Tips for the Best Camping Shower

Need more help in choosing the right camping shower with the features that you will truly utilize? Here are a few things you need to check out with the product you are buying:

Source of Power. Find out how it is operated. Solar-powered ones can take a long time to heat up your water, but it is cheaper and can be used any time as long as there is sunlight. If you are going for the battery-operated ones, make sure you consider whether to get the built-in ones that are rechargeable or the ones that are replaceable.

Capacity. How much water can the tank accommodate? It should be able to accommodate liters of water just right for your showering needs.

Water Pressure/Flow. Not all camping showers have a water pressure or flow control. It is more ideal to get those that varied flow control, so you can adjust how fast or how slow it will dispel water.

Portability. Look for those that are portable so that they are easy to lug around for camping.

What To Do Next?

Camping showers are not the only things you should look for if you want to have more comfortable camping experiences. There are other camping gears and essentials you need to check out and buy. Head to our homepage for more camping product reviews and essentials.


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