Best Rab Sleeping Bags (UK) of 2022

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Rab merchandise has been around for a very long time, with advanced designs and technology for extreme temperatures. The company was the first manufacturer to use Pertex in his sleeping bags and down jackets.

The ideas were conceptualized by Rab Carrington back in the 1970s because of his own love of hiking and surviving in very cold temperatures. His innovative approach to his line of gear takes the wilderness and tames it, all with style and protection. He truly understood the requirements of climbers and hikers. Rab sleeping bags are highly durable and lightweight and ideal for putting in a pack due to being down filled by hand in their factory in Derbyshire, UK. This allows the company to ensure that by the time the bags reach customers, they have never been compressed or stored in a way which could be harmful for the down inside – you are guaranteed comfort and warmth during chilly and biting temperatures as well. Rab’s down products are traceable under the European Down and Feather Association Codex, which means that the down is ethically sourced ensuring that it is a by-product of a slaughterhouse or harvested during molting periods and is not illegally live-plucked.

  • Rab Men's Andes 800
  • Rab Summit 800
  • Rab Ascent 700
  • Rab Neutrino Endurance 400
Rab Men's Andes 800 Check latest prize

The Rab Andes sleeping bags are similar to the Expedition range, in terms of the warmth they provide, but their shape is more performance orientated. This increases warmth-to-weight and reduces pack size. The Rab Andes 800 is a mummy shaped version that is slightly warmer than some other bags, but quite lightweight at the same time. This performance is achieved by using the most efficient down, so you get 800+ fill power down, made up of 90 per cent down and just 10 per cent feather. This down is then treated to make it water-resistant, so it absorbs less water, retains more heat when damp and dries faster.


  • Pertex Endurance nylon is used on the outside of the bag to also enhance water resistance while maintaining breathability.
  • Compression stuffsack available to pack up the Rab Andes sleeping bags when you leave.
  • Full-length zip with a very wide insulated baffle plus a huge shoulder baffle for better comfort in the cold.
  • The bag can be used up to 8000m altitude or on exposed belays, in temperatures as low as -22°C.
  • Longitudinal foot and chest baffles to minimise down migration and incorporated with internal Flowgate technology respectively.
Rab Summit 800 Check latest prize

Rab’s Summit sleeping bags are perfect for alpine campsites where the temperature drop is quite sharp. Utilising the finest performance materials and down filling available, the Summit range has been designed for climbers and mountaineers who require the warmest and lightest sleeping bags for extended use in extreme climates and exposed bivouacs. The Summit 800’s Hydrophobic Down makes sure the light and lofty 650-fill down stays warm in moist environments. It has a snug, weight-saving mummy shape, and the angled footbox prevents your feet from feeling too snug. A 3D draft collar works with the adjustable hood to keep cold drafts out. This mid-weight down-filled sleeping bag is designed for year-round mountain use. The Rab Summit 800 is cut slightly narrower then the ascent range and thus strikes a good compromise between spaciousness, small pack size. A lot of clever design goes into making a great bag like this, they use of trapezoidal baffles, 3D spacing and optimal down weight per channel.


  • The Rab Summit sleeping bag has a Pertex Endurance shell for reliable windproofing, comfortable breathability, and high levels of water-resistance for extra protection.
  • Soft draw string collars making comfortable seals against the cold.
  • Mummy shaped, proportionally assigned differential cut, trapezoidal chamber design to eliminate cold spots.
  • Full-length zipper on either the right or left side.
  • Internal stash pocket keeps electronics running in cool temperatures.
  • Includes dry bag stuff bag and cotton storage sack.
Rab Ascent 700 Check latest prize

If you are scouting a Rab Ascent sleeping bag, then the Ascent 700 is a good place to start. They entire range features duck down filled performance sleeping bags designed for regular use. Made using durable and lightweight Pertex Microlight fabrics, they give you durable build and construction, with very effective warmth for bags of such low weight. Their semi-rectangular shape is great for those who don’t like the restriction of a mummy shaped bag, and will most likely be appreciated by those buying their first down bag.


  • This Rab Ascent sleeping bag comes with two storage sacks: a large storage/carry sack, and compression stuff sack.
  • Fluorocarbon free Hydrophobic Down developed in conjunction with Nikwax.
  • Internal collar and hood drawcord.
  • Left and right hand zipped bags will zip together.
  • Anti snag zipper webbing tape – don’t worry about longevity.
Rab Neutrino Endurance 400 Check latest prize

Looking for a Rab Neutrino sleeping bag? The Neutrino 400 is a great choice in terms of functionality and features – it a top quality bag with the fantastic warmth-to weight ratio. Stuffed with 800-fill European goose down, the Rab Neutrino 400 Sleeping Bag delivers three-season warmth without weighing a ton! Rated down to 27-degrees Fahrenheit, this down-filled bag is ideal for chilly autumn evenings in the desert and summer nights camped at high elevations.


  • This Rab Neutrino sleeping bag is ideal for light-and-fast climbing missions and minimalist backpacking trips.
  • Water-resistant Pertex Endurance fabric prevents outside moisture from seeping through and compromising the down’s heat-trapping loft.
  • The down insulation features a hydrophobic coating that repels condensation and built-up perspiration from clumping together its lofty down clusters.
  • Close-fitting neck baffles seal-in fiery heat, with trapezoidal baffle chambers throughout the body eliminating cold spots from stealing warmth.

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