Best Skandika Tents (UK) of 2022

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Skandika is known to manufacture one of the widest ranges of tents and outdoor camping essentials. Ranging from smaller tents for a small family of 4 to larger ones that can accommodate 12 or more people, there are lots of options to choose from. There are also tents that come with 2 berths. So if you ask- are skandika tents any good? Yes they are. They have a very good reputation among the campers.

  • Skandika Tipii 300
  • Skandika Gotland
  • Skandika Montana 8
  • Skandika Daytona XXL Family
Skandika Tipii 300 Check latest prize

This is a large tent which can comfortably accommodate 9 to 12 people. Teepee structured houses have been popular for ages. One of the main positives of such tents is the headroom it offers- these tents are really tall.

  • All season- They act as a great shield against wind and rains during rough weather. These tents also offer one of the best ventilation options making them great for summers as well. They thus make great all-weather tents.
  • Wind resistance- The unique teepee design greatly withstands rough winds.
  • Versatile tent- Drawing inspirations from the primitive outdoor house designs the Tipii 300 is just perfect for a large group to comfortably camp. On the looks segment too, it scores high thanks to the vintage charm it comes with.
  • Not fire resistant- the tent material is not fire-resistant. Other than that, the overall strength of the material is pretty tough.

General specs:

  • Headroom- 9.84 ft. This really tall tent offers one of the most spacious interiors.
  • Water column- 3000mm- for the flysheet | 5000mm- for floor
  • Tent outer material- PU coated 150D polyester
Skandika Gotland Check latest prize

Versatile and roomy, this is a 6-berth tent great for a family camping trip. With the features and the build quality much like the Skandika Saturn 4, this one comes with 200 cm headroom within the tent. So you can easily move around the tent without a trouble.

  • Ease of setting up- Like most of skandika tents, this one is pretty easy to set up. You can quickly put up the tent without a hassle.
  • Versatile roomy interiors- There is a dedicated living are which can instantly be utilized for extra storage space or for extra sleeping space as and when required.
  • Lot of windows with mesh- To keep the temperature inside the tent cool while also keeping insects away, these skandika 6 man tents come with mesh lining for the window openings at the rear, as well as in the sleeping area and main entrance.
  • Extras- organizer pockets, hook for lantern on the roof of the tent, rollable central divider at the sleeping pod.
  • The centrally located living room also features the main entrance which can be held upright using two poles. This can come in handy if you are looking for more air or light inside your tent while also offering shielding against the direct sun.
Skandika Montana 8 Check latest prize

When we talk about skandika 8 man tents, the Montana 8 is one of the most popular choices. This comes as an 8-berth tent ideal for 7 to 8 people.

  • Wind resistance- this tent offers one of the best in class wind resistance.
  • The large rooms- The living area in this tent is centrally located. It is a large well lit room which can be used as an extra storage space if required. There are 2 sleeping areas on either sides of the living room. The sleeping areas also come with central dividers to quickly make 4 sleeping areas when required.
  • Similar to the other skandika tents, this one comes with mesh lined entrances and window openings making it great for a warmer night. It also comes with a sturdy water proof outer material and groundsheet for the wet climate.
  • Fire resistant- The outer material of this tent besides being durable, is also fire-resistant. This improves the longevity of the tent. So it is sure to make a great long term investment for all your camping trips.
Skandika Daytona XXL Family Check latest prize

If you are looking for a no-fuss easy to set up family tent which is also spacious and cheap, this one is a great option. It offers several features that the other skandika tents offer at a much lower price. This makes it a great investment for a family. It can conveniently fit up to 6 people.

  • Ease of set-up- The tent comes with poles which are color coded. This makes the setting up process even simpler. The poles are made of sturdy fiber glass which is both flexible and shatter proof.
  • Roomy- like most skandika family tents, this one comes with a large living area. The entrance flap at the living area can be held up-right to allow more light while the flap acts as a sunroof. The inner height of the tent is 195 cm. This means that even a tall person can conveniently walk across the tent without a hurdle.
  • Exterior material- The outer material of the tent comes with a unique PU coating. It is water proof as well as UV resistant. So it blocks out UV rays thus allowing you to rest inside the camp even under the scorching sun without a worry. The material of the tent comes with a water column of 3000mm. This intermediate rating is great for a mid-level weather resistance for a family tent.
  • There is a groundsheet included for the living area. This means that you can be safely shielded from wet ground and crawling insects.
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