Nordisk Oscar review

Nordisk has been one of the most renowned sleeping bag manufacturers. They are known for their reliable range of sleeping bags. All of the sleeping bags from Nordisk comply with EN 13537 standards. So far there are 4 popular versions in the nordisk oscar sleeping bag collection, the Oscar -10, Oscar -20, Oscar +10 and Oscar -2 (the latest addition).

What are the nordisk oscar dimensions?

Knowing the nordisk oscar dimensions could help you understand who would comfortably be able to use the sleeping bags.

  1. Weight of the sleeping bag along with the packing bag sizes (L, XL) respectively:
  • Oscar +10: 350g, 380g
  • Oscar -2: 750g, 850g
  • Oscar -10: 1550g, 1650g
  • Oscar -20: 2000g, 2100g
  1. Dimensions of the bag when fully stretched out for use:
  • Size L: 215cm x 70cm x 50cm
  • Size XL: 230cm x 75cm x 50cm

The various versions of the Oscar bags vary in their Comfort, Limit, and Extreme temperature ratings.On an average, this bag can be given a 4 out of 5 rating. This definitely is a spacious sleeping bag for an average size adult but it is not the roomiest one in the market.

The good stuff and the bad stuff in the nordisk oscar sleeping bags:


  • Lightweight: The Oscar +10 weighing a mere 350 g is one of the lightest weight sleeping bags in the market.
  • Superior quality: The European made bags from Nordisk are known for their superior build quality.
  • Eco-friendly filling material: The synthetic fiber filling used in the sleeping bags are made from recycled bottles.
  • Extreme ratings: The Oscar series of sleeping bags come with some of the best in class extreme ratings
  • Compact packing: These bags could also be compactly packed in the smallest space.


  • Central zip: The nordisk oscar +10 comes with a central zip which might take sometime to get used to.
  • Pricing: This is definitely not in the lowest price segment. So you could consider buying this if you are a hardcore camper who would like some extra insulation in harsher climates.

Some more nordisk oscar sleeping bag features:

  • With impressive insulation and the lighter weight options available, nordisk oscar sleeping bag features are more than what you could ask for:
    • The heat distribution is even to make you feel warm on the whole. This is achieved through the tubic construction of the sleeping bag.
    • For the given weight, these sleeping bags are much warmer than you can expect
    • It comes with an easy to use fitted hood that offers good protection for the head
    • At the back, there is also a small pocket for the pillow
    • The Oscar -2 is a 3-season sleeping bag which is also the lightest one available in the market for the given temperature ratings.
    • Elimination of cold spots means you can stay absolutely warm
    • The Oscar +10 is made of special quality nylon that is responsible for making it the lightest fiber sleeping bag. This is one of the best options available for the warmer nights

So how comfortable are the nordisk oscar sleeping bags?

When it comes to the comfort level in terms of the insulation from cold, if you choose the sleeping bag with the right ratings, they do offer more or less the amount of insulation as promised. The nordisk oscar sleeping bags also come with an extra membrane that efficiently blocks cold winds. They come with an extra layer of insulation at the footbox which might be evident for the taller users. But like we have seen, these bags could have been made a tab bit roomier as there are more spacious ones at relatively lower prices in the market. So these sleeping bags can be rated 4 on a scale of 5 when it comes to talking about how comfortable they are.

How durable are the Nordisk Oscar sleeping bags?

The synthetic filling used in the bags is of premium quality. This is what makes the bags durable as well. Sleeping bags from Nordisk are made of custom polyester fiber which is breathable, tear resistant and durable.

Sometimes after use, the Oscar sleeping bag might go flat.But you could just toss it into the dryer and run a lowtumble cycle to see it instantly fluff up.

This gives the Nordisk Oscar sleeping bags 4 out of 5 for the overall quality and durability.

A final word in this nordisk oscar review:

There are a lot of options when you have to choose a sleeping bag. The temperature rating you prefer from a sleeping bag is one of the most significant factors that can help you decide. Hope this nordisk oscar review helped you understand a little about the temperature rating choices you get with these sleeping bags, to help you choose the one that suits you best.