Rab Ascent 300 Sleeping Bag Review

The importance of a sleeping bag is realized by the one who has spent a night out in the woods and not slept a wink. The rugged terrain, the creepy crawlies and the weather are your foes when out on a trek. A sleeping bag keeps you safe from these elements of nature and insects and bugs that take great pleasure in torturing you when you are out in the open. There is not one sleeping bag which can be used in all climates and conditions. There are sleeping bags designed to meet the terrain and the climate. Rab sleeping bags are manufactured using the latest technologies to bear severe temperatures. The Rab Ascent 300 sleeping bag has been designed especially for the beginner backpacker.

Features like Trapezoidal baffle have been designed to prevent the cold from entering from any side.The microlight outer and inner fabric is durable and breathable and locks heat inside and prevents the chill from entering. The other additional features like stash pockets, anti-snag webbing tape and ¾ length YKK 5 coil zipper closure ensure that you sleep like a baby even in the roughest of terrains and the coldest of winters.

Is the Rab ascent 300 sleeping bag size a standard one?

The standard size Rab Ascent 300 sleeping bag is designed to fit even a 6 feet tall individual with a shoulder girth of 29.5 inches and a foot girth of 19.5 inches while the hip is 25.5 hip. Its overall dimensions are 10.2 x 15.2 x 7.6 cm and it weighs 821 g. Though a tad heavy it is not overtly heavy or bulky and can be comfortably used for backpacking.The Rab Ascent 300 sleeping bag is also available in extra-long and women’s size.

Rab ascent 300 review throws light on the pros and cons

The biggest pros and cons of the Rab Ascent 300 are listed below


  • Great Warmth - The Rab Ascent 300 is filled with ethically procured 650FP European Duck Down which is known for its quality and warmth.
  • Practical design - The trapezoidal shape makes the sleeping bag more spacious and doesn’t suffocate like some other bags.
  • Durable - The Pertex microlight material used both externally and internally doesn’t get torn or ripped even after repeated uses making it last forever.
  • Lightweight - The Down and the microlight external material is very light and do not add to theweight of the bag.
  • Quick drying quality - The external material repels water and keeps condensation from seeping in.
  • Zip in compatibility - You can zip it with other ascent outdoor bags.
  • Storage stash - There is an in built cotton storage sack for your comfort.
  • Warranty - It comes with a life time warranty.


  • Not waterproof - The Pertex material is only water resistant and not water proof.
  • Expensive - The Rab Ascent 300 sleeping bag is pricey.

How is Ascent 300 warmth and what insulationis used inside?

The Rab Ascent 300 is rated for 35 degree Fahrenheit and is most suited for a three season camping because of the great warmth and insulation it provides. It is filled with 650 European goose down known for its warmth and light weight features. Down can also be compresses, it is long lasting and breathable and hence the preferred choice in this case. Thus the down not only saves space but also provides excellent insulation.

Rab ascent 300 sleeping bag review UK

The Rab Ascent 300 sleeping bag is a mid-weight sleeping bag ideal for backpacking and for outdoor travel. The quick dry material and the down filling inside ensure that you stay warm on the coldest of nights. A Rab Ascent 300 sleeping bag can become your companion for life because it is built to last ,to endure and to protect from the severest subzero temperatures. If you are a first timer, Rab won’t disappoint you because they are designed to be user friendly.

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