Rab Ascent 500 review

Travelling can be so exciting but only with the right gear that will give you a good night’s sleep.  Pack your backpack and travel light with the Rab ascent 500 sleeping bag. Coming from a brand that is known for its core expertise in sleeping bags, you won’t have to think twice about their quality. But when you choose your gear, it should satisfy your specific travelling needs. So is this sleep sack for you? Read on to find out as we tease out the features for you.

Is the Rab Ascent 500 pack size compact enough?

A good sleeping bag should pack down small and be light to carry. When you go camping, the last thing you want is an extra large backpack. But the Rab ascent 500 pack size is so compact, measuring only 22 x 39 cm as it is highly compressible. This means you have more room for other things in your backpack. Also, it is filled with down, which means, it is super light and weighs only 3.1 pounds. So you won’t ever feel like you’re carrying a huge load on your back.

How good is the Ascent 500 sleeping bag?

If you are wondering if the Ascent 500 sleeping bag will be a good investment, then get a quick idea of features it packs and possible shortcomings, as we list the pros and cons below:


  • Super light and warm: It is filled with duck down that has high insulation properties though being extremely light and lofty.
  • Roomy: It has enough space despite its space occupying mummy shape and has a lot of foot space as well.
  • Water-resistant: The outer and inner fabric is made of superior Pertex nylon which keeps the bag light and wicks moisture away from the down.
  • No cold spots: It has box-style trapezoids to avoid cold spots and maximize warmth
  • Extras: You can put your valuables and small essentials inside the small zippered internal stash pocket.


  • Pricey:The sleeping bag is a bit expensive when compared to others as some brands are available for almost half the price.
  • Down clustering: The down tends to cluster in damp conditions reducing the ability to keep warm although this will happen at a much slower rate than most comparable bags.
  • Odor: As it is made with duck down and not goose down, it can have a bit of odor for those who are extremely odor-sensitive.

Is the Rab Ascent 500 down sleeping bag a great down bag?

The Rab ascent 500 down sleeping bag is hand-filled with duck down to give you the most comfortable bed to sleep in. Duck down keeps you warm even in the coldest of nights due to its ability to trap air. But even the slightest moisture can affect its insulating effects. That is why the Rab ascent sleeping bag has duck down that is made waterproof with the superior Nikwax technology. So, you don’t have to worry about hazardous flurocarbons used to waterproof down while you sleep, or feel cold if you are a warm sleeper who perspires a lot. The down will stay dry and maintain the warmth that you need. It also comes with a good fill power of 650 FP for good insulation.

Rab Ascent 500 review UK To Aid Your Selection

You travel gear is a very important investment, not only in terms of money, but in terms of performance. A really good brand or a really good sleeping bag that works for one does not have to work well for another, due to basic sleeping body temperature differences and personal preferences. Our review should help you choose the one that fits your equation so that you get your well deserved sleep on your adventures.

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