Rab Ascent 700 review

Rab 700 sleeping bag is the right choice for those who go for camping in every winter season: it is a 4 season bag, but the winter season is the only one in which protection from the cold wind while sleeping is required the most.

It is designed for regular use and it is durable which lasts longer, one can use it as many times as he/she wants and I know it because of personal experience of using it.

Rab 700 sleeping bag, the right choice for camping

One important thing that a sleeping bag should have and for which the campers look for while buying a bag is its weight because individuals carry it on their back for shifting. The bag is designed in semi rectangular shape for providing enough space to the feet for a comfortable sleep.

The pros and cons of rab ascent 700 down sleeping bag


  • Elastic collar: It assists in preventing the cold air from entering the bag and keeps a person comfortable while sleeping.
  • Quick drying quality: It is a great thing which a few bags possess; the bag dries immediately if it gets wet due to any reason.
  • Neck baffle design: The close fitting keeps the neck of the person away from the chilled air that can irritate the person while sleeping.
  • Hood draw-cord: It also helps in keeping the cold wind out of the bag and keeps the person warm.
  • Angled foot box: The foot area is wide for the extra comfort and makes a person sleep well.


  • Zipper issue: Sometimes, the zipper creates an issue by catching on the inner material. It irritates the user, but this small issue can be ignored when there are so many qualities in the bag.

Rab ascent 700 hydrophobic down sleeping bag perfect selection for desired warmth

The outstanding Pertex Microlight fabric is used for the manufacturing of rab ascent 700 hydrophobic down sleeping bag and it is filled with 700gms of 650 fill power European duck down due to which it is light in weight, it is also the reason it provides the desired warmth.

The best option for staying warm proven by rab ascent 700 test – weather resistance

The material used for inner and outer layer of the bag is high-quality Pertex Microlight and it is proven by the rab ascent 700 tests that the fabric used for the outer layer is great for the inner protection of the bag.

Additional accessories and features of rab 700 ascent

There are some additional accessories and features which come with rab 700 ascents and make it different from the other sleeping bags.

  • Sacks – It comes with 2 sacks, one is Compression stuff sack and the other is Cotton storage sack which assists in packing and keeping safe.
  • Pocket – It allows the person to put something important near him/her which can be kept in the pocket present on the left side of the bag.
  • Zips – There are 2 zips on each side that close the bag and keep the person warm.
  • Internal collar and hood draw cord – It fits according to the neck of the user and protects him/her from the cold air in the winter season; it also keeps the person away from winter sickness like the flu.

Experience of using the bag with ascent 700 review

The experience of using the bag was great and it makes me able to get a good night’s sleep every time I go for camping due to which my ascent 700 review is positive. The shape of the bag is perfect for the body and it never irritates the feet while sleeping.

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