Rab Ascent 900 review

When a person plans a vacation with buddies or family, the first thing that comes in mind is the comfort as it is required for enjoying the trip. The area in which a person decides camping should be comfortable and safe; the arrangement of sleeping needs to be comfortable as well, because if a person is not able to get a good night’s sleep, then he/she cannot enjoy the recreational activities in the day.

One of the best sleeping bags – rab 900 sleeping bag

Rab 900 sleeping bag is the best choice of the individuals who want a comfortable sleeping bag for camping and it is great for the individuals with kids as one can go on camping in winter season without any worry of sickness like the flu or cold. It works well in the foggy weather as it absorbs less water and it is a perfect 4 season bag. The mummy shape of the bag is great with the wide foot area which provides comfort while sleeping and a person feels good because it prevents the cold air from entering as it is manufactured with a technique that makes a person warm inside it.
It is a user friendly bag and one can take it anywhere without much effort as it can be packed easily. I had a great experience using the bag while on camping with friends. The weather was too cold, but we enjoyed a lot as we were able to sleep well due to the bag.

Pros and cons of rab ascent 900 down sleeping bag:


  • Light weight: The weight of the bag is just 1700g and it is light weight making it easy to carry on the back to shift anywhere desired.
  • Internal neck baffle: Prevents the cold wind to enter inside the bag and makes the person uncomfortable.
  • Drawstring hood: It assists in decreasing the drafts which might cool the bag down and provides the warmth needed.
  • Spacious room for feet: The room for the feet is spacious as it is designed with the foot comfort keeping in mind.
  • Skin care: Pertex material is used in manufacturing the bag which feels great when the skin touches it and it creates no any allergy.
  • Storage pocket: There is a storage pocket available in which one can place any useful items, the torch is the best to place in it.


  • Waterproof: The material used for its manufacturing is not waterproof, only the element of quick drying makes the bag great for camping use.

Small rab ascent 900 pack size occupies less space

The individuals who want to take young ones on camping can buy this and there is no need to take tension if the space for placing the bag is less because it occupies less space when it is packed due to the rab ascent 900 pack is just 25x32cm in size. The thing to mention about the bag is that it is light weight and easy to carry anywhere, it is durable also and a person can use it as many times as he/she wants.

Rab ascent 900 test is the right choice for bad weather resistance

For the shell and the inner lining Pertex Microlight material is used which dries immediately within no time and it is proven by a rab ascent 900 tests that it is perfect for foggy or raining weather.

Warmth offered by rab ascent 900 hydrophobic down sleeping bag

Hydrophobic Down is used in the rab ascent 900 hydrophobic down sleeping bag and it is fluorocarbon free, but the addition of Nikwax makes it perfect for the camping needs. Pertex Microlight fabric is used for its manufacturing and the material is durable which makes it not only soft, but also helps in providing the needed warmth.

Additional features of rab 900 ascent

  • ZipsThe zips are available on both sides of the bag for closing it and enjoying a comfortable sleep in warmth created inside.
  • Pockets – There are pockets present inside the bag which are for placing the things that one cannot leave while even sleeping like the cell phone.
  • Storage sacks2 storage sacks are provided with the bag, one is a large sack to carry it and another is a compression stuff sack.
  • HoodIt comes with a hood which prevents the air entering inside the bag and keeps the person warm.

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