Vango Ultralite 900 Review

The Vango Ultralite 900 sleeping bag is great for those who want a small pack size to fit in easily with the rest of your gear, at a decent price.

The USP of this accessory is that it doesn’t compromise on warmth, so you can easily take it along if you expect cold nights during your camping or hiking trip. The lightweight aspect is also a distinct advantage as no one wants to lug heavy baggage outdoors. The off-set double layer construction, enhanced with Vango’s Thermal Embrace System, keeps cold spots at bay to ensure a peaceful nights sleep. Vango Ultralite 900 sleeping bag is definitely worth buying as it lives up to its name.

Who can use the Ultralite 900?

The Ultralite 900 is specifically designed for long-distance backpackers, wild campers and expeditioners. If you are fond of outdoor adventures, then this sleeping bag is tailor-made for this purpose. The practical double-layer construction featuring a mini ripstop nylon shell with water resistant finish, along with a lining made of the same material; offer all the protection you could possibly need under extreme situations. The Ultralite 900 is exactly what you need while on the move.

What are its pros and cons of Vango Ultralite 900?


  • Ultimate relaxation - Arrow shaped foot area lets your feet relax in their natural position.
  • Ergonomically designed - “Omega” shaping positions zips and seams in the lower section of the bag, with ergonomic fitting around head and shoulders.
  • Long-lasting - Anti-catch piping in the Vango Ultralite 900 prevents the zip from snagging on the lining.
  • Storage Options - Internal pocket for easy storage of small items so they don’t get misplaced.


  • Unsuitable for Season 5 - This is a 4 season sleeping bag, which means you can’t use it for high mountain use and overly cold temperatures like heavy snow in the Arctic regions that plummets the temperature well beyond zero degrees.

Vango Ultralite 900 long – does it keep you warm enough?

The Vango Ultralite 900 long is incorporated with Insulite Superfine insulation technology, which is laid out in offset double layers, thereby leaving no room for cold spots to sneak in. The filling is lightweight, durable, and highly compressible. The warm feeling is further enhanced due to Vango’s Thermal Embrace System in the form of elasticized thread in the inner fabric ensures the bag wraps closely around your body. The Vango Ultralite 900 long also has a dull length two-way auto-lock zip with zip guard for locking in the warmth and providing ventilation from inside at the same time.

How is the bad weather resistance for Vango Ultralite 900?

The Vango Ultralite 900 is a 3 and 4 season product, so you can rest assured it offers sufficient protection against winds, rain, and mild snowfall. The outer shell is made using 40 denier ripstop nylon fabric that is soft, abrasion resistant and durable, with a water resistant finish so it is remains dry under harsh conditions. The inner lining of the Vango Ultralite 900 is made using the same ripstop nylon, which is supersoft, thus making you feel cosy and warm.

Ultralite 900 sleeping bag – extra accessories to improve performance!

The Ultralite 900 sleeping bag goes all out to keep you “snug as a bug in a rug”! Even though it is manufactured using the finest of fabrics and integrated with the latest technology, there are a host of additional features that guarantee you won’t complain. Take a look:

  • 3D hood –this hood has a multi-cord closure that keeps the head and shoulders warmer during the night
  • Shoulder baffle –it has an insulated baffle that is adjustable and retains heat within the Ultralite 900 sleeping bag.
  • 3D insulated zip baffle –heat loss through the zip is reduced, while the filling is allowed to loft.

Vango Ultralite 900 sleeping bag review – should you buy?

If you are inclined towards buying this product after reading a Vango Ultralite 900 sleeping bag review, please go ahead, but make sure you know all about its features and are 100% sure that this sleeping bag matches your requirements. You won’t be disappointed with its performance!

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