What makes the Terra Nova Jupiter Bivi Bag worthy of its price?

Why exactly would you pay 270 Pounds for a bivi bag when there are cheaper options available? As good as the question is, the answer is simpler than you thought; for the make and the features. The Terra Nova Jupiter bivi is a classic design in the world of outdoor gear and is designed to be a fuss-free shelter option for impulsive backpackers who don’t carry the world along with them. Made of premium Gore- Tex FLO2, this is the quality that makes for a highly durable and robust design. Adding to its features, it is also light weight and portable enough to never make you wince while you carry it around.

Who should be using the Terra Nova Jupiter?

The Terra Nova Jupiter is an ideal choice for all those who have been looking for a single man tent and haven’t quite found the perfection you need. For lightweight backpacking and solo adventure trips, this bivi bag is your one-stop solution.

A quick look at the upsides and downsides of Terra Nova Jupiter Gore-tex bivi bag

Before making an expensive purchase, you should be aware of the advantages as well as the disadvantages of it. Listed below are the reasons to help you arrive at a decision:


  • Simplistically designed - The design is very simple and hardly requires any effort to set up or pack it in. The product is more preferred because of its non-fussy make.
  • Lightweight - Weighing a mere 839 gm, this bivi bag conveniently rolls into your backpack and can be carried around easily and pitched almost anywhere.
  • Fully waterproof - The fabric is completely waterproof and will keep you dry in the wettest of weather conditions and highly saturated ground and also does not lead to any condensation when the tent is bag is totally zipped up.
  • Good ventilation - Owing to the midge net on the outside of the bag, you can keep the front open for ventilation without having to worry about midges or mosquitoes flying in.
  • Spacious - The bivi bag is quite spacious compared to other bivis in general because of the raised pole that gives more than adequate space near the head.


  • Expensive - At 270 pounds, this bivi is way more expensive than the regular ones available, but you are paying that price for the make and features.
  • Claustrophobia - Some people feel a little claustrophobic when the bivi is all zipped up but the single hooped pole allows more breathability than other bivis.

How does Terra Nova Jupiter Bivi Bag perform in unfavorable weather?

With a 3 layer Gore-tex Nexus shell, the Terra Nova Jupiter Bivi bag is fully weatherproof and stands tall even in the face of very heavy rainfall. It will keep you completely dry and warm even on super saturated ground. The best part is that even when you zip up the entire bivi, there will be no condensation on the inside.

What are the packing size and weight details of the Terra Nova Jupiter Bivvy Bag?

The packed size of the Terra Nova Jupiter Bivvy Bag is 45*12 cm and it weighs around 839 gm.

How breathable is the Terra Nova Jupiter Gore-tex Bivi bag?

There might be some who say that it feels claustrophobic inside the bivi once it’s all zipped up but the material is more breathable than the cheaper counterparts which also ensures there is excellent ventilation even on the hottest of days and in the most humid conditions. The mesh door keeps out the midges and lets you breathe in while star gazing at nights.