Best Soup Flask Reviews

When camping out, you would want to utilize and preserve every little resource you have. When making food, for instance, see to it that your food will last for a long time and will not succumb to spoilage easily, so your supplies won’t easily run out.

Aside from getting a camping fridge to store leftovers, also consider getting yourself the best soup flask. We checked the market for some of the best soup flasks and picked those that can offer not just capacity but also durability and insulation properties. Read on to know which products are worth buying.

Benefits of Having the Best Soup Flask

Why get a soup flask and not just a regular container for soups? Here are some of the advantages you can get:

They Can Keep Your Soups Hot for Hours

The main reason why you should buy a soup flask is so you can keep your soups hot for hours. Soup flasks have been designed to keep exterior temperature out through its vacuum insulated walls. Because no exterior temperature gets inside, the temperature that is inside the flask remains stable. As a result, you get really hot soup for a long time.

How long your soup will remain hot will depend on the kind of flask you are using. Some soup flasks are capable of keeping the contents hot for as long as 24 hours. They’re not just warm either. Many flasks can still keep their contents hot enough that you need to blow them first to reduce temperature before eating.

If you don’t fancy re-heating food again and again and you prefer your soup hot when eating it no matter where you are outdoors, get yourself a nice soup flask.

You Can Save Money

You can also use your soup flask to bring delicious and healthy meals to the gym or to your workplace. You can save a lot of money by not spending on restaurant food or fast food.

They Can Keep Your Soups Protected from Bacteria Formation

The chances of your soup spoiling are lower when you use a soup flask. That is again due to the vacuum insulated walls of these flasks. You can still eat your soup even after a few hours. Since the inside is sealed from the exterior elements, bacteria and oxygen can’t get in easily, thereby slowing down the deterioration of food. The soup flasks essentially keep their contents fresh for a longer period of time.

These Containers are Easy to Hold and Bring During Travels or Camping Trips

Yes, you can probably bring another container, but soup flasks are better because they are easier to carry. These are easier to bring with you when you are always on the go as you can stash them in your bag and not have to worry about the contents spilling out or leaking. You can just pour out the contents on a bowl when you are ready to eat or even eat directly from the flask. Some of these flasks even come with a spoon already, so you don’t need to bring anything else.

These Containers Have a Stay-Cool Exterior

Another reason why these containers are easier to bring is because they stay cool to the touch. Unlike other containers that tend to get hot on the outside as well, these flasks remain cool. If you are putting it in your bag together with your other belongings, you won’t have to worry that the heat from the flask will damage your other stuff.

Best Soup Flask Reviews

Here are the soup flasks you would want to get:

  • SHO Food Flask
  • Thermos Stainless King Food Flask
  • Pioneer Vacuum Insulated Leakproof Soup and Food Flask
  • NETTA Vacuum Food Flask

Now learn more about the features of these soup flasks:


1. SHO Food Flask

SHO Food FlaskClick for Price

Take your nutritious meals anywhere you like with the help of this flask that can keep food hot for as long as 12 hours. You never have to worry about not having quality food again. These flasks offer 800ml capacity, just right for a single person’s need. It is portable, easy to stash in the bag and comes in different pastel colours that most people will surely love. The design features a wide mouth as well, which means you can pour the soup inside without spilling or eat your soup directly from the flask It does come with a sauce and a lid that you can use as utensils.


  • This flask keeps your food really hot. It is ideal not just for camping use but for other uses as well such as bringing food to a picnic or lunch to work.
  • The design is nice. It’s not too clunky that you will have a hard time bringing it with you. It opens up easily as well.
  • This is well-built and easy to clean.
  • The manufacturing company backs it up with good customer service.


  • This can be a bit expensive. Some also said they have to use an insulated bag to make sure their food remains hot.


2. Thermos Stainless King Food Flask

Thermos Stainless King Food FlaskClick for Price

Thermos is a known brand when it comes to making flasks. This is just one of their arrays of reliable flasks. It has superior insulation properties that can keep your soups and other foods hot for as long as 9 hours. If you want to keep cold food, you can also do that and keep the food cold for up to 14 hours. The exterior of this flask remains cool to the touch even if you pour in hot liquids inside. It has a little less than half litres of capacity, just right for your personal needs.


  • This flask has excellent insulation properties. You can enjoy hot food even after 9 hours.
  • The design is well thought-out. The body has ridges that make this easy to grip. You don’t have to worry that your hands will slip when you hold it.
  • The lid can be used as a bowl. There is also a folding spoon that comes with it.
  • The wide mouth feature ensures that you can pour hot soup inside without spills.
  • This product is backed by a 50-year guarantee.


  • Some said it accommodates small portions of food only.

3. Pioneer Vacuum Insulated Leakproof Soup and Food Flask

Pioneer Vacuum Insulated Leakproof Soup and Food FlaskClick for Price

Make sure you don’t let that delicious soup go to waste. Keep your soup hot for as long as 8 hours with this flask. It has noticeably strong components as it is made from 18/10 stainless steel material. It promises no leaks as well due to its leakproof design. Its 500ml capacity is big enough for sharing food.


  • This product can truly keep food hot for a long time.
  • It has a nice and attractive design you will like. The capacity is also good.
  • This comes with 2 cups you can use to eat soups and other foods.
  • This comes with a defect guarantee.
  • It is resistant to dings and scratches.


  • Some said it kept the food warm but not hot enough for their preferences.

4. NETTA Vacuum Food Flask

NETTA Vacuum Food FlaskClick for Price

Use this flask if you want to keep your soups and other foods hot for a longer time. You can keep them hot for as long as 9 hours. If you prefer storing cold food, don’t worry because this one will maintain a cold temperature for up to 14 hours. It comes with a screw top lid mechanism to ensure that there would be no leaks. It has a wide mouth that you can use to easily fill it with soups and other foods. Use the lid as well as a portable bowl. This flask can accommodate up to 500 ml of food.


  • This flask has a nice design and colour that you will be proud to showcase.
  • It can keep the food hot.
  • It is a more affordable flask as well.
  • The wide mouth allows for easier filling of food.
  • The lid can be used as a bowl. This product comes with a spoon, no need to bring another one.


  • Needs to be hand-washed only.

Which One Should You Get?

Haven’t decided which of these flasks to buy yet? Let us help you out even further:

Best Customer Service: SHO Food Flask. If you want more peace of mind when buying a flask, go for this one. It has a good capacity and great insulation properties all backed with excellent customer service. In case you have issues with your flask, you can turn to the customer service company for help.

Excellent Insulation: Thermos Stainless King Food Flask. If you are looking for something more reliable and can keep your food hot longer, consider getting this. You can enjoy hot food for lunch or even longer, thanks to its superior insulation properties.

Simple Design: Pioneer Vacuum Insulated Leakproof Soup and Food Flask. If you prefer a simple design with a good build, this should be a great choice for you. It keeps hot food hot for hours and has a nice and solid design that won’t succumb to damages easily.

Affordable Choice: NETTA Vacuum Food Flask. Don’t like to spend too much on a flask but still want something with a good quality? Go for this one. It won’t break the bank but won’t compromise on quality features. It can keep your food hot in a nice and attractive package.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Soup Flask

The best soup flask is the one that is suitable for your needs. You need to check your various options and decide which of those flasks bring the features you are looking for to the table. Here are some factors to consider:


Think about capacity. How much soup do you often bring with you whenever you go outdoors or to work? If you usually bring a lot with you for your personal consumption or for sharing with other friends, make sure you get one with a large capacity. Otherwise, stick with the smaller ones. Keep in mind that a bigger soup flask will also occupy more space in your bag, so that’s another point to consider as well.


If the flask is a bit hefty to begin with, it might weigh a lot once you pour hot soup inside. That can be difficult to carry when doing backpacking or camping. Compare weight and consider choosing those that are lighter but still made from durable materials.

Insulation Properties

How long will it keep your soups hot? Which one you will choose will depend on your personal needs. If you prefer staying outdoors the entire day, you need a flask that will keep your soup hot for 12 hours or more.


Does it have a compact and ergonomic design? You would want the flask to be ergonomically-designed so they are easier to hold when pouring out or eating the soup straight from it. Flasks now come in a wide range of design and colour options, so feel free to express yourself by choosing the colour you prefer.


The last thing you would want is for the soup to be all over your bag. You don’t want the flask to spill out hot soup to your outdoor gear. Most flasks intended for food like soups have good leak-proof properties but do check the reviews to find out if the flask does what it promises to do in this department.

Stay-Cool Exterior

Choose one that remains cool to the touch. That way, you can handle your flask without requiring an extra cloth. Many flasks can keep soups hot for a longer period of time, which is why you need the exterior to remain cool to make it easier to handle.


Many of these flasks are reasonably-priced but you can do a comparison, so you can further decide which one suits your budget well.

What to Do Next?

Once you have decided which of these flasks to get, make sure you click the product links for more details about the products. Check out our homepage as well for suggestions on other portable products to get such as tea flasks. Read out reviews on various outdoor products that will ensure you will stay comfortable even when spending time outdoors or when you are always on the go.