Best Tent Pegs

Most tents already come with their own sets of tent pegs. However, if you are a seasoned camper or backpacker, you know it’s not always great to rely on these pegs supplied by tent manufacturers as they usually can’t protect you from different kinds of weather conditions. Most of them are only suitable for good weather but not when the wind is high or when there is torrential rain.

If you want your tent to stay upright even when the weather conditions are not agreeable, you would want to look for the best tent pegs. We checked out what the market has to offer and found those that have the best ratings. No need to look further because we curated the best tent pegs for you. Read on to know what we recommend.

Best Tent Pegs (2019)

Tent pegs come in different sizes and forms. If you want to know which one to get, familiarize yourself first with the various ones sold in the market today:

Round Wire Tent Pegs

These tent pegs are the standard ones. They are the ones typically included in the tent you are buying. They come in different thickness and lengths and they are typically great for grounds that are in the medium level of firmness such as grass. However, be careful not to use this on grounds with buried stones as they can get bent rather easily. The trick to pitching a sturdy tent with just the use of standard round wire tent pegs is to cross two of these pegs at the pegging point.

Skewer Tent Pegs

These tents are the same with the standard round wire tent pegs but what makes them slightly different is the twisted body. These grooves on the surface of the body allow the peg to have a more stable grip in the ground. They are still just as susceptible to bending if you stake them on hard grounds, but they should provide more stability during bad weather conditions.

Ripple Tent Pegs

When you are camping out in the beach or in areas where the ground has a gravel surface, you are better off using this type of tent peg. The “body” of this peg has a ripple-like surface, allowing it to have more resistance and drag compared to the standard ones. This can also be used for camping on grassy surfaces.

Ground Anchor/Delta Tent Pegs

When it comes to camping out in extreme weather conditions, you would want to get yourself ground anchor or Delta tent pegs. These V-shaped tents are more capable of providing anchorage, so your tent can stay upright no matter what the weather conditions are. These tent pegs also reduce the likelihood of tripping as they can be buried deeper in the ground.

Best Tent Pegs Reviews for 2019

Here are our recommendations for the best tent pegs of 2019:

  • Kungix Camping Tent Stakes Pegs
  • Rovtop Gold Aluminium Tent Stakes Pegs
  • Bargains Galore Heavy Duty Tent Pegs
  • Target Homewares Heavy Duty Tent Pegs
  • Wire Products Steel J Pins Metal Pegs

Here are the things you need to know about these products:

1. Kungix Camping Tent Stakes Pegs

Kungix Camping Tent Stakes PegsClick for Price

This 10-piece tent pegs are 18 centimeters in length and made from tough aluminium alloy to ensure that you’re getting the sturdiest material to keep your tent upright. Its 7075 Aerospace Aluminium Alloy material is a cut above the rest. Despite its heavy-duty materials, it is one of the lightest tent pegs out there with only 13 grams of weight. It has a “Y” design that ensures the pegs are firmly planted on the ground, no matter what the surface conditions are.


It is made from sturdy materials. The type of aluminium alloy used for this material is better than most tent pegs out there. It is also resistant to corrosion.

It is lightweight, so you shouldn’t have to worry about carrying a bag of heavy tent pegs on top of the tent and poles you are already carrying.

The holding power of these tent pegs is really good. It does work in withstanding high winds. No more worries that your tent will get blown away.

The reflective pullcord is a nice feature. This makes the pegs easier to see at night, so you are less likely to trip on them. Also, the pegs are easier to pull out, thanks to these pull cords.

It comes with a lifetime warranty.


Some said these pegs are smaller than what they expected. The bag it came with is also smaller. You might need to transfer them to a bigger bag to prevent the top from poking out.

2. Rovtop Gold Aluminium Tent Stakes Pegs

Rovtop Gold Aluminium Tent Stakes PegsClick for Price

This set gives you 12 pieces of gold aluminium tent pegs. Each peg is 18 centimeters in length and uses a lightweight but high-strength kind of material that ensures it will keep your tent stable no matter what the weather conditions are. What makes this set of tent pegs different is that it is three-sided or has a “Y” shaped design. That design gives this a firmer grip on the ground. It is also an affordable option for those looking for a less expensive set of tent pegs.


The “Y” shape design allows this to penetrate different surfaces. Many people have used this for more solid and more parched grounds without any issues. It is also versatile as it can be used for sandy grounds as well. Whether you are camping in the woods or spending time at the beachside, this set of tent pegs should be your ally.

It also comes with reflective pull cords. You can see where the stakes are at night and you can use them to pull the stakes out for easier packing.

The pegs are light in weight as well. They don’t add up to the weight of your backpack or camping gear.

Many commented on how it is comparable with other more expensive brands when it comes to durability and stability.


Just be careful not to stub your toe on these pegs as the material is strong enough to hurt your toe a bit.

3. Bargains Galore Heavy Duty Tent Pegs

Bargains Galore Heavy Duty Tent PegsClick for Price

These round wire tents are 9 inches in length each, longer than most standard tent pegs out there. If you are looking for a less expensive option, this would be a great choice. It can be used easily, and it works fairly well in keeping tents upright. Many buyers have also found an alternative use for this in their house such as with their fencing. It works on “softer” kinds of grounds such as sand and grass.


These are some of the cheapest tent pegs around, great for those who are on a tight budget.

Get this if you are looking for something longer. It can provide a deeper anchorage to keep your tent in a stable condition.

The material is fairly good. It can last for a long time.

It’s quite a versatile tent peg. It can be used for other purposes such as keeping fencing sturdy. If you need something to keep nets to protect vegetable patches, this should be an ideal option.


Some said it’s not as heavy-duty as it is advertised.

4. Target Homewares Heavy Duty Tent Pegs

Target Homewares Heavy Duty Tent PegsClick for Price

These tent pegs might be a bit more expensive, but a pack will provide you with 50 pieces of 9 inches of tent pegs. That’s a bargain for those who go camping a lot and tend to lose their tent pegs. These pegs are made from heavy-duty galvanized steel that ensures they won’t get bent easily. The curved hook at the top makes it easier to secure this to the ground and pull it out later.


These tent pegs are a value for your money because you are getting more pieces per pack.

The materials used for these tent pegs are highly durable. Many people said they hammered it to the ground without the pegs suffering from damages or getting bent easily.

It comes with a tent peg puller. You don’t need to buy one because it is already included.

Many people have said they tried them on different kinds of soil and didn’t have problems.


Some said it’s not as heavy-duty as they expected it to be.

5. Wire Products Steel J Pins Metal Pegs

Wire Products Steel J Pins Metal PegsClick for Price

These ribbed metal pegs will surely keep your tent upright even when battered by winds. They are a bit more expensive, but the price is worth it knowing that you are getting high-quality ribbed steel pegs. The serrated body drills through the ground with ease but doesn’t come off easily.


These are heavy-duty pegs. They can work on any kind of surfaces and keep your tent properly pitched no matter what the weather conditions are.

This is ideal for more serious campers who need something sturdier for their tents.

They are quite thick for tent pegs, but this is something many people actually find ideal.

It’s quite easy to drive in as well. You shouldn’t have issues staking it to the ground.


They might be a bit pricier and they can rust over time, but they certainly do not get deformed even when subjected to abuse.

Which One Should You Get?

All of these contenders are ideal options but allow us to help you narrow down your options even further.

The Heavy-Duty Lightweight Option: Kungix Camping Tent Stakes Pegs. This is your best bet if you are looking for sturdy tent pegs that get the job done but you don’t want to carry a set of pegs that weighs a ton. It also boasts of one of the sturdiest materials around so expect this to be a workhorse when it comes to keeping your tent upright.

Good For Stony Grounds: Rovtop Gold Aluminium Tent Stakes Pegs. This tent peg isn’t just great for harder grounds though. It is ideal for all types of surfaces, be it grassy or sandy. Its “Y” shape allows it to be more versatile.

The Cheapest Choice: Bargains Galore Heavy Duty Tent Pegs. Get these pegs if you are looking for something that can secure your tent but without spending too much money on a set. These pegs are also longer, more ideal for those who need to anchor their tents or nets deeper.

More Pegs in a Pack: Target Homewares Heavy Duty Tent Pegs. You can say that this is another affordable and value-for-your-money buy because you are getting more pegs in one pack at a price that isn’t too high. Get this if you need more tent pegs not just for your camping needs but also for your other needs at home.

The Most Long-Lasting: Wire Products Steel J Pins Metal Pegs. With its ribbed body, you can be assured that this tent peg will keep your tent upright no matter what the weather conditions are. They are also solidly-built so if you want something that you can use for many more years to come, get these.

Some Tips for Buying

To ensure that you are getting the best option, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Take your camping needs into account.

If you plan on doing a lot of camping multiple times in a year and in different seasons, it makes more sense to get a more heavy-duty tent peg that is suitable for those bad weather conditions rather than the flimsy ones that will get bent or damaged with just a strong gust of wind.

Look for lightweight pegs.

If you do a lot of backpacking, the lightweight ones are your best options. They won’t add up to the weight of what you are carrying.

Make sure it can be drilled on the ground with ease.

Also find out if you can take out the pegs without exerting too much effort. This makes packing up after the camping trip a lot easier.

What to Do Next?

There are so many other camping essentials you can get to make life outdoors a lot safer and more comfortable. Check our homepage to find more product recommendations on camping tents, chairs and many more. Read our reviews to be guided on which ones to buy.