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It’s great to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and spend some time surrounded with nature. Take your family camping every now and then to commune with nature and to experience life minus all the trappings of every day life.

And when it comes to camping trips, it’s never complete without a trusty camping tent. Thankfully, there is a cornucopia of camping tents out there. They differ when it comes to size, materials, pitch style and weight. If you want to buy the best ones, make sure you keep these factors in mind.

We went on a search for the best camping tents and found the most reliable ones. Read on to know which best camping tents we recommend.

  • Best buy - Coleman Tent Cortes Octagon Lage Dome Tent
  • Best for bigger groups - Grand Canyon Indiana 400 Round Tent
  • Best 4 person - Coleman Ridgline Plus 4 Four Person Tent
  • Editors pick - Adtrek Double Skin Dome 4 Man Berth Camping Tent
  • Affordable choice - North Gear Camping Mars Waterproof Dome Tent
Coleman Tent Cortes Octagon Lage Dome Tent Check latest prize

What makes this tent a crowd favorite is its size that is large enough to fit up to 8 people and still have enough room for your camping stuff. It doesn’t feel cramped and stifling inside, thanks to its roomy interior and 360-degree view. Ventilation inside is more than adequate with its total of 6 windows and a mesh roof.

Don’t worry about rainy days because this tent is made from a material that boasts of Coleman’s WeatherTec system. It is completely waterproof, so it should protect you from inclement weather conditions. The price is high but given its size and materials, this is well worth it.


It has a good capacity, which is ideal for the use of a big family or for a group of friends. You can bring just one tent with you.

The ventilation in this tent is top-notch. It doesn’t feel like you are suffocating inside because there are lots of windows and it even has hinged doors that opens up like a real door. The mesh roof is also a nice feature as it doesn’t only improve ventilation, it also enhances your view.

This tent offers a full head height. Taller people don’t have to worry about crouching or slouching all the time.

It is fairly easy to pitch. The steel poles are color-coded, making it easier to find where each pole needs to go.

It stands strong against strong winds and have good water-proofing abilities.

It comes with a wheeled carry bag for easier transport so whether you are backpacking or attending festivals, this is a good tent to bring.


The steep price can make people hesitate to buy it. Some people also said they struggled to put it bag in its carry bag. There are also those who wished it came with a porch because when it rains, there is no place to shake off the mud.

Grand Canyon Indiana 400 Round Tent Check latest prize

Here is another big-sized tent that will be able to accommodate up to 8 people. It is a round type of tent that feels sturdy and is easy to set up. You can benefit from its high-quality materials that ensure this tent won’t succumb to strong gusts of wind or heavy rain. If you are going for an extended stay outdoors, this should be a reliable tent to bring with you.


The craftsmanship of this particular tent seems to be good. It doesn’t feel flimsy and when you set it up, everything feels solid and stable. You can really tell it will hold up well against strong winds.

The capacity is good for bigger groups of campers. Even if you are only camping with a family of less than 5, you can still take advantage of this and use the space to store your camping essentials.

The fabric is completely waterproof. It even features water column 3000 and boasts of taped seams, ensuring no excess water will get inside your tent.

There are separate package bags for the tent, tent poles and the pegs. It folds down easily and to a small size, so you shouldn’t have trouble bringing it with you. It doesn’t weigh too much as well.


Some said they had minor issues with condensation, but this only seemed like an isolated case.

Coleman Ridgline Plus 4 Four Person Tent Check latest prize

This 4-Man tent is deemed one of the best for a lot of reasons. First, it is an impressive-looking tent with a well-thought-out design. It features a living area that is spacious enough to put tables and chairs. You can really use it as a real living area.

Aside from boasting of spacious sleeping quarters, there are plenty of storage pockets incorporated in this tent. Its weather-proofed features also ensure that you can camp out in varying weather conditions without worrying that you will get rained on.


This is a highly reliable tent that has waterproof materials. It comes with a flysheet that is capable of keeping rain at bay.

The living area is a nice feature. You can add chairs and tables, so you can eat when it is raining outside. The height is also good. You don’t need to crouch down or slouch just to avoid hitting the ceiling.

It is easy to pitch. The two doors on this tent also makes this easier for people to get in and out of it.

Many customers said this tent survived heavy rains. And even when they subjected it to a lot of wear and tear due to festival use, it still held up well.


There were just a few cases of damaged parts here and there, but most people had no problems with their tents. Price can be a bit steep as well for this.

Adtrek Double Skin Dome 4 Man Berth Camping Tent Check latest prize

The affordability of this tent makes this a winning choice for those who are on a tight budget. But even though it is a more affordable choice, it doesn’t skimp when it comes to great features. It has double-skinned waterproofed materials, which means no water is going to get in your tent. Air ventilation in this tent is also superior and campers will feel comfortable using it, thanks to its spacious interiors and plenty of headspace.


Pitching takes just a couple of minutes for this tent. It is not very technical, which is great for new campers. It has a clip-on system for the poles, which drastically reduces your pitching time.

The porch area is a good feature. It gives you more room to store your camping gear.

It truly is waterproof. It keeps rain out and prevents condensation inside as well.

Taking it down and folding it shouldn’t be a big deal as well. With only 4 kg of weight, you shouldn’t have trouble lugging this around.


Some had issues with the door zips breaking.

North Gear Camping Mars Waterproof Dome Tent Check latest prize

There is a reason why this tent bagged the “Best for Bad Weather” award by Daily Mirror in June of 2017. It is made with some of the most durable materials. It comes complete with solid construction that ensures your tent won’t get knocked out by strong winds. The inside has only one bedroom, but it can accommodate up to 4 people.


This one is a roomy tent. 4 people can fit in it, but you still have enough room for some of your camping essentials.

It comes with an air vent that ensures the inside doesn’t feel stifling at night when 4 people are sleeping in it.

There is plenty of head room in this tent. You won’t feel like the roof is closing in, ideal for people with claustrophobia.

It is simple to pitch as well. Once it is up, it does its work and protects you from the elements.


Some said the elastic takes a beating and frays easily.

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