Coleman Coastline 3 Plus Review

Coleman is always on top of their game when it comes to easy pitch tents. All their modern tents have great well thought out features too. The Coleman Coastline 3 Plus can accommodate 3 people, and the tent is sturdy, durable, and constructed for easy pitching.

Coleman Coastline 3 Plus – What is it about?

This tunnel tent provides excellent space for 3 people with ample living and storage space to cope with all your kit, even on extended stays. Optimum airflow is a key focus on this design with an additional ventilation tile to ensure air circulates throughout the Coleman Coastline 3 Plus tent.

Coleman Coastline 3 Plus tent – who should buy them?

The Coleman Coastline 3 Plus tent is apt for small families who enjoy camping on weekends or whenever they get the chance to indulge in this activity. It is perfectly sized for a cosy family unit of 3 people, while giving them enough room to breathe and not feel trapped inside. Couples can also take advantage of the Coleman Coastline 3 Plus tent for quick getaways from the stress of work and daily life.

Coleman Coastline 3 Plus tunnel tent – pros and cons


  • Ventilation and insect resistance - Breathable polyester and mesh inner is lightweight and bug-resistant.
  • Easy to pack - The Coleman Coastline 3 Plus tunnel tent features fibreglass poles. The pole sections are short enough for them to be packed easily into a rucksack.
  • Internal pockets - These pockets are included so you can store small but crucial items like keys, jewellery, money etc. in them and not have to worry about losing.


  • Capacity - The capacity of the Coleman Coastline 3 Plus tunnel tent might fall short if you have a big group or more than one child in the house, because it houses 3 people and 1 more can result in an awkward situation inside.

Coleman Coastline 3 Plus dimensions – know more about what it offer

The Coleman Coastline 3 Plus dimensions are 60L x 20W x 20H cm, which is basically its pack size. It is a compact unit that is easy to tag along and go away for spur-of-the-moment trips that don’t require much planning. Here’s what you can expect:

The riser groundsheet allows cool air to enter at the base of the tent and then warm air is pushed out through the ventilation panels.

  • Large storage space provides plenty of room for backpacks and equipment and has a good head height.
  • Features 2 doors so you do not need to re-pitch if the wind direction changes. Optimally placed guy-lines along the poles and around the tent ensure stability in high winds. Y-guy-lines provide support but less strain on the tent poles.
  • PVC windows increase visibility and allow light into the tent but provide privacy when required.
  • The power cord vent is a convenient opening so that you can run an electricity cable into the tent.
  • There is a spacious sleeping area in addition to a large storage area that can accommodate large packs and boots.

Coleman Coastline 3 man tent – how can it resist bad weather?

The Coleman Coastline 3 man tent helps you to stay protected from the outdoor elements with the new rising groundsheet made from a poly-blend that combines the feeling of comfort you get with a sewn-in groundsheet with the excellent ventilation and easy-clean capabilities of a traditional flat groundsheet. It is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry during rain, storm, or snow.

Coleman Coastline 3 Plus instructions – what about the set up?

Coleman Coastline 3 Plus instructions for pitching are very easy – it takes just a few minutes to pitch and is equally simple and fast when the time comes to un-pitch and disassemble the tent. Up in one pitching allows for quick and easy pitching; the inner bedroom is pre-attached and it can be left in when packing the tent away. It has fibre glass poles and pole sleeves that are colour coded and bedroom inner hooks minimize pitching errors.

Coleman Coastline Plus 3 person tent – is it durable?

The Coleman Coastline Plus 3 person tent is extremely durable and long-lasting as the storage area groundsheet is a thick polyethylene to resist heavy use. The bedroom also features strong and resistant polyethylene. Thus the material doesn’t get torn or ripped even after repeated usage – you can continue using it for years to come.

Coleman Coastline 3 Plus tent reviews – should you buy?

Judging from the Coleman Coastline 3 Plus tent reviews, the product seems to be first-rate, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and purchase it and who knows, you might end up getting a hefty discount as well!