Gelert Horizon 6 Review

When it comes to camping, getting a suitable tent for the participants is an essential thing. There are number of tent products in the market to select. When you select a tent, there are certain facts to be considered. Number of participants, the location and the weather condition are some of them. Gelert Atlantis is a very popular tent model among the campers This Gelert Atlantis 5 review is written with the intention of providing a better idea about it before purchasing.

Gelert Horizon 6 tent features

The Gelert Horizon 6 tent as the name implies is a 6 person tent with a tunnel design which is quite spacious and can be split into two bedrooms. These two bedrooms each have a sleeping space for up to three persons in each. Several other features complete this tent such as a fully sewn in polyethylene groundsheet for additional comfort and barrier against unwanted bugs and crawling insects, inner and outer polyester (the inner polyester is fire retardant) and a 500mm hydrostatic head.

The Gelert Horizon 6 is also incorporated with other clever features like handing storage pockets, electric cable zip access point with water resistant zips and for access, two side doors present on both sides of the tent.

With the addition of a living area that is both light and airy, the Gelert Horizon 6 is easy to pitch.


  • Easy to pitch - Gelert Horizon 6 tent the tent is easy pitch with two people spending as little as 15minutes. It is even easier to take down and can be packed to a compact size.
  • Bug-free tent - In Gelert Horizon 6 tent, the sewn in groundsheet is an added plus to keep away bugs as not many tents have this unique feature.
  • Tidy and smart - With the several hanging pockets, items can be stored in there making the place tidy and smart.
  • Several vents - The tent is unlikely to get stuffy or condensed because of the many vents present around the tent.
  • Additional Porch for extra space - The porch also opens up the tent providing great space to relax and even as a kitchen.
  • Tent carpets for better experience - Though the tent carpets are optional, it is a good buy because it provides additional insulation on the ground and if you prefer to walk bare feet, they make it a better experience.


  • Fragile fibre glass rod - The fibre glass poles used to set up the Gelert Horizon 6 tents are so fragile that they are prone to breaking regardless of how careful you try to be while setting it up.
  • Low quality stakes - The stakes in the Gelert Horizon 6 tent are standard steel and don’t last very long because they are not strong and are more likely to rust.

Gelert Horizon 6 dimensions – Comfort and packing size

Though it is meant to be a 6 person tent, the Gelert Horizon 6 inner dimension of L210 x W220 x H205 cm X Two Bedrooms will not be comfortable for 6 adults because it would be too cramped up with all 6 people and their gears. It is however perfect for parents who wish to have a room to themselves while the kids can share the other room.

Gelert Horizon 6 supreme weather resistance

The Gelert Horizon supreme has a brow pole over the side doors for extra weather protection. With a high hydrostatic rating, Horizon 6 holds up pretty well in almost any weather. It performs excellently in high winds as well as heavy rains giving massive waterproof protection from around and across the ground. The Gelert Horizon supreme keeps you secure in all weather.

Gelert Horizon 6 tent reviews on pitching

Gelert Horizon 6 tent reviews attest that the tent is very easy to set up. This is because the tent poles are all color coded hence getting the right length in the right points is very straightforward. It can be pitched by as few as two people (sometimes even one).

Gelert Horizon 6 man tent durability

Gelert Horizon 6 man tent can be used for years and is very durable without any leakages. Although the tent poles occasionally split while setting up, this can be remedied by quick repairs using tapes- so always remember to pack with your other camping items a roll of tape. Even with the tapes on, the tent can withstand heavy winds without being affected