Gelert Horizon 8 review

Camping is known to be one of the most adventurous hobbies among the people across the globe. It is an activity that needs a lot of preparation and planning. Campers need to get ready with an ideal tent, as it is one of the most important aspects of this planning process. There are various tents available in the market with different brands and models. Making the correct decision on selecting the best tent for your purpose is not the easiest tasks due to this huge competition. By reading this Gelert Horizon 8 review, you will be able to get to know the characteristics of one of the leading tent models in the current market.

An overview of Gelert Horizon 8 tent

Gelert Horizon 8 tent falls in to the category of 8-berth tent, providing enough amount of accommodation for 8 people. This particular tent is manufactured with “tunnel design” which is easier to access. Gelert Horizon 8 tent comes with two bedrooms featuring dividers. This is a great advantage when it comes to privacy concerns. It is an ideal type of camping tent for large families or for groups considering the space. This spacious tent has dual entrance facility, making it more convenient for the campers. The inner space provides good ventilation and comfort for the users even at extreme conditions.

Who is buing Gelert Horizon 8 supreme in uk?

Gelert Horizon 8 supreme UK is a perfect solution for bigger groups like large families, groups of friends, exploration teams, wild life expeditors etc. because of the spacious accommodation it provides. Multiple entrances can assure the convenience of all the members.

Biggest Pros and Cons of Gelert Horizon 8 man tent

Just like any other product in the market, Gelert Horizon 8 men tent has its own positive and negative characteristics as listed below.


  • Spacious- Gelert Horizon 8 men tent provides spacious accommodation for 8 adults with very good level of comfort.
  • Privacy - This particular 8 berth tent can provide the maximum privacy due to the bedrooms that can be separated with provided dividers.
  • Ventilation - Proper ventilation is ensured because of the spacious make and the inclusion of two windows.
  • Luxurious - Addition of Electric cable zip access provides extra luxury for the campers.
  • Protective - Full mesh panel attached to the door provides protection from annoying insects like mosquitoes especially during summer camping.
  • Groundsheet -A fully sewn groundsheet is included to make sure that the camp floor doesn’t get wet even during worse weather conditions.
  • Easy-to-access - Multiple doors assure the campers to have an easy access to the tent.
  • Weather resistance - Gelert Horizon 8 men tent is tested to withstand bad weather conditions like rain, because of its high quality, weather resistant materials.


  • Setup - Novice campers may take some time to setup the tent if they do not follow the given instructions.
  • Weight - Gelert Horizon 8 men tent weights just more than 27kg, which is bit heavier than other smaller tents.

Gelert Horizon 8 dimensions

After pitching is done, Gelert Horizon 8 dimensions (outer) read as 740 (L) X 300 (W) X 220cm (H). The inner dimensions of the tent (the area that can be accommodated) read as 210 (L) X 280 (W) X 200cm (H) assuring a large space with adequate ventilation. The inner area of this unique tent is divided smartly providing maximum privacy and comfort for the users. Separated bedrooms are capable of accommodating two air beds. Considering the Gelert Horizon 8 dimensions, the manufacturers and expertise campers recommend it for larger groups and families.

Once packed, Gelert Horizon 8 Dimensions are so compact; however, the weight of the packed tent read a figure of 27 kg, which is much heavier than smaller sized tents in the market. To increase the visibility of the tents, Bright coloured guy lines are included, so that they glow in the dark.

Weather resistance ability of Gelert Horizon 8 person tent

Gelert Horizon 8 person tent is made to withstand weather conditions like heavy rains thanks to the materials used. Fully sewn 120G / M2 polyethylene groundsheet assures a total dry and comfortable inner floor surface for the campers. The special tent fabric used to manufacture of the Gelert Horizon 8 person tent features a hydrostatic head level up to 6,000 mm reducing the chances of water seeping inside.

Gelert Horizon 8 pitching instructions

Setting up the Gelert Horizon tent is not that hard after a little observation. Gelert Horizon 8 pitching instructions are given with the package and the items are colour coded for the convenience of the users. However, if the instructions were not followed properly, novices may find the process a little hard.

The durability of Gelert Horizon 8 spares

All the Gelert Horizon 8 spares are made to be highly durable thanks to the high quality materials used by the manufacturers. The ground sheet is also made with durable 120G polyethylene that can tolerate rough weather conditions. Other Gelert Horizon 8 spares like colour coded tent pegs and the poles used to pitch the tent is highly durable making sure you use the product for many years.

Conclusion of Gelert Horizon 8 family tent reviews

At the bottom line of the Gelert Horizon 8 family tent reviews, it can be said that this product is an ideal solution for larger groups like families, research teams etc. to go on long distance camping expeditions. It is spacious and comfortable providing good ventilation and easy-to-access features to the users. It can be pitched firmly to the ground, thanks to the accessories included.