Gelert quest 5 review

People who love camping and staying late overnight in the open, have a room requirement which needs to be met and dealt with keeping in view the accessories and equipment provided. Often people go for tents when they stay out, but those tents are not always durable and in the event of any unpredicted weather changes, you end up getting all drenched. We have a solution for people who like to camp, want some quality staying options and safety. Gelert Quest 5 tents are your bedding and shade for your next camping trip which not only has an outer pitch, but with its tunnel design firm, your sleeping area becomes comfy.

Why Would a Customer Pick Quest 5 Tent?

Customers are usually driven towards things and commodities that offer exclusivity along with quality. Gelert Quest 5 tents are manufactured keeping in mind the needs of customers and their targeted audience. The manufacturing quality of these ensures complete safety and reliable shelter over your head while you are away from home on one of your camping trips, to some unprecedented lands. Gelert 5 tent type is available easily to you, suiting your camping requirements and spacing option. Customers are drawn towards this product because the quality does justice to its price and the features that it has to offer.

Pros and Cons of Gelert 5 tents


  • Privacy - It has curtains inside which allow complete privacy to the ones staying inside and could divide the tent into compartments
  • Composition - with its breathable polyester fabric it is considered biologically best tent.
  • Porch - The porch area on the front of the tent is ideal for storage options where you can easily place your luggage without the fear of occupying a large space.
  • Good Ventilation - Mesh ventilation system is installed in it for cooling you down and keeping the temperature to normal.
  • Reasonable Durability - Its long lasting property makes it an ideal shelter.


  • Design - Since its design is only tunnel making it often difficult to be placed and handled, flexible design would have been more preferable.
  • Capacity - Designed for 5 people makes it not so ideal and affordable for a few guys or people less than 5.

Gelert Quest 5 Tent Dimensions

Following are the dimensions of Gelert quest 5 tents,

Height: 195cm
Width: 315cm
Length: 470cm
Packed size: 60 x 28 x 20cm
Weight: 12.9kg

With such light weight, which makes it easier to carry, the dimensions prove enough room for 5 individuals in a comfortable environment and sizing options. Length and width both are just the right option making it the ideal tent. The packed size indicates that it is foldable afterwards the weight is divided equally thus making it easy to carry.

Manufacturing of Gelert Quest 5 – 5 man Tent

While being on the topic of “Manufacturing of Gelert Quest 5 Tent” it is mentioned above as well the tent is made up of Polyester PU coated flysheet with taped seams, which makes it weather resistant. With 1500mm hydrostatic head the tent is able to withstand tough weather conditions, ranging from scorching heat, rains to winds. The overall composition and manufacturing expertise are very well exhibited in its strong headedness to be able to tolerate bad weather condition which is evident and expected in excursion and camping trips.

How its going on Gelert Quest 5 Pitching

It is often opined that avoid pitching your tent in hilly areas, but this tent cancels the orthodox view and the setting up or pitching it up is no longer an issue. Its convenient design makes it easy for only one person to pitch it. Earlier for pitching and unpitching along with packing/folding tents were problems, but with “Gelert quest 5” that is no more. From setting up to unpitching this is a single person job and could be done under an hour.

Durability of 5 Quest Family Tent

It has some durable features that make the tent long lasting for the whole family. The large pockets allow convenient and ample storage capacity for your smaller accessories and carry-ons. The longevity of the tent could easily be understood through pre attached ropes and fiberglass poles. The composition of it makes the tent durable for a whole family and a comfortable home away from home. The “durability of Gelert Quest 5 Tent” is unmatched so far.

Gelert Quest 5 Tent Conclusive Review

Keeping in view the factual matrix of the design. Dimension, durability and pros and cons the tent manufactured by the Gelert are a big step forward towards revolutionizing the concept of living in tents under harsh conditions. The features make Gelert Quest 5 Tent, admirable and preferable for long holiday plans and appreciable too. With the negatives coming down the lane, one can expect some healthy response from the makers and the manufacturers. The scope of improvement is there on account of the cons mentioned above. The overall experience generated by the utilitarian feature of Gelert Quest 5 tents establishes the ground line that this is one good product for outdoor use with its unbreakable nature. The portability makes it easier for long and far off trips. The drawbacks could be minimized and sufficed to if deliberate care is shown towards the foundations or tunnel design property of the tent. If you are a lover of trips and adventure, this product is a must buy for you and highly recommended for good results. Let’s go for it then.