Kampa Hayling 6 review

It is big, it is beautiful and it is easy to pitch. The Kampa Hayling 6 tent is the perfect solution for your weekend camping trips. It is spacious and can accommodate a family of five quite comfortably. When you use airbeds, the space does get a bit cramped and is more suited for four; but by relaxing on the comfort level and using sleeping mats instead of airbeds even six people can be accommodated albeit a little too cozily.

There are four large windows that ensure that there is plenty of light and ventilation in the tent. The mesh on the side door allows you to keep it open all the time while it prevents creepy crawlies and bugs from entering your space. An advantage that the Hayling has is that the front door can be zipped all through thereby leaving no lip for toddlers to trip or inconveniencing a wheel chair’s movement in and out. And the best part is the built in porch which allows you to cook comfortably whether it rains or shines.

Kampa Hayling 6 man tent

This 6 man tent has been designed as a family tent that is spacious, reliable and economical. It is aimed at a family of five, though for four it is luxurious and for six a squeeze. The tent can be divided into two sleeping quarters and a living area to which a porch is attached. You can also remove the dividers and have one large living room.

Kampa Hayling Six Person Tent Advantages and Disadvantages

The Hayling 6 person no doubt is a reliable companion on your camping trip but it too has certain good features and few areas that need improvement. Let us run through the biggest pros and cons of the Kampa Hayling 6:


  • Spacious: The tent once set up is very spacious and comfortable.
  • Ease to assemble: The tent can be set up within 30 minutes even by a novice.
  • Ventilated: The four large windows ensure that there is plenty of light and ventilation in the tent.
  • Canopy: The canopy in the front is the biggest attraction of this tent as it provides you a chance to be with nature but protected as you cook or just lounge.


  • Absence of mesh for front door: Along with the welcome breeze unwelcome bugs too make their way into your tent when you keep the front door open. The absence of mesh is sorely felt.
  • No insulation: The polyester fabric is not known for its insulation properties; hence the tent will get too hot or too cold depending on the weather.
  • Front door doesn’t close fully: There is a gap between the door and the groundsheet allowing bugs to enter and even toddlers to easily go under it and out.

Kampa Hayling 6 package

The Kampa Hayling 6 package comprises of:

  • a weather shield fly sheet of 5000 mm hydrostatic head
  • a fully sewn groundsheet of 10000 mm hydrostatic head
  • Dynaflex fiberglass canopy poles of equal size
  • mesh door for the side entrance
  • an organizer
  • windows with easy store pockets and blinds
  • lamp hanger
  • Front and rear vents.

The complete package size is 74 x 34 x 34 cms. You can buy living area carpet, footprint and windbreak at additional cost.

How weather resistant is Hayling 6 tent?

This Kampa Hayling 6 is made of weather shield polyester fabric meaning the fabric is highly water resistant, dust-proof and still breathable. The coating wraps against each thread of the polyester fabric and forms an impenetrable barrier against natural elements. In addition to that the fabric has high tensile strength and is resistant to UV. Thus the tent can withstand the rain and also protect from the UV rays of the sun on hot summer days.

Is the Hayling 6 durable?

The tent is made of weather shield polyester and Dynaflex fiberglass poles. As you know fiberglass tents poles are strong, easy to assemble and provide stability to the tent. In addition to that they are less expensive too.When this fiberglass is fortified with Dynaflex thepoles become as strong as steel and give a good support to the tent even during windy conditions. Thus we see that the use of high quality material ensures that the Hayling lasts a long time.

The Kampa Hayling 6 pitching – easy or difficult?

The Kampa Hayling 6 pitching is easy because all the fiberglass poles are of the same length. It will get done it not more than 30 minutes, and roughly the same amount of time to unpitch as well! The easily accessible external pole sleeves, the simple clips used to fasten the flysheet make the whole process a breeze.

The final verdict from the Kampa Hayling 6 reviews

The Kampa Hayling 6 man tent proves that big need not be heavy, bulky and cumbersome. It proves that you can have spacious tent without splurging on expensive gear. The use of lightweight and weather resistant material coupled with a design that maximizes space makes the Hayling a worthy travel companion.