Outwell Bear Lake 6 Review

Enjoy the Outwell Bear Lake 6 product since 2012 tent with its panoramic front and extended zip-on canopy, along with tinted windows for your privacy. As is evident from the name, the Outwell Bear Lake 6 2012, houses 6 people in a 2+4 configuration (two bedrooms). The three room tunnel tent has ample living space inside without making you feel stuffy and great stand up height throughout. This is an advanced model from the Outwell Classic Range of poly-cotton tents.

Outwell Bear Lake 6 tent – who can use them?

It is a well-known fact that Outwell is one of the top manufacturers of tents and camping equipment. They have practically coined the phrase – innovative family camping – due to their cutting edge designs and sophisticated features such as those present in the Outwell Bear Lake 6 tent. These make family vacations away from the hustle bustle of everyday lives all the more fun. You can enjoy the seclusion without sacrificing comforts of your home. A brilliant way for families to plan trips quickly and conveniently!

Outwell Bear Lake 6 produced since 2012 – pros and cons


  • Breathable: The interiors of the Outwell Bear Lake 6 tent is made of striped 100% pongee polyester fabric, so the stuffy feeling and discomfort isn’t experienced at all. Moreover, the inside is kept cool.
  • Low Light Window: Remain in your sleeping bag if the weather is dull and gloomy outside; all you have to do is lift this window to check the outdoors.
  • Mesh Screen Doors: Keep all pests, insects, and bugs away from your children.
  • Tinted Windows: Maintain privacy while blocking out the scorching sun rays on particularly hot days.
  • Stable: The tent might be slightly heavier due to poly-cotton being used, but the anodised aluminium alloy frame poles easily offset the extra weight, thus making the structures quite stable.


  • Size: Sufficient room is required during transportation due to its large size.

Know more about Outwell Bear Lake 6 dimensions

Outwell Bear Lake 6 dimensions are quite large as it sleeps 6 while offering the best of features such as:

  • Keep the inside perfectly clean and dry due to the top quality Outwell doormat provided.
  • Induces a homely feeling – the striped inner tents are a nice touch.
  • Extra side doors for better access.
  • Lamp holder and light cable tidies secure tent lighting and avoid tripping.
  • A flexible, zip-off canopy for more shelter and shade.
  • Mesh and organizer pockets to guarantee your personal items, especially small ones remain safe.
  • Fully meshed doors not only protect from insects, but also allow better circulation inside.
  • Large tinted windows with poly-cotton curtains block sun glare, ensure privacy and allow campers to stay in touch with the outdoors
  • Pre-attached luminous guylines and adjustable inner tents to make it easier to pitch.

The Outwell Bear Lake 6 dimensions are: Width = 240 + 140cm Length = 215 + 285cm (excluding canopy) Height = 220cm

Size after packing: 106x31cm (Tent) and 106x27cm (Poles)

Top notch resistance to bad weather by Bear Lake 6 tent

A Bear Lake 6 tent, just like its counterparts face some amount of stress, but this particular model is incorporated with strong reinforcement patches on high stress areas to deal with the effect of bad weather. The front door and groundsheet of a Bear Lake 6 tent can also be zipped together for weather-beating comfort. The canopy offers additional protection during poor weather as well, while poly-cotton is extremely resistant to UV decay.

Easy setup of the Outwell Bear Lake 6 tent

The Outwell Bear Lake 6 tent is bulky so the pitching might take longer, but it isn’t that difficult. The pegging system is colour coded so once you master that, you are more or less done with the entire setup, which takes about an hour single-handedly and about 30 minutes if you have help.

Outwell Bear Lake 6 tent review – don’t miss out!

If you aren’t convinced by an Outwell Bear Lake 6 tent review, in order to make a purchase, it is advisable to visit the nearest brick-and-mortar store that sells Outwell tents and check out the various features in person. However, it is best to buy online since you get good discounts that make a significant different in terms of prices.