Outwell Earth 5 Review

Outwell has maintained an excellent reputation throughout the past few years by manufacturing a wide range of light weight tunnel tents. Outwell earth 5 tent holds a prominent place out of them. This tunnel tent is specifically designed for the use of small families and couples. This tent has been created with the help of time proven done and tunnel tent designs. Therefore, people who spend their money to purchase Outwell earth 5 tent don’t need to worry about its durability and effectiveness.

Why customers are buing Outwell Earth 5 in UK?

Outwell earth 5 UK is a tent that is equipped with compact dimensions. As a result, it is recommended for young families and active couples. A family of 5 people can manage the space within this tent without much difficulty. Therefore, you can think of taking this tent when you go out for family camping.

Are they any Pros or Cons in Outwell Earth 5 – 5 man tent ?


  • Large living area: The Outwell earth 5 – 5-man tent offers a decent living area to the users. It is equipped with a detachable bathtub groundsheet as well.
  • Excellent ventilation: Integrated ventilation that you can see near the rear end of this tent will assist you to tackle condensation with proper airflow.
  • Fully sealed groundsheet: The interior of this tent has an integral. It is paired with the sealed groundsheet, which will assist the users to stay away from crawling insects and experience draught free nights.
  • Easy to pitch: The adjustable and pre-attached inner tent will assist you to pitch it with minimum hassle. You can quickly detach the tent as you wish.
  • Strong and lightweight power mesh pole sleeves: The power mesh pole sleeves of Outwell earth 5 – 5-man tent are made out of a lightweight and strong mesh fabric. This enhances the durability and strength of the tent.


  • Not suitable for a heavy rain:The Outwell earth 5 – 5-man tent cannot be used when it is raining heavily. Water will leak into it and create problems.

Outwell earth 5 dimensions

The Outwell earth 5 dimensions measure 340 inches in width, 440 inches in length and 185 inches in height. Therefore, an averaged sized person will be able to get into it with minimum hassle. In addition, this tent weighs about 9.5 inches when it is packed. Therefore, the users will not find it as a difficult task when carrying the tent from one place to another.

Weather resistance ability of Outwell earth 5 – 5 person tent

The Outwell earth 5 – 5 person tent is made out of a water proof material, but it does not offer the best weather resistance to the users. The groundsheet is perfectly designed to keep the external elements of environment getting into the tent. In addition, you will be able to see a flap-down doorway, which has the ability to keep rain out during windy weather conditions. It comes along with two different windows and you can have a clear view of outside. However, Outwell earth 5 – 5 person tent does not have the ability to protect the people who stay inside from getting wet. The tent is a little leaky and you will not be able to use it on rainy days.

Quick Outwell Earth 5 instructions of pitching

The Outwell earth 5 can be considered as a very simple family tent to pitch. It comes along with only three tent poles. You can simply go through the Outwell earth 5 instructions on your own and complete the setting up process. When you are reading the Outwell earth 5 instructions, you will notice that one pole is slightly different from the others. It will be indicated with a red colored tape. You will have to insert this pole into the sleeve that has is indicated with red. Since the manufacturer has used Durawrap tent poles for Outwell earth 5, you will notice that they are thicker than the other available tents on the market, which belong to the same price range and size. They have also included an additional tent pole, which can be used as a replacement when you break a one accidentally.

General conclusion about Outwell earth 5 tent review

When you read this Outwell earth 5 tent review, you would feel like spending your money to purchase a one. It is an incredibly good priced tent. This tent is specifically designed for the people who prefer to go on camping during dry summer weekends. When the weather forecast predicts a sunny weather, you can simply pack your Outwell earth 5 tent and go out. However, it will not work when it is raining. You will notice few drips coming in around when it is set up in rainy conditions. These drips can be found in the side of the door as well as around the zip.