Outwell Nevada M Review

Outwell Nevada M is a family tent that sleeps five persons in two bedrooms. It has an additional living room which is quite spacious and is usually pitched flysheet first or as one.

The Outwell Nevada M tent poles are made of lightweight durates fiberglass for flexibility and the inner tent material is of breathable 100% polyester. With a double coated 100% polyethylene floor, the Outwell Nevada M tent also has a fully seam-sealed flysheet to serve as maximum protection from elements.

Additional winning features of the Outwell Nevada M tent are the rain safe doorway, large windows with toggle up curtains and for a plus, the Outwell Nevada M tent comes with other optional accessories. Which include footprint, woven carpet and front extension to add extra space.

Pros and cons


  • Large windows - The large windows in Outwell M Nevada family tent will sure make a difference on days that are rainy when it can feel claustrophobic locked in. The added zip-up curtains allow for added privacy.
  • Bug-free tent - The Nevada M family tent has both fully sewn in groundsheet and insect mesh doors to keep away creepy and flying insects. The mesh door is also a plus as it offers insect free ventilation.
  • Nice storage pockets - With the several storage pockets, items can be stored in there making the place tidy and smart.
  • Extension Porch for extra space - Though optional the Nevada M family tent extension porch is an excellent way of creating more space to cook outside and relax in.
  • Ventilation - Because of the big windows, there is good enough ventilation inside the tent


  • Splitting fiberglass pole - The Outwell Nevada M family tent fiberglass poles sometimes do not hold against very windy weather as they tend to break.
  • Low quality pegs - The plastic tent pegs are of very low quality and tend to snap and break which could be frustrating.
  • Door sills to high - The door sills of the Outwell Nevada M family tent are too high leading to occasional tripping over.

Outwell Nevada M dimensions as it affects Comfort and packing

The Outwell Nevada M tent dimensions make for a roomy tent with plenty of light from the windows and three choice entrances/exit. The two bedrooms are separated by a zipped lining which allows for lots of privacy as a family when up or better intermingling as a group when down. The Outwell Nevada M tent dimension is large enough to allow for head space when standing although not for someone taller that 6ft.

The storage pockets in the inner tents do go a long way in keeping the area tidy as small items can be stored in and kept both safe and handy. The living area is spacious enough to both sit in and even cook on days that the weather turns out to be unfriendly for outdoor cooking. What adds to the stylishness and glamour of the tent is that there are lots of hooks present for lights to be hung on. The sewn in groundsheet is quite stable that using a carpet might not be too neccessary and when packed up the Nevada M tent fits into any reasonably sized bag.

Outwell Nevada M weather resistance

To stay dry and protected even with heavy rains, the Outwell Nevada M has a fully waterproof outex with a hydrostatic head and taped seams. It also has rain safe doors which offer protection from wind driven rains. The fully sewn in groundsheet in the ensures you are waterproofed safe and sound as well.

Even though stylish, Nevada M tent is both warm and windproof especially when properly pitched. This is because the secure guylines and windstabilizers provide adequate strength against windy weather.

Pitching of the Outwell Nevada M 2022

Although the pitching instructions on the Outwell Nevada M 2022 are not as explicit as should be, the tent can be quite easily pitched. It is however advisable that at least two people be involved. The Outwell Nevada M 2022 comes with pre attached luminous guylines which aid in the convenience and speed of pitching the tent. It can also be pitched as one without taking the bedrooms out.

Durability of Outwell Nevada M 5 man tent

Though the Outwell Nevada M 5 man tent can be used for several years without being worn out, there might be complains of splitting fiberglass poles during very strong winds and while pitching but these can be easily replaced. It s noteworthy to mention here is that over time the fabric of the tent begins to look worn out which could be a big disappointment for buyers of the Outwell Nevada M 5 man tent.

General customer review on Outwell Nevada M deluxe tent

Based on reviews from several customers who have at one time or the other gone camping with the Outwell Nevada M deluxe tent, about 90% gave positive reviews about the product. Many are exceptionally pleased with the spacious and stylish nature of the tent and because of the large windows. Others loved the Outwell Nevada M deluxe tent because of the insect mesh doors and the fully sewn on groundsheet.

In general, all agreed that proper pitching of the tent maximizes its benefits. Except for the occasional splitting of the fibre glass poles and low quality plastic pegs, there were little or no other complaints. The 10% who gave negative reviews about the Outwell Nevada M deluxe tent had bad customer service response as regards their complaints which bordered on the same defects as earlier mentioned.

Conclusion on our Outwell Nevada M review

In conclusion, from our Outwell Nevada M review, we would say that this product is a good buy if you are looking for a classic, stylish, glamorous but family friendly tent.