Sunncamp Shadow 800 Tent Review

The sunncamp shadow 800 is a great product perfect for camping trips. It is designed to accommodate comfortably, family and friends on camping holidays. It is spacious, stylish, flexible, has good standing room height, is easy to pitch and remove and re-pack. The sunncamp shadow 800 is a product to suit all camping accommodation needs. This tent has adequate storing space, and can easily store all your camping supplies making it a very useful camping companion. It is a product with great value for money.

Sunncamp shadow 800 8man tent – An ideal companion for family camping:

The sunncamp 800 is a spacious tent ideal for 8 people. With a large living space and comfortable, detachable inner tents, this tent is huge in terms of the space and head room it has to offer. This tent is best suited for people who are very tall and well-built. The sunncamp shadow 800 tent is intended for large families, or a gathering of friends who can relax and chill out in the tent. This product is intended for people who wish to take frequent or long camping holidays with family.

Detailed review of the sunncamp shadow 800 eight person tent:

The sunncamp shadow 800 has several features of a perfect camping equipment, easily making it one of the best camping products in the market. Let us take a look at some of the pros and cons of this product.

Sunncamp Shadow 800 Eight Person Tent Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Spacious: It comes with huge comfortable space in terms of living area and bedrooms.
  • Good standing room height: The sunncamp shadow 800 8person tent is designed to accommodate tall, well-built, brawny people of 6 feet and more height.
  • Versatility: In terms of versatility and flexibility it scores a huge plus, because of its detachable inner tents which allow you to configure the layout to suit your needs.
  • Storage: It has adequate room for storage of all your other camping equipment and holiday essentials and storage pockets in the bedroom.
  • Pitching: It is a breeze to pitch this sunncamp shadow 800 8person tent, remove it and re-pack it into the bag given, unlike what one expects with a tent of this size.
  • Pricing: It is a great buy in terms of the cost and great features that it has to offer, especially in comparison to the other camping tents in this price range.
  • Ventilation: The tent comes with adequate provisions for ventilation.
  • Protection: The sunncamp shadow 800 8person tent has an additional mudwall for extra protection.
  • Durability: With a hardwearing and tightly sewn-in groundsheet and strong solid fibreglass poles, this product is meant for long term use.


  • Access is only from one side: The tunnel shaped sunncamp shadow 800 8person tent cannot be accessed on either sides.
  • Bad weather proofing: The entrances do not zip fully around, that is, they don’t zip at the bottom and if it’s windy or rainy, it could cause some discomfort.
  • Water Leakage: Sometimes water tends to seep in when the overlapping covers above blow inside.

The compact packaging of the sunncamp shadow 800 tent:

The sunncamp shadow 800 tent provide great comfort in terms of packaging. The size of the pack is 79 * 32cms and weighs approximately about 28 kgs. The flysheet material is made of a 75D 5000mm polyester. It comes with a fully sewn in waterproof groundsheet. The fabric used in the sunncamp shadow 800 tent is made up of breathable polyester and sometimes may give in to bad weather conditions, like leaking and water stagnation or not much resistance to very strong winds.

The comfortable and pragmatic sunncamp shadow 800 porch:

Thesunncamp shadow 800 camping tent is durable because of the superior quality of materials used in its manufacturing. The inner tent is made up of breathable polyester. The groundsheet is sewn into the flysheet. The pitching rods are rock solid and sturdy and are made up of fibreglass. And has a hydrostatic head of 2000mm.

The additional features of the sunncamp shadow 800 are a huge plus to this camping product. The sunncamp shadow 800 has a rear D door with an eyebrow porch. There is a front canopy door with picture window and internal curtains.

Side sun canopy extensions are available. The canopy is a comfortable addition as it provides a sheltered and well ventilated cooking area. Canopy poles are provided. There are two sided zipped vents to the living area and a made to measure carpet with this model.

There is a detachable divider curtain to the four inner berths. There are ventilation panels to the bedroom door and zipped rear vents to the bedroom areas. An additional valance or mudwall is provided for extra protection.

The ease of pitching a suuncamp shadow 800 8person tent:

With a tent as huge as the sunncamp shadow 800 in terms of space and headroom, one expects the pitching to be difficult. But, the ease in pitching a sunncamp shadow 800 is one of the best advantages of the product. The pitching time approximately takes about 12 minutes. Un pitching the tent also takes about 10-12 minutes. Even a single person can pitch the tent comfortably, but with two or three to help, pitching the sunncamp shadow 800 is an easy-peasy task.

Sunncamp shadow 800 reviews and general conclusion:

The sunncamp shadow 800 tent is your ideal tent. It is most suitable for long or frequent camping trips. It is flexible with detachable inner tents to suit eight adults and adequate storage space too. The colour coded, strong poles and straight forward design make it easy to pack and unpack, pitch and un pitch. The pricing is competitive. The lack of zipping at the bottom can be taken care of with Velcro. Overall, the sunncamp shadow 800 tent is a great camping tent to own if you are looking for space and comfort in your camping trips.