Vango Ark 300 Plus Tent Review

The Vango Ark 300+ tent, a Gothic arch tunnel model is a perfect fit for avid travellers, cyclists, and bikers. It takes little time to pitch this 3-man tent, which is waterproof in order to keep water and snow at bay in case you run into bad weather.

Vango Ark 300+ tent – a brief introduction

The Vango Ark 300+ tent is an improvement over its predecessor – the Vango Ark 300. The new addition is a huge front porch that offers ample opportunities for relaxation and allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings from a convenient vantage point. The internal space is great with big front windows and ample head room, so you can move about freely. The extra space comes in handy for storing camping gear and other essential items without using up room inside.

Vango Ark 300+ tent review – know about its pros and cons


  • Good night’s rest - According to a Vango Ark 300+ tent review, the breathable polyester doesn’t allow condensation to affect the air inside, so you are guaranteed sound sleep at night.
  • Bedroom pockets - Inner pockets positioned at convenient places lets you store small sized and important items such as electronics, torches, or snacks, in an organized manner.
  • Lighting - Lantern hanging points in living area or inner tent prevents you from stumbling or falling.
  • Keeps out insects - Part inner mesh door ensures bugs and pests can’t trouble you, without hampering ventilation.
  • Lights out - The darker fabric in the inner portion blocks harsh glare from the early morning sun.


  • Privacy Issues - A Vango Ark 300+ tent review says that while privacy isn’t compromised in regards to the outdoors, you have to share living spaces with two other people, which can sometimes be a tad problematic for those who are finicky about personal space.

Vango Ark 300 plus dimensions – know what it has to offer

The Vango Ark 300 plus dimensions are compact and best suited for people on the move who love to backpack across the wilderness and enjoy natural beauty. It offers a hassle free way of camping for a small group of people. Take a look at its features:

  • Luminous orange guy lines and reflective webbing are incorporated as safety measures so you can spot them in low light conditions and find your way back if you stray a bit far. The latter picks up torchlight so the pegging points are easily spotted in low light conditions.
  • PE linked in groundsheet is easier to clean and comes with all comforts of a completely sewn in ground sheet with added versatility. Just roll away when not in use.
  • Large crystal clear PVC windows are present for maximum light and visibility.
    Interiors are lined with polyester that is breathable and lets condensation pass through, so there is no dank and musty feeling even if it rains or snows.
  • The fabric is infused with fire retardant properties and tested as per the most rigorous safety standards.
  • You can create a canopy using integrated eyelets that let optional king poles to prop open doors.
    A large sized carry bag is included in the package for better portability to and from the campsite.

Vango Ark 300 plus dimensions are:

Length: 210+170cm (390cm overall) Width: 200cm Height: 135cm Size after packing is = 60 x 18 x 18cm

Vango Ark 300+ 3 man tunnel tent shields effectively from bad weather

The Vango Ark 300 + 3 man tunnel tent holds its own quite well when it is used during hot sunshine, freezing temperature, and pouring rain. The Protex 3000mm polyester flysheet, exclusively developed by Vango is highly waterproof and serves you efficiently if a storm is brewing or at the time of heavy showers – rest assured you will be dry and comfortable inside. Since there is a door at the front and side, you will not be denied of soothing breezes during hot weather. Lastly, the Gothic arch pole structure imparts excellent stability while helping in water/snow run-off from the flysheet. The Vango Ark 300 + 3 man tunnel tent has also been weather tested to the European standard EN5912 by certified test centre.

Vango Ark 300+ tent – fast and convenient setup

Vango Ark 300+ tent comes with colour coded poles for intuitive pitching. The system has an “all in one” pitching option with flysheet and inner pitch together. Normally you don’t require much help as it takes under 10 minutes for a full setup, but two hands are better than one! To make it faster and simpler, the guy lines are attached to the Vango Ark 300+ tent at optimum positions for enhanced stability and tension. Handy guy line holders make it easy to disassemble and re-pitch.

Vango Ark 300 + 3 man tunnel tent review – feedback says it is very durable

Most Vango Ark 300 + 3 man tunnel tent reviews say the Protex 70 denier polyester flysheet is quite durable and strong, which doesn’t let it get ripped or torn easily. The waterproof PE groundsheet is made with robust and hardwearing material to prevent frays and snags – the sturdiness is retained even after withstanding activities of ardent and active campers. Any Vango Ark 300 + 3 man tunnel tent review praises the longevity and tough construction – you can see for yourself in the hundreds of glowing testimonials written by customers.

Vango Ark 300 plus tent – the final verdict

Vango Ark 300 plus tent has been well-received by those who regularly attend camping festivals or tour frequently. The reviews clearly show that people have given the Vango Ark 300 plus tent their seal of approval with phrases like – roomy, sturdy, comfortable, waterproof, easy to set up, lightweight, and “would recommend”.

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