Vango Avington 500 review

If you want style with comfort, you need Vango Avington 500. This masterpiece offers a living space amounting to double living space which means almost anything can be brought and still you will have much of space left. This everything may include a kitchen sink or any other thing. This tent includes a front door made of mesh. But if by chance this space seems less to you, you can also add a pre-attached front extension which will give you or your family the space to lounge. 

This space will come in handy whether you are on a short vacation or have a long term planning. For extension area, a groundsheet is provided with the come compatible Vango Avington 500 Footprint. Therefore, the general overview of Vango Avington 500 states that for a large family camping tent which is also affordable, Vango Avington 500 is your choice.

Which customers are buing Vango Avington 500?

As the name states, Vango Avington 500 family tent is directed to families. But this is our general preference. It, by no means, mean that Vango Avington 500 family tent is exclusively only for families. Many couples or even people in a relationship can use it. For example, a girl has a dream of camping once but she lives in a plain area and therefore has never been able to go camp. She asks her boyfriend that she wants to camp and at that place Vango Avington 500 family tent comes to the rescue. Thus the point proven that is not for families only but a general camping tent.

Vango Avington 500 tent – pros and cons


  • Persistence - Can survive hours of rain without any apparent leakage.
  • Quick Setting Out - Can be set out quickly so as to let it dry if it was in drenched in rain.
  • Spacious - Spacious enough to let a 5 man family accommodate easily.


  • Visibility - Windows do not have much “Diamond Clear” visibility.
  • Dark Fabric - The ads say Darker Fabric reduce morning light but not much difference to other tents.

Know more about Vango Avington 500 dimensions

The best part of having a Vango Avington 500 5-person tent is its space. Usually the Avingtons are suitable for 4 persons. 1 more and it can be a little obstructive. Therefore, this special tent which is made for 5 persons to live comfortably in it and also having the space is an optimum choice for families. If you are a regular camper and have an optimum number of family members i.e. 5, then having a Vango Avington 500 5-person tent is your best choice. Sometimes, some guests arrive as well and then you have to go camping with them. Now you had a tent according to your family size which was less than 5 and now you are in trouble. Camping becomes a bad experience for you. At that time you will think about Vango Avington 500 5-person tent. So better get it than regret it. There is a ventilation system and many more features for your safety.

Bad weather resistance by Vango Avington 500 family tent

Avington 500 has a TBS 11 system which provides additional resistance to the wind and bad weathers. Usually tents sway sideways in heavy winds. TBS 11 system provides this additional stability which can be attached in bad weather and detached in calm weather. Avington also has Factory Taped seams which does not allow to pass through. According to a client’s review, Avington 500 saved them from rain for many hours without letting even a single drop to pass through. The fabric used to make Avington water proof is ProTex 70 Denier polyester flysheet. This is a highly waterproof, durable and reliable fabric that will keep you dry and comfortable.

Setup of the Vango Avington 500 tent

Able to be pitched and unpitched within a matter of minutes, the design enables extremely easy handling with regards to setting up and unpacking of the Avington 500. The flysheet and inner pitch are together, making them easier to pitch. The handy guy line holders are also what make it extremely easy the pitching setup! Vango Avington 500 pitching takes about 20 minutes, so even an amateur camper would not have much difficulty in this user-friendly pitching methodology. The overall pack size is 70.0 x 31.0 x 70.0, which is considered quite reasonable, provided that it is a 5 person family type tent.

Vango Avington 500 durability test

The Avington 500 has a Protex 70 Denier flysheet, as mentioned earlier, which a highly resistant and durable fabric and keeping in mind the required material strength and requirements. The material itself is approved by the Scout Association for use on scouting trips. The PE groundsheets are robust and hardwearing, and are considered to be an ideal fabric to stand up to the rigors of most camping activities! The PE inner groundsheets are made such that they provide a good bathtub styled robust and hardwearing ground base. Therefore.

Conclusion of Vango Avington 500 5-man tent

The ergonomic design of the Vango Avington 500 5-man tent serves as one of the best in its kind, on basis of cost effectiveness, design and performance, as well as robustness and also eases in pitching.