Vango Tempest 300 tent review

With a rising demand for lighter tents, the tent manufacturers are experimenting with their designs to come up with the ultimate light tent that could facilitate more than one person with a reasonable amount of gear. Vango’s Tempest 300 tent is an example for this effort and the company has designed Vango Tempest 300 to be a tent that’s not only lightweight, but also as a tent that’s capable of housing 3 persons at once.

Pros and Cons of Vango Tempest 300 tent


  • Lightweighted - The tent which comes under 4 kilograms with lighter aluminium pegs is designed to make sure that it’s ideal for a backpacking.
  • Repair kit - As camping could be unpredictable, it’s wise to be prepared for any possible condition. However getting the tent damaged is one of the graver issues a camper would face. Vango has taken this possibility into consideration and has made sure that it has included a repair kit into the package so that you can get the tent patched up if such a matter arises.
  • Single flysheet door - The 2022 version of Vango Tempest 300 tent has included a single flysheet door, which gives a greater porch area for storage of equipment or cooking.


  • No convenient space for three - Though the tent is promoted as one that could easily facilitate three, it could practically facilitate two with the gear and a third camper could be included in an emergency situation, at the expense of some gear that’s stored indoors.
  • Lack of an additional lamp hook - An additional hook for the lamp at the far end would have made it an even better choice. Which is an important thing to have as the design of the tent permits placing the head of the camper at the far end, which means he might have to take an extra effort to switch off the lamp if needed be.

What Comfort Vango Tempest 300 lightweight tent have and size after packing

The tent comes under 4 kilograms which isn’t too much in comparison to some of the heavier tents that might go into double digits when weight is concerned. The sleeping area of the room is comfortable enough for a cozy stay for two personnel . However, fitting in a third would be a possibility. The ventilation is given the due attention, without any space for condensation. It signifies that inside of the tent would be a comfortable place with enough air flow whilst keeping the optimal conditions inside intact. The breathable inner with a mesh part door are all designed to make the experience a memorable one.

Vango Tempest 300 test of Bad Weather resistance

The flysheet is made of waterproof Protex HC polyester, which testifies that the tent is safe from leakages. to the inside part. The groundsheet is made of 6000 mm groundsheet polyester. The overall bad weather resistance of the tent is further enhanced with its poles.,which are made with Vango’s unique TBS II internal bracing system, that guarantees the endurance of the tent in the harshest of conditions.

How Easy to setup is Vango Tempest 300 tent ?

Setting up Vango Tempest 300 wouldn’t be difficult. It’s made for the backpacking camper who doesn’t want to spend too much of energy on setting up the tent. The poles are colour coded to make sure that the installation has no room for a mistake. The simple design and the lightweightedness are also added advantages in setting up the tent with convenience. The tent can generally be setup within ten minutes

Vango Tempest 300 3 man tent and its durability

Durability is a must when it comes to camping gear such as a tent, that’s expected to withstand the toughest of weather and terrain related conditions. The tent is made of high quality durable clothing material that can be trusted to take a beating anyday. The aluminium pegs are strong enough to hold the tent , though they might be a bit too flexible and lightweighted for some. The overall impression would be that Vango Tempest 300 3 man tent is a product that you can easily use for years as a part of your camping life.

Vango Tempest 300 tent review – General conclusion about the product

If you’re looking for a tent that comes across as a backpack camper’s dream at an attractive price range Vango Tempest 300 tent would be your choice. With the lightweight it packs, the tent poses no difficulty when it comes to mobility. The setting up is unlikely to consume too much of time with careful steps such as the colour coding that are in place to make sure that there’s no room for the process to go wrong. With good customer reviews, which suggest that the first hand experiences with the tent are satisfactory, Vango Tempest 300 is unlikely to be a bad choice for your camping experience.

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