What are best thermal socks for extreme cold? Learn now!

best thermal socks for extreme cold

Finding the best thermal socks for extreme cold in uk is quite difficult task, especially if we know how many different elements one needs to take into account. Considering the price, the thickness of the material, the type of material itself, and many other things, we need to know a thing or two about this specific field of expertise in order to pick the warmest socks for extreme cold. However, not everyone can afford spending free time on learning about socks and their use. That is why we prepared for you a list of five the most recommendable products that will keep your feet warm in the coldest days.

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Arctic Cold Weather Socks, MoD-spec
















Horizon Expedition Primaloft/Merino








Bridgedale Wool Fusion Summit Knee Socks








Smartwool Adult PHD Mountaineering Socks







The winner of our ranking is Arctic Cold Weather Socks, MoD-spec

best thermal socks

These socks are considered to be the warmest socks for extreme cold uk. Why? It’s all because of its materials. WE can see here sheep wool, which is considered to be one of the warmest materials. Except for that, the producers made sure that the product will fit our feet without any problems thanks to the addition of lycra and nylon. Double thickness on the area of heels and toes increase comfort and make it much more durable.

The price we will have to pay for these socks is one of the lowest, what it amazing considering how recommendable these Royal Marine Commando arctic socks are.

  • Very cheap

  • Warm in extreme conditions

  • Comfortable

  • Need to be hand washed

Another suggestion is Expansive Warm Cold Weather Trekking Extreme Hiking Socks

best thermal socks for extreme cold

This pair of black socks is the best option if you wish to go hiking or trekking in extreme cold conditions. They guarantee fast-drying properties thanks to a great combination of materials. Merino wool is the best quality wool that occurs in natural environment that guarantees anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. In addition to that, they keep freshness all the time, even if wore for a whole day of excessive activities. If you wonder how to keep feet warm in extreme cold while performing very demanding activities, then this is the greatest solution we can offer!

Unfortunately, these are expensive socks and very hard to come by.

  • Very good sweat drainage

  • Fresh for a long time

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Anti-fungal

  • Expensive and not as common as other suggestions

Third solution for extreme cold socks concern Horizon Expedition Primaloft/Merino

Why that product is known as best thermal socks

The combination of Primaloft and Merino guarantees anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties as well as warmth during extreme cold conditions. PrimaLoft itself was the material introduced for the military purposes, so we know how legitimate products made of this material are. Of course the socks we are describing do not only combine great features of PrimaLoft, but they also guarantee high quality Merino Wool, which is the most wanted natural material we can get. Why? Because it preserves warmth very well. Another benefit of using these socks is their breathability. Thanks to side ventilation channels, the comfort of using these socks is very high.

The price for these socks is not as attractive as in case of the winner of our list, but it is quite average.

  • Very warm

  • Breathable

  • Comfortable and elastic for better grip

  • Very heavy

Bridgedale Wool Fusion Summit Knee Socks – yet another interesting suggestion!

how to choose best thermal socks

While looking for reviews of extreme cold weather socks, one can notice that some of the people especially recommend such very long socks made by Bridgedale manufacturer. These guys have effectively combined wool as natural material with synthetic ones, giving us very warm, yet natural socks that won’t lose its thermal characteristics. In addition to that, we should remember about double density pads, what guarantees increased comfort underfoot. It is ideal choice for hiking and for winter expeditions!

The price of this product is the second most expensive, but it still considered average due to small increase.

  • Very comfortable

  • Very long

  • Very warm

  • Very heavy

The last but not least offer we have for you is Smartwool Adult PHD Mountaineering Socks

best thermal socks

When it comes to performance, these are probably the best thermal socks for extreme cold we can offer. They offer us 4 level elite fit technology, which basically provides you tight wear and sports-like functions. In addition to that, most of the composition is Merino Wool, the best type of wool available on the market. Great easement in taking care of them is the possibility to wash them in washing machine. However, we need to remember about the instructions, so we won’t damage the material.

If these are the best thermal socks for extreme cold uk, why wouldn’t they win the ranking? Because of the price. They are almost three times as expensive as our first offer, making them very effective, but extremely expensive.

  • Ideal for extreme cold sports

  • Can be washed in washing machine

  • Good grip

  • Very comfortable

  • Extremely expensive

  • May feel like thin for the most demanding mountaineers

But how to choose warmest socks for extreme cold? See some tips that will facilitate your choice!

People keep forgetting about several things that we need to take into account while choosing the warmest socks for extreme cold uk. You see, there are things like material type, additional cushioning, ventilation, and several other things that provide us with better comfort and ensures better temperature. In here: https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/backpacking-socks.html we can see several aspects we should have in mind.


While choosing the right socks, we should keep in mind that extreme cold socks can be angle, crew, or knee-high. Of course we can look for shorter, but that wouldn’t make sense if you want thermal socks for extreme cold. The best option is of course crew socks and knee-high.


The most important aspect of choosing every pair of thermal socks. You see, the right fabric does not only keep you warm, but also provide you with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, what is very important when we wish to use these socks in more demanding environment. Other fabrics are also responsible for making your socks elastic. Thanks to that, they are guaranteed to keep their shape and hold on your feet with no problems whatsoever.


The aspect of durability can also be taken care of while choosing the right material. You see, standard sheep wool, Merino wool, or PrimaLoft are great fabrics that can provide us with all the warmth we really desire. Nevertheless, without the addition of synthetic material, they might not be as durable as we think. That’s why we should always look for the most durable socks we can find. As a result, we will not only have warm, but also long-lasting socks. An additional advantage of durable socks is the possibility to wash them in washing machine.


Quite important aspect when it comes to purchasing almost everything. We know that people might not be convinced to spending dozens of pounds on one pair of socks. Nevertheless, they do not know that sometimes one pair of high-end socks can give us more than 5 pairs of poorly-made socks, especially when we are talking about thermal socks for extreme cold. That’s why it’s better to look at price as the second, less important factor.

Conclusion – so what’s the best option for me?

Depending on your priorities, you should always look for socks that guarantee the most wool or wool-like materials. It is well-known fact that wool serves very well in the most extreme weather conditions. That is why if you keep wondering how to keep feet warm in extreme cold, you should always have in mind that. Except for that, we always recommend learning more about specific product from other users and other pages than the official manufacturer. In that way you are 100% sure that the given pair of socks will suit you and that extreme cold weather socks reviews are legit.


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