If you want to enjoy the outdoors during the winter season, see to it that you are appropriately garbed. You would want to enjoy outdoor activities without you freezing to death or without you suffering from frostbite due to exposure to extreme cold. Rather than wear multiple layers of clothing, wear the best thermal underwear instead.

Invest in a good thermal top and bottom to protect you from the cold. Make sure you look for those with superior thermal capabilities that will work in giving you comfort even while outdoors. We looked for the best thermal underwear out there and found the ones worth your money.

Best Thermal Underwear for 2021

Here are the best thermal underwear products you should add to your winter arsenal:

  • Norde Thermotech Functional Thermal Underwear
  • RP Thermals Mens Thermal Underwear
  • Mountain Warehouse Talus Men’s Thermal Baselayer Top
  • Ultrasport Women’s Quick-Dry Thermal Underwear

Find out which of these products are the best for you:

Norde Thermotech Functional Thermal Underwear

Fend off the autumn or winter cold with this set of thermal underwear. This is an ideal choice for active individuals or those who do a lot of outdoor activities in the winter such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding and paragliding. If you love spending time close to nature even in the winter get this one. The double-seamless technology it boasts of will ensure that you are getting the best thermal properties. Wearing this won’t restrict your movements, thanks to its three-dimensional elastic zones.


  • This is a comfortable thermal wear for men. You can easily put this on and wear this under your autumn or winter clothes.
  • Those who are into active sports can choose those ones as it does not restrict movements. It is elastic enough that it follows your movements.
  • There are silver ions in its polymer structure, keeping the garment free from bacteria. You can be assured that it will stay fresh-smelling for a longer period of time. This might come handy for those taking a vacation up in the slopes or those who might have to go with only a few pairs of thermal underwear for days.
  • A lot of users have experienced using this set in extremely cold temperatures and they said this kept them nice and warm. It also kept them dry. It also has a nice stretch to it. It is true to size.
  • The fabric is thin but breathable. You don’t feel like your skin is being trapped.
  • Many users also commented on how easy it is to wash and how quickly it dries up. That means you can use it for traveling since it doesn’t take a long time to dry up.


  • Some said it is longer than they expected. There are also those who did not like the way the fabric felt against their skin. They said it tends to be a bit rough.
  • Breathability: the underwear features a body mapping system, a so-called body map/zones of intensified breathability, which take into account the different heat and sweat points of our body.
  • Thermoactive: a system that controls the body temperature and independently protects the body from cooling down and overheating due to external influences …

RP Thermals Mens Thermal Underwear

Don’t break the bank with this thermal underwear. But although it comes with a small price, it is not lacking in amazing features. Its half cotton and half polyester material ensure that you are getting the superior comfort you need. You can wear this outdoors even when engaging in sports activities. The fabric feels very soft and comfortable, just right for people who don’t want their thermal underwear to chafe their skin.


  • This is truly comfortable. Aside from having a softer kind of fabric, it is also seam-free. There is no irritating seam that can chafe your skin.
  • It offers freedom of movements. It doesn’t feel restricting at all.
  • It is machine washable. There are customers who also liked how this maintained its size even though they used their washing machine to clean it.
  • This can keep you warm effectively. A lot of people also like the fit. They said it isn’t as tight as other thermals. They also like how soft the fabric is. It’s so comfortable, you can even use it under your pajamas.


  • There are customers that found the long johns a bit short for them.
  • British designed thermal long sleeve t-shirt. Made from soft fully brushed thermal fabric for extra warmth.
  • Official R.P. COLLECTIONS product, Est. 1982.
  • 50% cotton & 50% polyester. Easy to care: home machine washable. Can be worn under everyday clothes.
  • Suitable for use as sleepwear, lounging& for outdoor sports - skiing, hiking, biking, etc …

Mountain Warehouse Talus Men’s Thermal Baselayer Top

Mountain Warehouse thermal underwear takes pride in their IsoTherm technology. This is a kind of technology that effectively retains heat, thereby ensuring warmth for a long period of time. This also boasts of an excellent ability to wick moisture away. It is easy to slip on and off and has a good fit that prevents cold air from seeping in your skin.


  • You will like how soft this baselayer is. It does not rub against the skin and features an Isotherm fabric material that truly keeps you warm even when exposed to cold temperatures. Moisture won’t stay long on your skin because this material will absorb it.
  • It is lightweight. You won’t even feel like you are wearing a base layer. This is ideal when engaging in outdoor activities that will require you to do a lot of maneuvers such as skiing or snowboarding.
  • It is machine washable. It dries up fast as well.
  • It is easy to pack as well. It folds down to a very small size.
  • The material is breathable. It keeps you warm but without feeling clammy.
  • Many people like the way it fits. They said it isn’t too constricting and they didn’t feel like being compressed.


  • There were only a few isolated cases of not getting the perfect fit. There is one that did not like the way it fit the neck and there is one who experienced having a bad fit around the wrists.
  • Breathable - The fabric allows perspiration to pass out of the garment, keeping you cool and comfortable
  • Easy Care - This garment is machine washable
  • High wicking - Actively wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable
  • Isotherm - Densely packed fibres to retain heat & warmth without adding bulk …

Ultrasport Women’s Quick-Dry Thermal Underwear

Women can keep themselves warm and dry in this thermal underwear. It is a lightweight kind of set that doesn’t get in the way of performing your usual activities. If you are active and you do a lot of outdoor activities, this is definitely a good choice for you.


  • This feels soft and has a superior warming effect. The crew neck enhances warmth at the top. The fabric doesn’t rub against the skin.
  • It is so light, you won’t notice you are wearing it. It also isn’t bulky, so if you are looking to wear some lighter clothes for the winter but don’t want your thermal underwear to show, this might be a good choice.
  • It actually has a body-shaping effect. The elastic structure of the fabric allows it to contour to your body shape better.
  • It keeps the skin dry. Sweat is expelled and prevents it from sticking on your skin.
  • This is easy to wash and dry, perfect for those vacations when you aren’t bringing a lot of undergarments with you.


  • Some said it is too thin for them and isn’t as warm as they expected.
  • Ideally suited for layered clothing
  • Quick-dry feature - the easy-care material dries quickly
  • Provides comfort for all sports, leisure & outdoor activities - e.g. Running, cycling or winter sports
  • Pleasantly soft and warming, top with crew neck
  • Lightweight, 100% Polyester

Benefits of Wearing Thermal Underwear

Best Thermal Underwear
The main advantage of wearing thermal underwear is protection from cold weather. These clothes are equipped with technologies that work in keeping the body comfortable even when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Despite these clothes offering superior protection against the cold, they are quite thin. You can wear them inconspicuously under your outdoor clothes. Best of all, you don’t need to layer multiple times to warm up. You can reduce the layers of clothes you can wear because the thermal underwear is already good enough in providing warmth. If you hate the bulk of winter layering and you want to wear clothes that aren’t too heavy, using thermal underwear is a good choice.

If you like to go camping or traveling but hate all the clothes you need to pack just to keep warm, you will also love thermal underwear. You can reduce the number of clothes you will have to bring because these undergarments are enough to provide the warmth and comfort you need.

Thermal underwear also gives you so much freedom. Just imagine yourself not being trapped by multiple layers of clothes. You feel so much lighter and you can move around faster and easier. If you like engaging in sports activities like skiing and snowboarding, you will surely love wearing thermal clothes as they allow more freedom of movements.

These garments also working in wicking away moisture. They prevent moisture from settling on your skin, which not only prevents you from getting cold easily but also prevents the garment from smelling funky right away.

When you expect to stay outdoors for an extended period of time, consider wearing thermal underwear. Once you start using thermal underwear, you will never look back.

Which One Should You Get?

Great for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Norde Thermotech Functional Thermal Underwear. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and you want something that will not restrict your movements, this is a good choice for you. On top of that, it offers superior cold protection as well. You won’t find yourself freezing when you are hiking, trekking, skiing or snowboarding outdoors.

Cheap Option: RP Thermals Mens Thermal Underwear. If you are looking for a reliable thermal underwear that you can use on a daily basis but will not cost you a lot of money, make sure you get this one. It is one of the cheapest out there, but it doesn’t compromise when it comes to its thermal abilities. It can still protect you from the cold.

Top Only: Mountain Warehouse Talus Men’s Thermal Baselayer Top. If you are looking for only a thermal top, get this one. It is one of the best out there because of its unique thermal technology that retains heat effectively.

Great Choice for Women: Ultrasport Women’s Quick-Dry Thermal Underwear. This can become every woman’s ally during the winter season. It works seamlessly and provides a good amount of comfort and warmth during the winter season.

Best Thermal Underwear Buying Tips

We want you to find the right thermal underwear for your needs. That said, here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind:

Ability to Fend Off the Cold. There are certain kinds of materials that are more capable of protecting you against the cold. Look for technologies that enhance heat retention and insulation as these are the ones that will truly protect you against the cold.

Fabric Comfort. Some thermal underwear sets have a rough fabric. Because they are rougher, people with sensitive skin might find them difficult to wear. They might chafe the skin and cause irritation. Also check the cuffs and the neck. Don’t buy those thermal tops that might feel constricting around the neck. Also make sure they have a snug fit around your wrists without it being too tight.

Fit. Check the fit. You might need to size up if the products run small. You would want to try them out at the store. When buying online, find out what other people are saying about its fit. Just be mindful of the elasticity of the product. Most thermal underwear sets are elastic. Be careful not to buy a bigger one as they can still stretch.

Ability to Keep the Skin Dry. Look for those products that are breathable and prevent sweat from staying on the surface of the skin. A breathable feature actually helps keep your dryer as there is no moisture that can get colder.

Cleaning and Maintenance. Is it alright to wash it in the washing machine or do you need to manually wash it? Manual washing is recommended to prolong its life and prevent it from shrinking. However, if you want more convenience, go for those ones that you can easily put in your washer.

Flexibility and Elasticity. Make sure you choose something that is a bit more elastic. These thermal undergarments are more forgiving when it comes to a range of movements. If you engage in a lot of sports activities, you would want to choose those that offer more flexibility, so you can move around with ease.

What to Do Next?

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