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Tons of thermos flasks are now available for us to purchase. We can see plenty of producers, who provide us with different shapes, different materials, and different functionalities. However, do you know how to differentiate one from another? How to choose the best thermos flask in 2017? Well, if you want to consider all pros and cons of the purchase, then we recommend checking out all the aspects crucial for proper selection. However, before we carry on with the tips how to pick the best thermos flask UK, let’s take a look at reviews of best thermos flask in our opinion.

The winner of our ranking – Thermos ThermoCafé Stainless Steel Flask

best food thermos flask

Thermos is the manufacturer well-known for not only is food flask but also regular thermos flasks for drinks. It provides us with three different capacities, but we are going to focus on the biggest one, which is 1 litre. In here, we can see very popular vacuum insolation system, which guarantees better insulation and provides heat maintenance for 8 hours. It can also store cold drinks up to 24 hours without any issues with freshness. The material used for constructing this flask is stainless steel. Thanks to that it is one of the best thermos flask for hiking, since we can travel with it without worrying about breaking it. Of course its size can be troubling, but there is always a possibility to take smaller capacities.

The price for this particular model ranges in average level, so it shouldn’t be a problem when we take into account how quality thermos flask it is.

  • Various models

  • Very durable

  • Doesn’t change the taste of liquids

  • Holding the warmth longer than average

  • Weird aftertaste

Looking for a different flask? Take a look at KING DO WAY Insulated Stainless Steel Water Vacuum Bottle Coffee Flasks Travel Container 

best food thermos flask

How to conduct the best thermos flask test? The only way to see whether given product does its job is simply testing it “in the field”. In this particular matter KING DO WAY gives us competitive product for a very small price. 500 ml capacity combines compact size with enough drink to last longer than expected. This thermos flask guarantees health-safety thanks to the lack of BPA. Another essential aspect that makes this one of the best vacuum flask on the market is its amazing anti-skip body that doesn’t leave any signs of fingerprints. Even though we cannot choose different capacities, we can choose one of several colours, so it is possible to personalize our order. Since it isn’t made of stainless steel, but eco-friendly materials, it is also light-weight making it even better choice for traveling.

  • Modern and attractive design

  • Compact size and lightweight

  • Cheap

  • The lack of stainless steel, may rust

Third offer is Thermos ThermoCafé Stainless Steel Flask, Hammertone Grey

Why that product is known as best Thermos flask

This is yet another suggestion from Thermos, very popular manufacturer. Unlike the suggestion number two, this particular steel flask is made of stainless steel. We can find this material in both interior and exterior, making it not only resistant to rust but also very durable. Of course its weight will be higher, but additional durability and guarantee of rust-free product is probably worth it. Thanks to the application of double-wall vacuum insulation, the products made by Thermos company are in general very good in keeping the temperature of the liquid as well as maintaining freshness in cold drinks. In addition, it is cool to touch when hot drink is poured, and it is sweat-proof with cold drinks. Interesting feature is the possibility to pour the liquid without removing the stopper, since you can twist it and pour without removing.

The price is similar to the winner of our ranking. However, we cannot choose other capacities, so we receive here only 1 litre variant.

  • Maintains either hot or cold temperatures

  • Dip in the form of insulated serving cup

  • Very durable

  • Slippery outing coating

Looking for a compact flask? Then try out Pioneer Vacuum Insulated Leak Proof Drinkpod Capsule Flask 6 Hours Hot 24 Hours Cold

how to choose best thermos flask

200 ml or second variant 300 ml capacity in the form of capsule gives us quite interesting design and surely compact and light-weight we all are looking for. Thanks to that, we receive here one full cup of beverage that can be hold for 6 hours without losing its temperature or for 24 hours when it is cold and we wish to have fresh drink. The reason why it holds the temperature for such a long time is well-known vacuum insulation system. As for the weight, the minimum of 250g is guaranteed by plastic additions like lip. Thanks to that we can enjoy our drink straight from the flask. A very interesting addition you should all take into account is the variety of colours we can choose. We can choose one out of 9 different colours and one out of 2 capacity variants.

The price for this particular thermos flask is quite low, making it yet another advantage of it.

  • A lot of colours to choose

  • Two capacity variants

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Cannot be washed in a dishwasher

What about other options? You can also try out Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug, Thermos Flask, One Handed Open to Drink, Double Walled and Leakproof for Hot and Cold Drink!

best thermos flask - uk reviews

This particular product is considered to be one of the best thermos flask for tea, making it an interesting choice for everyone. We can see plenty of vacuum flask reviews, where it receives a lot of positive feedback. We receive here combination of highly-effective and recommendable stainless steel material with high-quality polypropylene plastic, which has got all the food certificates. Double walls made with the use of vacuum insulation system together with rubber ring that gives this product leak-proof certificate. Except for that, it holds hot beverages up to 8 hours, making it one of the best camping thermoses, especially for cold weather. The only issue with this product is its cold maintenance. While pouring some ice-cold liquids, it holds its low temperature only for 8 hours, what compared to others 24 hours is quite poor result.

The price for K.H. product isn’t heighten, so we should definitely take a look at this proposition, especially if we are looking for some lower-priced, yet high-quality thermos flasks.

  • Wide-mouth opening, easier to clean

  • Safe for health

  • Portable and handy

  • Poorly-designed button

Sixth recommendation is Leak Proof TRAVEL MUG * Premium Quality Hybrid Flask * Spill Proof One Click Operation, Push to Drink, Release to Auto Seal * Vacuum Insulated * Inner and Outer Stainless Steel

best vacuum flask reviews

A lot of people think this is the best vacuum flask uk, or at least one of the best. Why? There are plenty of advantages of using this flask. First of all, thanks to its one-handed controls you can open and close thermos flask without any problems and without getting your flask cold. 380 ml grants compact size and quite light weight. However, it cannot contain more than one and a half of a regular cup per flask. A lot of flasks need to be washed in hand because they are covered with coatings and other non-resistant materials. In this case, we receive stainless steel on the outside and inside. Thanks to that we won’t scratch it and we won’t bend it. The problem with this particular thermos flask is that it can’t hold temperature for a longer time. It is partially caused by the quick and user-friendly opening.

The cost above average is something we may not be satisfied with. However, it only shows this is one of the best quality thermos flask available.

  • Very easy to use open and close system

  • Compact size

  • Light weight

  • Can be washed in a dishwasher

  • Poor temperature maintenance

Looking for the best thermos flask on the market? Take a look at one more suggestion Thermos Stainless King Flask, Midnight Blue

camping thermos flask uk

This is the biggest flask we are suggesting. If you are fed up with flasks, where you pour one/two cups and the thermos is half empty, then this is probably the best offer for you. All people, who are looking for camping thermos will surely appreciate the fact that Stainless King Flask made by the company Thermos is one of the most durable flasks on the market. 24 hours of hot liquid as well as 24 hours for cold drink. Stainless steel inside and outside, and of course serving cup, which is made of the same material. All these things make it incredibly effective and quality thermos flask in UK and other countries. It also provides us with 50 years of guarantee, which is one of the longest possible guarantees on the market of thermos flasks. What is the problem, then? The price.

The reason why this flask isn’t the winner on our ranking is the price. It is twice as costly as our winner, making it one of the most wanted flasks available on the market.

  • Very durable

  • 50-year guarantee

  • Incredibly long temperature insulation

  • Pour stopper

  • Very pricy

Do you want to find your own vacuum flask in UK? Here’s a list of things you should take into account

The list of seven suggestable items doesn’t need to be the only way to find your dreamed flask. If you want to find your own product, you can without any problems look all the online shops and markets. But before you do that, it is necessary to know a thing or two about basic features each and every single thermos flask has to possess. That is why we recommend learning more about thermos flasks on

You can always take a look at our tips, which summarize the article in a nutshell.

Temperature maintenance

The basic aspect of every thermos is its capability of keeping hot, or cold temperature. Thermal insulation is very important for thermos flasks, because it determines how well the product is made. That is why we should always look for products that provide us with very long heat retention and thermal insulation. There are several basic technologies that are nowadays used in keeping the heat in thermoses. The first one is the use of double walls. Double-walled thermos holds temperature much better. Another thing, which is in most cases connected to double walls, is Vacuum insulation system. This particular element increases the time of temperature maintenance.

Leak proof

This is something more than obvious, but we still need to take a closer look at physical aspects of thermos flasks. In most cases flasks are made of durable materials, but there are some companies that try to save up money on materials. Because of that, they do not contain rubber finishing that usually improves the quality of the flask. That is why we should always look for the guarantee of non-leaking thermos, so we can be sure that the product fulfils our expectations.

Additional functionalities

In this particular aspect we should look for things like serving lids. Thanks to that we can use the cover of our thermos as the serving cup. It gives us the access to the vessel, making it unnecessary to take with us cups. Another interesting addition is the so-called pour stopper. In other words, you don’t need to unscrew the whole lid to pour your drink. It reduces the chance of spilling over your drink. We can’t forget about one-click buttons for quick open and close mechanisms, and special filters that keep our tea bags out of the opening.


There are two things we should know about durability. The first one is material. As you can notice from the suggested products, stainless steel is something you cannot replace. It is durable, free from rust, and provides you certified health protection. Of course its weight may be quite serious downside, but it doesn’t change the fact people tend to choose this material because of its numerous advantages. Additions finished with plastic are also interesting choice but bear in mind that this plastic needs to have Food Grade Polypropylene certificate.

The second thing we should watch for is the warranty. You see, additional warranty equals better durability. It also gives us the sense of conviction that the producer believes in its product and we can hope for hassle-free use of thermos flasks.

General opinions of other customers

Verified reviews can show us that the product we are currently thinking about is certainly worth our time. However, there are plenty of fake comments and opinions that does not provide us clear statement whether the thermos flask was good or bad choice. Therefore, we should always look at the opinions of other customers with the grain of salt.


There is no such thing as the best thermos flask. Some people are looking for small, compact size products that are easy to carry. Other people focus only on efficiency and they don’t care about weight or size. There are even people, who draw the most attention to the appearance. In order to find the best flask, you should take into account things the most important to you and then there is a chance for you to find the right product.