Looking for the best travel mug uk? Find the one that suits you the most!

best Travel mug

Finding travel cup that will at the same time fulfil your requirements and be as versatile as high quality products is quite difficult. We can also look at reviews of the best travel mug uk, but even then it’s hard to pick the best. Why? It is due to variety of characteristics and attributes that people are looking for. That is why we recommend familiarizing with the ranking below to see different traveling mugs that can become great addition to your gear.

What’s the best travel mug uk? See our ranking!

The winner of our list is Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug

best travel mug

The reason why Contigo Autoseal West Loop is believed to be the best thermal travel mug uk is its modern technology and combination of innovative solutions in terms of thermal insulation. This particular mug is made of stainless steel, which is known to be one of the greatest materials used for creating thermos flasks, thermos jars, and many other products that hold the temperature. Contigo can keep your drink hot for 4 hours and maintain cold temperature for 12 hours. As a result of including vacuum-insulated system and autoseal technology, it is not only very efficient, but also very easy and convenient to use. We cannot forget about 10 different colour variants the manufacturer has provided us with. Amazing finishing lets us was this mug in a dishwasher and also guarantees that this is one of the best non spill travel mug uk!

The cost for this travel mug isn’t the highest and the product itself is common in shops, so there should be no problems with getting it.

  • Convenient use

  • Advanced thermal technology

  • A lot of colours to choose from

  • Autoseal technology

  • Can dent quite easily

Leak Proof TRAVEL MUG * Premium Quality Hybrid Flask * Spill Proof One Click Operation is the recommendation number two!

best travel flask

This particular product is the only hybrid in our suggestion list. It is because the rest of hybrid flasks tend to cost a lot more than usual travel mugs and despite the fact they can offer very competing qualities, they cost too much. This; however, is not the case with TRAVEL MUG by One Click Cup Company. We receive here a little bit smaller, but still very functional product, which serves as great beverage holder. Its capability of keeping the temperature is a bit worse than in case of our winner. Hot beverages stay hot for 2 hours, and they are warm for next 4 hours. However, the temperature of cold drinks stays the same for 12 hours, the same number as in Contigo. The thing worth noticing is a guarantee for 5 years. Because of that, we are pretty sure of incredible strength of this product.

It costs a bit less than other offers, but it still costs more than dozen of pounds.

  • Resistant to drops

  • Leak proof

  • Can be washed in a dishwasher

  • Awkward to hold

Looking for different product? Take a look at Camelbak Forge Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

Why that product is known as best travel mug

Camelbak is very prestigious company that provides us with the highest quality traveling equipment. The same thing goes to their travel mug. In here we can hope for one-handed lever, which guarantees self-sealing attributes. Thanks to that we don’t have to worry about leaking mug, since it is even enhanced by leak-proof closure. The temperature of the beverage holds the temperature for several hours, which is very important aspect in this particular travel mug. Why? In here we have special button that lets us sip the drink very often without losing the temperature. Five colours at our disposal let us personalize the purchase and they definitely make it more accurate. One more advantage of Camelbak product is that we can wash in a dishwasher, despite the fact they are painted. Sadly, they are more difficult to come by now, and if we find them, they may be quite expensive.

The only real downside of this product, once we find it, is its price.

  • Very functional

  • Convenient to use

  • Durable

  • Can be washed in a dishwasher

  • Very expensive

Thermos Stainless King Travel Mug – another offer accessible and available for you all

how to choose best Travel mug

Thermos has proved so many times they can release very interesting product. This time they prepared for us an amazing travel mug that fulfils the most important aspects and make our travels much more comfortable. In here, we receive one of the longest durations of temperature maintenance. We can count for this travel mug to keep our drink hot for 7 hours and our cold liquid for 18 hours. Stainless steel used for interior as well as interior backed with vacuum insulation technology – these two combined give us such long-lasting effects. Another amazing thing about this product is that we don’t have to worry about getting burned or that our cold drink will cause our hands to sweat. The material used during production of this mug is thick, what at the same time means it is one of the most durable products in this list. We even receive 50-year guarantee!

Similarly to the previous suggestion, thermos travel mug costs more than average, but because it is one of the best insulated travel mug uk, it is worth to pay such price.

  • Guarantee for 50 years

  • Very good thermal insulation

  • Extremely durable

  • Comfy handle

  • Quite heavy

Check price for Thermos Stainless King Travel Mug

Another travel mug worth testing out is LifeSky Insulated Travel Coffee Mug, Stainless Steel (16 oz), BPA-Free

best travel mug

This mug is available in three variants, so we can choose the colour that suits us the best. As in case of previous products, we could hope for such elements as double-walls and of course vacuum-seal technology. It guarantees long temperature maintenance in both cold and hot situations. An important addition that makes this cup more interesting option is its slim size. Thanks to that, we can fit this product in almost any cup holder. Nice addition is one-year warranty. Of course it isn’t 5-year warranty or 50-year one, but it still shows the manufacturer believes in their product. Food-grade stainless steel together with BPA-free lid shows us how safe this product is.

If you look for cheap travel mugs uk, then this is one of the best options when we take under consideration quality-price ratio.

  • Cheap

  • All health certificates

  • Slim, compact size

  • Maintains hot beverages for a long time

  • Isn’t leak-proof

Looking for other good quality travel mugs uk? See Kooyi Vacuum Insulated Travel Coffee Mug

best travel mug

This particular model differentiates from other travel mugs with its design. All three colouristic variants show amazing mix of simplicity with modern design. The product is quite small, so it is a great option for everyone, who is looking for compact size and light-weight quality mug. Thanks to 304 type stainless steel, which has obtained FDA certificates, we are sure to receive sterile, hygienic, and healthy product that won’t jeopardize our condition. We don’t even need to worry about leaking, since we’ve got here leak-proof warranty ensured by special safety locking mechanism. As for functionality, this model gives us one-handed opening, which makes this mug very easy to use.

The price for Kooyi Vaccum Insulated Travel Coffee Mug is very similar to our previous recommendation.

  • Cheap

  • Leak-proof

  • Safe for health

  • Very functional

  • Very small

The last suggestion we have for you is HIWILL Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Travel Coffee Mug

best travel mug

Once again we have here stainless steel, what surely keeps our flask free from rust and other unhealthy elements. It is double-walled, so we don’t have to worry about temperature of the flask while pouring extremely hot or extremely cold beverages in there. 380 ml capacity is also an ideal mix of compact size and voluminous mug that can last longer than usual small travel mugs. What else makes this one of the best vacuum travel mug uk? Versatility. Since we have here very durable and long-lasting material, we can use this mug in all types of places, without worrying about breaking it or damaging. Except for that, you can choose one out of four colours and match it to your other accessories.

The price for HIWILL Double Walled Travel Coffee Mug is also very low, since we can buy two of those for the price of one travel mug mentioned at the beginning of our list.

  • Cheap

  • BPA certificate

  • Handy and functional

  • Very easy to scratch the exterior

What are the crucial points when looking for travel mug?

In order to find the right travel mug, you should know what are the most important things regarding this matter. In order to know all the things, we encourage you to read this page: http://www.wikihow.com/Choose-the-Perfect-Travel-Mug or, if you would like to get more knowledge ,carry on with the content we prepared for you. Down below you can find the basics of looking for top rated travel mug uk.


If we don’t want to purchase a product that lasts several month and then it breaks, you should first and foremost read more about the materials used during production process. A lot of manufacturers tend to choose stainless steel as the primal material. However, you can still find ceramic travel mug in uk. Of course we do not claim they are inferior in any way. They all have positive and negative sides. For example, ceramic mugs are very beautiful and tasteful. However, they are very heavy and fragile, making them one of the least functional materials for traveling purposes. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is very durable, resistant to rust, and provides great thermal insulation when combined with such measures like double walls or autoseal technology.


Another element that is very important for durability of the product. When manufacturer is certain that his product can withstand the trial of time, they provide us with long-lasting warranty. We can find 1-year, 5-year warranties, but it is nice to find the lifetime warranty of 50-year warranty. In other words, we receive the warranty for as long as we desire for the product that it won’t lose its thermal attributes and that it won’t leak. Of course we should watch out for warranties that specifically name what kind of issues can be fixed with the use of guarantee. If, for example, we drop our travel mug and it breaks, the warranty is invalid.


As the name suggests, travel mugs need to be portable, so we can take them with us on the trip, to our work, or to school. That is why we should pay attention to its size. Of course the smaller the product is, the more portable it is. Compact travel mugs are very interesting option, but they cannot offer huge capacities. In this case we can hope for 400ml capacity at max, whereas you can purchase a bit bigger ones. 500 ml travel mugs are not as compact as the smaller ones, but they offer much more fluids, which can be more important for some of you. However, we do recommend looking for the biggest ones, since they often lose thermal characteristics quite often.


Innovative technology used for creating insulated travel mug uk makes them much more attractive offer in general. You see, such things as vacuum-insulated system or autoseal technology keeps the temperature the same for hours. It makes the product much more valuable and desirable. Therefore, we should pay attention to these additions as well as double-walls. Another thing that should appeal to our taste is quick button that makes the use of travel mugs very easy. In some cases, we can even find one-handed openings that let us sip our coffee or tea very often without changing its temperature. All these features are commonly available in thermos stainless steel travel mug.

Opinions of others

There are one more thing we should pay our attention to. Travel coffee mug reviews. If you decided to choose one of the mugs, then take a closer look at the comments of other people. See what customers think about this product and make sure that it will serve your purpose, since there are plenty of advantages and advantages that differentiate one travel mug from another.

Summary and conclusion

In general, travel mugs should always fit our own requirements. It means we should name several demands and look for the products that provide us with exact features. Of course it may be difficult at the beginning, but once we take a look at coffee mugs reviews and feedback of other people, we will certainly find the answer on the question which product is better: stainless steel coffee mugs type or other materials. If you don’t want to spend your time on learning about travel mugs, you can always base your choice on us. Our knowledge and experience let us create this article and all the information included in here will serve its purpose.


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