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Any activity involving outdoor travel such as camping or hiking requires proper accessories, and a Vango sleeping bag is one of the most crucial and convenient gear for such purposes. Choosing the correct sleeping bag is essential and Vango is one of the pioneers in this regard. The range of sleeping bags under this label is designed to provide the utmost comfort that includes different features as per your needs.

Performance is measured by how well the bag maintains insulation, which in turn depends on the design, filling and construction. Vango has years of experience when it comes to camping related products such as sleeping bags and tents. Safety and reliability is the top priority for the company, which is why Vango has remained at the forefront of product innovation and design that fulfils requirements of campers, mountaineers, climbers and walkers. So if you have purchased a Vango sleeping bag for your next trip, it is the best possible investment that will last for a long time.

  • Vango Latitude 400
  • Vango Aurora Double
  • Vango Nitestar 250
  • Vango Venom 600
  • Vango Ultralight Pro 300
Vango Latitude 400 Check latest prize

The Vango Latitude 400 is a four season sleeping bag designed for those who love to go on adventure trips and expeditions that may experience cold weather. This Vango latitude sleeping bag is incorporated with the Thermal Embrace System that works to maximise insulation by using the aluminised reflective lining to reflect heat back to the user The stitching is offset so cold spots don’t form at the stitch lines and the layers are separated using an interlining layer to stop the fill snagging or lumping in the bag. A versatile two-way zip is used to seal in warmth or provide ventilation and can be easily used from inside the bag. The Vango latitude sleeping bag has an insulated adjustable shoulder baffle that stops any heat escaping from the top, while an adjustable cord tightens or loosens it to increase both comfort and heat retention. The auto-lock feature cleverly prevents the bag from opening when moving around during the night.


  • Mix of hollow and multi-channel fibres that wick moisture, regulates temperature and provides effective insulation
  • 3D hood with multi-cord closure – structured hood design keeps the head and shoulders warmer during the night.
  • Internal pocket – provides convenient storage for small items
  • Arrow Foot – shaped foot area allowing feet to relax into their natural position
Vango Aurora Double Check latest prize

As is clear from the name, Vango Aurora double sleeping bags can keep two campers comfortable and guarantee a good night’s rest. It uses offset double layer construction to ensure that the warmth generated by your body doesn’t escape out through the bag. The flat, extended head area keeps you cosy, with bulkier insulation around the opening. The Vango Aurora double sleeping bags come with their own convenient matching carry bag, and two matching pillowcases.


  • Insulated zip baffle for retaining heat within the sleeping bag and reduces cold spots
  • Single hole siliconised hollow fibre insulation – enhances durability and lofting potential for extra warmth.
  • Woven zip puller – allows quick and easy operation of the zip.
  • Quilted stitching holds the insulating fibre in place for a warm and even distribution across the body
Vango Nitestar 250 Check latest prize

A Vango 3 season sleeping bag is meant for use from early spring to late autumn, and during mild winter, and the Vango Nitestar 250 perfectly fulfils the criteria. The range has a 3D hood which is tailored to fit the user to provide extra warmth making this an ideal sleeping bag for first time campers, festival goers, scouts, guides, etc. It has both durability and value for money – the design is exceptional with advanced features.


  • Better and warmth are provided by the off set double layer construction.
  • Hanging Loops at the foot of the bag for airing and drying.
  • Two-way auto-lock zip – seals in warmth and provides adjustable ventilation.
  • Mummy shaped Vango 3 season sleeping bag reduces pack size due to tapering from shoulders to foot, while improving thermal efficiency.
Vango Venom 600 Check latest prize

Highly-compressible and super-warm, the popular Vango Venom sleeping bag has been updated to create a fully-featured down version. Featuring a 700 fill down core for maximum warmth and minimal weight, the Venom 300 is a season favourite which has a box construction. This means that the baffles which hold the down in place are sewn to the shell and liner to separate the two and reduce cold spots to create a very warm sleeping bag.


  • The Vango Venom sleeping bag has a half-length zip – reduces weight whilst still providing easy access and ample ventilation.
  • 30D mini-ripstop nylon shell – lightweight and soft to the touch, this breathable layer has a water-resistant finish to keep condensation on the outside of the shell to protect the insulated core.
  • Omega Shaping – positions zips and seams in the bottom half of the bag to increase heat retention and comfort.
Vango Ultralight Pro 300 Check latest prize

Vango Ultralite sleeping bags are meant for long distance backpackers and expeditioners – it features a lightweight design in a small pack size without compromising on warmth. The new off-set double construction keeps cold spots at bay to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.


  • Insulite insulation – extremely compressible and durable with lightweight filling.
  • Supersoft mini-ripstop nylon lining that feels warm and comfortable against the body.
  • “Thermal Embrace” features an elasticised thread in the inner fabric so the bag gently hugs the body.
  • Anti-catch piping prevents the zip from snagging on the lining.
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