best walking boots under 50

Appropriate walking boots are important for any backpacker. Such boots should be comfortable to wear and should protect the hiker’s feet. This article is a review of the best walking boots under 50, and it includes some extra information to help you purchase the correct pair.

Choosing the Correct Walking Boots

The wrong size and fit of walking boots may result in the blistering or the development of calluses on your feet. Choosing the appropriate pair of boots is not simple, but with the tips below, you can find it easier.


  • Get the Correct Size

    The boots you buy should be of the same size in terms of length and width of your feet. The correct size is the determinant of whether the shoes will be comfortable and how kind they will be when worn.

    Moreover, you should consider the shape of the boot in comparison with your feet. A person with Morton’s toe might not be comfortable wearing the pair of boots shaped for a square foot. To ensure that you get the right shape, ask for advice from the attendants at the store. The knowledge of fitting the correct size and shape of shoes would have been very useful when I ordered my first pair of boots online. The boots I bought were for someone with slim rather than flat feet, and they ended up fitting my feet too tightly at the sides. Nowadays, I indicate both the length and width of my feet before picking a size.

  • Waterproofness

    Hiking might lead you to different terrains, some filled with muddy puddles and streams and you might even find yourself in wet weather. You should, therefore, ensure that the boots you buy are watertight to protect your feet from wet puddles.

    However, some shoes may not be absolutely waterproof because the upper sole has to allow some breathing area. Leather boots are the most watertight.

  • The Material

    The material the walking boots are made of determines their weight, water tightness, and durability. Given leather boots, for example, you get a pair that is durable and watertight, but also one that is heavy and cannot be used to walk long distances. Synthetic boots are lighter and more comfortable, but they might be less watertight and durable.

    To pick the correct material, look at your needs and see what you are willing to compromise.

Advantages of Walking Boots

Here are the reasons why you should buy yourself a pair of boots:

  • The Tread

    When on the trail, you require shoes that are firm to prevent slipping on an uneven or slippery ground. Walking boots offer this grip through the treads that are found on the soles.

  • Support and Stiffness

    Unlike other generic footwear like tennis shoes, walking boots offer support to any luggage that you might be carrying, which is typical in most hiking trips. They also have a stiffness that is necessary to prevent slipping in uneven terrains.

  • Watertightness

    An ideal pair of walking should be waterproof as this ensures that, when you step into muddy puddles or when the weather gets wet, your feet remain dry.

How to choose best walking boots under 50

The Reviews of best walking boots under 50 in UK

The list below is a review of the best walking boots under 50 pounds with their features, pros, and cons explained to help you make the most appropriate choices.

Karrimor Men’s Bodmin Mid Iv Weathertite High Rise Hiking Boots – Review

best walking boots under 50 uk

These are leather walking boots that have a Dyna grip outsole, an inner synthetic layer, and a standard footbed. They come in three colors; dark brown, black, and navy blue. They are among the best walking boots under 50 UK because of the merits highlighted below:

  • They are waterproof, which is one reason for making them appear in the list of best walking boots under 50. The outer material of this boot is leather, which is a naturally watertight material and you can walk through shallow puddles and not get your feet wet
  • The inner layer is synthetic, and this makes the boot comfortable to walk in, especially when won with good quality socks
  • The blend of the Phylon midsole and the Dyna grip outer sole offers support to walk on different terrainss

  • The soles on these shoes are durable and don’t wear out easily as they are made of rubber, a durable material

  • These boots give you value for your money because you buy them at a relatively cheaper price and they will last for long before giving in

  • They are not completely waterproof and wearing them for a lengthy period in water may release some moisture into the boot

  • The inner lining may come out after a while in some situations

  • You also need to wear the shoes for some time before using them to walk long distances

Mens Terrain Lace Up Premium Leather Upper Waterproof Walking Hiking Trekking Boot – Review

best walking boots under 50 reviews

These are leather walking boots with a heel standing at 2 inches and a breathable membrane. You can pick the boots from an array of colors, including black, brown, tan, black hunter2, and navy hunter2. It makes it to the best walking boots under 50 reviews because of the following advantages:

  • These boots are waterproof, which ensures that your feet stay dry no matter how wet the ground or weather is
  • Another good feature of these boots is their breathable upper membrane that ensures that your feet don’t get stuffy
  • They are also quite comfortable, especially when worn with the right pair of socks
  • The ankle and achilles support is good, allowing you to carry weighty backpacks without compromising your balance
  • They are also durable and a value for your money since they will be good to use for a long period
  • The sturdy tread sole ensures you stay balanced on uneven terrain
  • It takes a while before you go hiking with the boots. You have to break them first
  • They are relatively heavier than other brands, hence best used when backpacking.

Hi-Tec Men’s Eurotrek Iii Waterproof High Rise Hiking Boots – Review

Why that product is known as best walking boots under 50 - review

Next on the best walking boots under 50 review UK list are these are waterproof high-rise leather boots with inner material made of textile. The heel height is 1 inch, and the closure technique is lace-up. They are available in 3 colors; dark brown, dark chocolate, and black.

  • They are easy to break in, ensuring that you can start trekking in them as soon as possible
  • These boots are completely waterproof, ensuring that your feet stay dry in whatever terrain you are trekking
  • The breathable technology, enabled by the breathable membrane, ensures that your feet don’t get stuffy
  • The collar on them ensures that your feet and body weight get the amount of support required
  • The laces are secured using lace-pulls, and this makes it more secure to the foot of the wearer without necessarily being tight
  • Another advantage of these boots is its outer soles that have minimum depth. This ensures that you get the grip required on the ground without collecting excessive dirt as is typical of outer soles with deep depths
  • The boots have low ankles that make them suitable for warmer months
  • Leather is easily affected by changes in temperature, and this, at times, leads to its shrinkage, making the boots a tad uncomfortable

Karrimor Men’s Hot Rock Weathertite Extreme Waterproof Trekking Walking Boots

how to choose best hiking boots under 50

These are aesthetically-appealing watertight lace up boots that come in black and blue. Their heel and ankle are padded, and the sole and upper parts are synthetic. The advantages and disadvantages of the trekking boots are as highlighted below.

  • They are aesthetically-appealing pair of boots, made so by the creative combination of synthetic, rubber, and textile materials
  • To ensure that your feet neither stink nor get stuffy, these boots have been made breathable on the upper section and on the sides
  • Another advantage is that they are high-rise boots and this gives your feet support while ensuring that the weather tightness is ankle-high
  • They are waterproof, ensuring that your feet stay dry if you walk through wet puddles and during the rainy season
  • Breaking in these boots is not difficult and does not take time. Their form is appropriate for all shoe shapes
  • You get value for your money with these boots as they are cost-effective and fairly durable
  • The boots are not completely waterproof and staying in wet conditions for a while may get your feet absolutely soaked
  • These boots might not be appropriate for heavy-duty use like backpacking
  • The stitching is also not of the greatest quality, making its deterioration quick

Regatta Men’s Gatlin Mid High Rise Hiking Boots

best walking boots under 50 - review

Making it to the best walking boots under 50 UK is the Regatta Men’s Gatlin Mid High Rise Hiking Boots. They are available in two hues- gray and blue and are made from synthetic material.

  • Their lace-up technique ensures that the boots are fastened securely, hence providing support to the feet
  • They are waterproof, ensuring that your feet stay dry during all the seasons

  • The synthetic material from which these boots are made makes them very comfortable to walk in
  • They are light, making them appropriate for relatively lengthy hikes
  • Easy to break in and fit, ensuring that you can start trekking in them within a short period
  • Give you value for your money due to their relatively low cost and the fact that they are quite durable
  • They are not entirely waterproof
  • The insoles on these boots are not thick enough to protect the wearer’s feet from stones on the ground
  • They are more appropriate for light trekking rather than heavy-duty backpacking

Conclusion of best walking boots under 50 in UK – reviews

Choosing the correct pair of walking boots is important for anyone intending to go backpacking or trekking. The boots you pick should be a perfect fit, waterproof, comfortable, supportive, and durable.

Among the best walking boots under 50 reviews, the Karrimor Men’s Bodmin Mid IV Weathertite High Rise Hiking Boots is recommended as it can be used for relatively long distances in different weather conditions. Its outsoles, ankle-length feature, insoles, and laces ensure that you get the appropriate support, whatever the weight of what you are carrying. These boots are also quite comfortable and very durable.