The Best Walking Boots For Wide Feet

Best Walking Boots For Wide Feet


When you are walking, you need comfortable shoes to ensure you don’t suffer any leg pain or shoe bites. Boots are one of the most comfortable footwear for walking. You can wear boots with almost any type of clothing. The right pair of boots can make your regular attire look stylish in no time.

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Do You Know The Different Types Of Boots?

There are a number of types and styles of boots for you to choose from, based on your needs. Here are some details of different types of boots, to aid your selection process:

Hiking Shoes – Planning for a short hike or backpacking trip? These shoes could be just right with their mid to high cut models. They are suitable only for such short trips with light loads because of the lack of extensive support and durability, which is a requirement for long treks/hikes.

Backpacking Boots– If you are planning to go on longer treks or hikes that spans over multiple days and requires you to carry heavier loads, then these boots could be a good choice. This model has a high cut that fits around your ankle, thereby giving good support that’s needed for such long trips. The midsoles are stiffer and the shoes are more durable and lighter, thus making it very comfortable for such purposes.

How To Choose The Right Boots?

Here are some tips to pick the best walking boots for wide feet.

Weight – One of the foremost considerations to be made when you select boots is the weight. When they are too heavy, it makes it difficult for you to walk long distances or hike. One may not notice it initially, but as you cover more distance, the weight will start wearing you down.

Material – Like with any other shoes, you need to choose the material for your boots carefully. Boots are not used for casual purposes; hence a flimsy or light material will not suffice. The material must be thick and sturdy, so that it does not tear easily. There are various materials used in the making of boots. Here is a brief on all of the commonly used materials

  • Full grain leather – This material offers very good durability and is highly abrasion resistant
  • Split-grain leather – This material is paired with nylon and nylon mesh which brings down the weight of the boots
  • Nubuck leather – This is a full grain leather that has been buffed up to look like suede
  • Synthetics – Synthetic leathers such as polyester and nylon are used. These are lighter both on your pocket and feet
  • Waterproof membrane – The upper part is made of waterproof membrane to keep the feet dry
  • Vegan – Even boots are made for Vegans
  • Insulation – Some synthetic insulation is added to keep the feet warm

Waterproof – Boots are made for rough uses. One cannot afford to have their feet soaking wet when they are trekking or hiking. Hence the boots must be made of water proof material.

Insulation – Proper insulation ensures your feet don’t sweat too much and increase the heat when they are used extensively. When you are walking long distances or are hiking, if your feet start heating up, it will increase the temperature of your body, and makes it difficult to carry on with your activity.

Soles – Check the soles for the grip. Different shoes and boots have different soles. Choose a sole with enough grooves for better grip and superior traction. This ensures you do not slip and fall while walking on or climbing smooth or slippery surfaces. The wider the lugs are placed, better is the traction offered.

Midsoles – This part is what determines the stiffness of the boots and protects the feet from shock and injury. Though stiff boots may seem uncomfortable, when you are going for a trek or a hike, you need good support that will prevent your feet from getting injured or ankles from twisting.

Shanks – These are 3-5mm thick. They are inserted between the mid sole and the outsole for added firmness and support while.

Product Review

When you have wide feet, selecting the right pair of boots is more complicated. In order to make it easier for you to shop, we have reviewed five of the best boots for you. This includes the best walking boots for wide feet as well as best hiking boots for wide feet.

Keen Targhee Ii Mid Wp High Rise Hiking Shoes

best High Rise Hiking Shoes

These waterproof hiking boots, specifically designed for men are one of the best boots for wide feet. They are designed in such a way that the wearer does not need much time to break in to the boots and can comfortably use it for both walking and hiking. These are simply one of the best extra wide hiking boots, highly ranked by consumers.

  • Made of nubuk leather, these boots offer class and style for the wearer in addition to supreme comfort

  • The waterproof, breathable membrane ensures your feet don’t get wet or sweat too much when worn for a long period of time

  • The leather on the outside makes the boots sturdy and long lasting

  • The mesh inner material allows your feet to breathe

  • The gum rubber soles offer very good grip that enables you to walk on uneven terrains

  • Being high rise, may not be convenient for those who like some room around their ankles, to move them around freely

LOWA Boots Renegade Gtx Mid Rise Hiking Boots

best hiking boots for wide feet UK

Looking for a comfortable mid rise hiking boots for your wide feet? These could simply be one of the best hiking boots for wide feet UK can offer. Made of leather on the outside and a PU monowrap frame midsole, these boots can offer your feet a good support when you are hiking or walking on uneven terrains.

  • The leather on the outside offers the boots the style and durability one may expect from such boots

  • The inner material is manmade, making it very comfortable and breathable. This prevents feet from sweating badly

  • The midsole material offers sturdiness and durability

  • The gum rubber soles ensures better grip and safety while trekking off course or on hikes

  • The lack of heel may cause aches for some. Without an arch, footwear can be uncomfortable when used for a long period of time.

  • The full leather material does not provide any room for breathing or ventilation, which may cause your feet to heat up while using them extensively

Merrell Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Why that product is known as Waterproof Hiking Boots

These boots designed for men, can be used in any weather condition. Whether it is too warm or wet outside, these boots are designed to ensure comfort. The boots are designed for light hiking, and walking. The mid rise offers enough support for such activities, without restricting the movement of your ankles.

  • The removable foot beds allow you to remove them as and when you want. This makes it very convenient and comfortable as you can insert the beds while using the boots for a long period of time

  • Your toes are well protected by the synthetic leather toe bumpers

  • The compression molded soles not only offer durability but also provides good support and cushioning for the feet

  • The AEGIS antimicrobial technology used to treat the linings will help keep the odor at bay

  • These boots are not waterproof, hence do not keep your feet dry at all times

  • The soles tend to split away from the shoes on the upper sole

  • The shoes do not have enough ventilation to help your feet breathe

Salomon Women’s X Ultra Mid 2 Gtx High Rise Hiking Boots

how to choose extra wide walking boots

If you have been looking for the best light hiking boots for wide feet, these boots could be your answer. Made of synthetic on the outside and textile on the inside, these boots are pocket friendly and light. These could very well be the extra wide walking boots you are looking for.

  • The reshaped toe bumper could be the answer to your hiking shoes wide toe search

  • The mud guard protects the shoes from dirt and keeps them clean longer

  • The gusseted tongue unlike the mesh ones, keep the dirt and dust at bay

  • The advanced chassis feature offers better comfort and support when used on rough terrains

  • The mid rise offers good ankle support for light trekking and walking

  • The textile lining on the inside prevents any abrasion and dries your feet quickly

  • The protective heel cap ensures the safety of your heel and offers more stability. These could easily be the best boots for overpronation

  • Being made of synthetic, these boots may not last very long

  • The lack of mesh on top reduces the ventilation for your feet

  • The flat heel model may not be very comfortable for many when used for a long period of time

Berghaus Women’s Expeditor AQ Ridge Boot

best light hiking boots for wide feet

These rugged looking boots made of leather on the outside and manmade material on the inside can be both comfortable and stylish for women. They can be worn all day and used for a number of activities as they are durable and sturdy. Looking for the best light hiking boots for wide feet, this could be the one you are looking for.

  • The full grain leather exterior offers enough support and durability

  • The AQ waterproof lining keeps your feet dry in all conditions

  • The outer sole is designed for stability and can be used on different terrains

  • They are very light on your feet

  • Though it is designed for wide feet, the fit is narrow

  • The finish is not very good, thus making it look cheap after a few uses

  • You may have to buy the next size if you plan to use them with thick socks. This makes it difficult to determine your size

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From the reviews above, it is clear that Keen Targhee II Mid WP is the best option for wide feet. The customers have been very happy with these boots and have no complaints so far. Being sturdy, stylish and comfortable, these boots meet all the general requirements.

Though the LOWA Renegade GTX and Berghaus Expeditor AQ Trek Boots look stylish and comfortable, the Keen Targhee boots win hands down.

The best walking boots for wide feet women’s collection is different from the best walking boots for wide feet men’s collection. Hence what suits your friend may not suit you. This is why one should rely on best walking boots for wide feet reviews, such as the one above. These reviews give you enough insight into the best shoes trending in the market and help you to choose wisely.


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