Best Waterproof Walking Boots

The last thing that you want on a trail is a pair of soggy boots that threaten to ruin your splendid plan for the next 7 days. While hiking sounds just the right thing that you need today, a whole lot of planning goes into making it successful and one of the most important plans to make is investing in the best waterproof walking boots. However, which one should you ideally buy? Let us help you find out!

Choosing The Right Pair Of Waterproof Walking Boots

It is needless to say that the kind of boot you decide to choose completely depends on the kind of activity that you are planning to undertake. However, with a whole bunch of websites trying to sell you the best waterproof hiking boots or the best waterproof walking boots, you are certainly spoilt for choice. To be honest, you are left puzzled and that eventually leads you to make the wrong choice. Where could you find the best waterproof walking boots reviews?

We will try out best to help you make the right choice. There are a few factors that you should bear in mind while picking the right pair of boots. They are:

  • Comfort
  • Water resistance
  • Stability
  • Weight
  • Traction
  • Durability


Comfort is of prime significance when it comes to walking shoes. Lightweight waterproof walking boots are recommended for people who do not want their boots to add to their weight while hiking. There are a few questions that you should ask yourself while buying walking boots:

  • Do your feet feel good inside the boots?
  • Do your toes have enough room to wiggle?
  • Do your shoes make you uncomfortable when you are laced up?
  • Is there a possibility of ankle soreness after walking a few miles?
  • Are your ankles stable?
  • Is the lacing system convenient? Will it require you to take frequent breaks to re-tie them? Are the lacing eyelets easily manageable?
  • Are your boots breathable?
  • Could your boots make your feet too sweaty in summers? Could they be too cold or wet in the winters?
  • What kind of breathability will suit your type of activity?

These questions could help refine your search list and give you a certain direction to follow henceforth.

Water Resistance

Needless to say, activities like hiking, trekking, long trails need your boots to be water resistant and warm. The best waterproof walking boots should ideally have waterproof membrane linings that help to keep the water out and be resistant to the elements of Nature. Shoes with Gore-Tex waterproofing technology tend to have the best breathability and waterproofing.


Walking up a trail with heavy boots is probably the last thing you need. The heavier your boots, the more energy they need to be lugged around. This is precisely why we recommend you to buy boots that are not only waterproof but also lightweight while meeting your support and stability needs.


The traction of a boot is decided by the terrain and the type of hiking you will be involved in. Boots that have good footing and a good grip reduces your chances of injuring yourself. The function of the best waterproof walking boots is to keep your feet vertical instead of horizontal.


Ankle stability plays a major role in deciding walking or hiking boots. Boots of medium height and full cut reduce the likelihood of an injury. The taller the ankle collar of your hiking boots, the safer they are for your feet. If your feet are ankles are well-supported and well-protected during a hike, your feet will not end up tired and achy after longer trails.


Since hiking boots are looked upon an investment, it is important to find a pair that can last quite a few trips before they show signs of wear and tear. Yet another thing to remember is that you can improve the life span of your hiking boots by looking after them and caring for them.

Looking After Your Hiking Boots: A Few Simple Steps

  1. Use a soft bristle brush and warm water to clean your boots and dry them out slowly in direct sunlight.
  2. A seam sealer can add to the durability of your hiking boots and also keep dirt, water and grit at bay.
  3. Using a beeswax-based waterproofing for your boots is not convenient but also quite affordable and will keep your boots in optimal condition for longer.

Best Waterproof Walking Boots Reviews

Berghaus Men’s Hillmaster 2 GTX Boot: For Optimal Comfort

Best Waterproof Walking Boots

Lightweight waterproof walking boots are hard to find because there are too many products claiming to be so but never quite making the mark. This is more reason to try the Berghaus Men’s Hillmaster 2 GTX Boot that is ideal for walking on hills and valleys. These boots feature GORE-TEX technology that give you the best-in-class performance while also having an anti-clogging outsole and a midsole to absorb maximum shock so that you can walk on any given terrain.

It also used pittards super soft leather that makes them absolutely comfortable to walk in. With a cushioned foot bed, these shoes spell comfort in any challenging weather or terrain. They are lightweight and durable and could be perfect for your upcoming outdoor adventure.

  • GORE-TEX technology enhances waterproofing.

  • Efficient absorption of shock by the midsole.

  • The soft leather makes the boots very comfortable to walk in.

  • Lightweight

  • Quite durable

  • The boots could feel slippery on wet pathways made of stone

Men’s INUVIK Fully Waterproof Lace Up Walking/Hiking Boot: Budget Walking Boots

best Budget Walking Boots

When you go looking for the best waterproof walking boots UK, you get a plethora of choices to take your pick. However, among all the others that claim to be the best, Men’s Northwest INUVIK has quite the potential to become your favourite. The boots are fully waterproof, thus keeping the elements of Nature at bay. The leather is of soft quality and effectively resists scuffing. The sole grips on to wet surfaces really well and they are capable of supporting your ankles if they happen to be weak. They could also feature in the list of the best budget walking boots for UK, if there is a voting of sorts.

  • Fully waterproof walking boots.

  • Made of soft quality leather that resists wear and tear.

  • Sturdy sole that keeps you safe on wet surfaces and terrains.

  • Some users are not quite happy with the size because it seems to be too large for people with smaller foot sizes.

Merrell Men’s Moab Mid Gore-Tex High Rise Hiking Boots: For Lighter Boots

Why that product is known as Best Waterproof walking boots

You need good traction in the peak of summers and that is what the Merrell Men’s Moab Gore-Tex boots could give you. With Gore-Tex technology, they could very well be the best lightweight waterproof walking boots. These boots feature dura leather and mesh upper and will keep your feet dry and cool over extended period of time.

The boots are all about comfort. The heels absorb shock effectively and add much-required stability to your ankles. The cushioned midsole adds to the comfort of your feet. The boots are designed to  keep your feet smelling fresher for longer.

  • GORE-TEX technology keeps the boots waterproof.

  • Feet smell fresher for longer

  • High on comfort with cushioned midsole and shock-absorbing heels.

  • The laces of the boots could be difficult to use.

Karrimor Orkney III Weatherlite Men’s Trekking and Hiking Shoes: For Ultimate comfort

how to choose best Ultimate comfort Waterproof Walking Boots

A number of waterproof walking boots men’s reviews will vouch for the Karrimor Orkney III Weatherlite Men’s Trekking and Hiking shoes and so will we. This is because of the exclusive waterproof and breathable lining that the boots feature. Made of full-grain leather uppers, these are highly comfortable for those long and tiring terrain walks.

The breathable membranes in the sole keep water from entering the boots while also allowing your feet to breathe. Your feet are left dry and comfortable. The boots are also designed to be extremely light and twice as breathable as its counterparts.

  • Highly comfortable boots owing to the material they are made of

  • Lightweight and suitable for longer treks

  • Keeps your feet dry and comfortable

  • Highly breathable lining lets your feet breathe well

  • The fit and shape last longer

  • The outsoles provide a good grip

  • Some users are of the opinion that these boots are not too comfortable for people with wider feet

LOWA Renegade GTX LO Ws Navy Beere: When strength meets design

Best Waterproof Walking Boots

There are not too many products when it comes to women’s lightweight waterproof hiking boots because hiking boots are mostly unisex. However, LOWA Renegade GTX LO is ideal for the tough woman who chooses to head out for a hike instead of partying over the weekend. These shoes are stable and robust and are quite durable owing to the nubuck leather and fabric upper. These also feature GORE-TEX textile lining that keeps them waterproof and still quite breathable.

These shoes are quite versatile and can be used for a number of outdoor activities. They will keep your feet pleasantly dry and warm. With Climate control insoles, these shoes are designed to provide comfort all through the day. The shoes also feature a joint-stabilizing element that provides best-in-class support for a wide range of activities. The traditional lace-up system gives your feet a secure grip. The insole is removable and is cushioned enough to keep your feet comfortable for longer. These women’s leather hiking boots offer superior traction along with noticeable stability.

  • Great support and stability

  • Versatile in function and supports a wide range of activities

  • Insole is removable and absorbs a good amount of shock

  • Waterproof and lightweight

  • Keep your feet pleasantly dry and warm

  • The traditional lace-up might not be comfortable for all

Concluding Thoughts

Considering the fact that we have comfort, weight, waterproofing, budget and durability on mind while choosing the best waterproof walking boots, the Hillmaster 2 GTX seems to march ahead in most of the categories and also happens to be the best budget walking boots among the lot. The best feature of these boots is the fact that they can be used for a number of activities like hiking, walking, trekking as well as backpacking that gives you the benefit of not needing to invest in more than one pair. The material happens to last long, is comfortable to carry and does not add to your weight during the trail at all. Here’s hoping that it enlivens your next hiking trip with your best friends!