Wild Country Tents

Reviewing The Best Wild Country Tents For Warm And Safe Expeditions

While you search for the perfect mountaineering tent, you might come across the brand named Wild Country tents. Everybody out there seems to have a lot of things to say about this brand and its features that make it apt for your expeditions. You would often wonder, “Are Wild Country tents any good” or are these simply additions to the publicity gimmick.

If you are here to ask me, trust this article to transform the way you look at mountaineering tents. I have been an avid adventurer and an expedition climber would always have a number of stories to tell you. One of these would be the experience of expedition climbing in Alaska with Wild Country tents. Regular expedition climbers encounter extreme weather conditions. This is exactly why they need mountaineering tents that can withstand strong winds, rough handling, snow and rain. Read more to find out how Wild Country tents are your best bet!

Are Wild Country Camping Tents Weather Resistant?

Wild Country camping tents are made of Terra Nova equipment that offer a combination of durability, simplicity and functionality. The best feature that I loved about them is that they are not only perfectly equipped to be used by outdoor enthusiasts but also by family campers and novices. Now considering the fact that these are basically mountaineering tents, their weather resistance technology is of prime importance.

These tents are mostly used for climbing expeditions to Everest and the Himalayas because of their ability to handle rough weather. They can handle the worst weather conditions that include high winds, heavy rain and snow. With rainflies, hooded vents and bathtub floors, these tents are apt for as unfavorable weather as you could possibly think of.

I would give it a rating of 4.5 on a scale of 5.

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Will You Need Wild Country Tent Spares?

Wild country tents are the technical versions of the Terra Nova brand. They are designed to be highly durable, given the fact that weather resilience is one of their primary features. While you will also get Wild Country tent spares on a number of online outdoor gear sites as well as the Terra Nova official website, you might not need spares at all!

From what I have understood about the brand, it can withstand abuses of all kind. Most of these tents come along with ground sheets to save the fabric from abrasion. In an untoward situation, if you do need spare part replacement, replacing a tarp is quite cheap if it wears it. These tents also come along with aluminum rod stakes that enhance their durability. However, you could enhance the durability even further by using wild-flange plastic stakes and log or galvanized spikes.

As far as durability is concerned, I would rate it a 4 on a scale of 5.

Are Wild Country Great Outdoors Tents?

Wild Country tents are specifically designed for outdoor usage. For all of you who have been looking for sturdy, durable and reasonably-priced tents, Wild country will never disappoint you. So, are Wild Country great outdoors tents? Of course they are and much more than that!

  • Double doors

You can enter and exit these tents on the downwind side because they have doors on each side of the tent. This prevents wind from blowing in snow or rain inside the tent when the door is opened.

  • Tiedowns

For a tent to be good for outdoor camping or expeditions, this is a quintessential feature. In these tents, there are Tiedowns at the lower, middle as well as at the top of the rain fly. This helps you to securely nail down the tent in high-wind conditions.

  • Bath tub floor

For an outdoor tent, being waterproof is a must. The floor fabric of Wild Country tents extend a little up the sidewalls and make them truly waterproof.

  • Rainfly

Wild Country tents have full-length rainflies that reach the ground and prevent rain and snow blowing in to your tent.

  • Mesh Sleeves

These tents have mesh sleeves that help in wicking the moisture away from the tent body.

  • Other Conveniences

The other additional features like aluminum poles, inner pockets and hanging loops enhance convenience of usage.

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Reviewing MSR Mountain Tents

While discussing mountain tents, I could not possibly leave out MSR tents that are highly popular among backpackers and campers. MSR Mountain tents are popular for the ease that they offer in your camping adventures. The kind of shelter that you receive is one of its most significant points of repute.

Most of these tents are lightweight that make them ideal for backpacking. They also provide ample amount of sleeping space and are as easy to dissemble as they are to assemble.

They are weather resilient and will provide you warm shelter in the face of wind and rain. They are made of durable materials that will keep your camping adventures going strong without investing in a second tent.


  • Weather resistant

    These tents will provide substantial protection from the elements of weather.

  • Lightweight

    MSR tents are lightweight and perfectly suited for backpackers and light campers.

  • Durable

    You can expect these tents to last long without any trouble.

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  • Difficult to set up

    Some of these tents have insufficient stakes that make the tents difficult to set up.

  • Condensation collection

    Some of the single walled tents do experience condensation collection that makes camping at night slightly uncomfortable.

Find some of the best Wild Country Tents UK Listed Below

1. How good is the Wild Country 1 Man Tent?

Wild Country Zephyros 1 Tent

Wild Country Zephyros 1 Tent

When you are on the hunt for a Wild country 1 man tent, you will have to consider the Zephyros 1 Tent. If you love traveling light and are conscious of how far you can stretch your budget, then this is what you should get.  It is a lightweight, weatherproof and reliable piece of outdoor gear to amplify your camping experiences.

Wild Country Zephyros 1 Tent 2


  • Weather resistant

    The Zephyros 1 tent is perfect to be used for 3 seasons. There is no dripping or condensation within the inner tent which is a great advantage.

  • Warm shelter

    In the face of wind and rain, this tent adds a good 5-10 degrees of warmth to keep you feeling comfortable throughout.

  • Perfect for backpacking

    Considering the fact that it is lightweight and easy to set up, it is apt for your single backpacking adventures.

  • Loads of space

    Despite the fact that it is a one man tent, it provides ample amount of space for a single camper or backpacker.

Wild Country Zephyros 1 Tent 3

2. Should you buy the Wild Country 2 Man tent?

Wild Country Trisar 2

In the midst of a number of two-person tents, the Wild country 2 man tent, Trisar 2 far outshines the rest. With ease of putting it up and down, it scores a couple of points more than its competitors. It is otherwise known as a semi geodesic tent. While providing additional stability and protection from the elements, it is ideal for camping on lesser firm grounds.


  • Use all year round

    This 2 man tent is ideal to be used all year round because of its usability in unfavorable weather conditions.

  • Great ventilation

    The tent has ventilation in the front as well as the back and both the vents can be adjusted. This tent also features a versatile flysheet that can be easily adjusted as per varying weather conditions.

Wild Country Trisar 2 Tent 2
Wild Country Trisar 2 Tent 3

Why should you opt for the Wild Country 3 Man tent?

Wild Country Hoolie 3 Tent

Wild Country Hoolie

The Wild Country 3 Man tent, Hoolie 3 will fascinate you with its weight and pack size. With a larger porch area than its counterparts could claim to have, it is perfect for group use as well as cycle tours.

Wild Country Hoolie 3 Tent 2


  • Easy pitching

    This tent is designed in the form of a tunnel, which makes it quite easy to use.

  • Great ventilation

    This tent has an amazing ventilation system. There are vents under the hoods at each end. Also, the front vent can be adjusted.

  • Highly weatherproof

    The inner tent and the flysheet are attached that makes it ideal to use in wet weather conditions. The flysheet and groundsheet fabrics are fully waterproof and provide complete protection from the elements of weather.

  • Durable

    You can separately buy groundsheet protectors or footprints that can be used with this tent to make it more durable and keep it clean.

Wild Country Hoolie 3 Tent 3

How reliable is the Wild Country 4 Man tent?

Wild Country Etesian 4

If you are a group or family looking for a well-constructed and reliable tent, the Wild Country 4 man tent, Etesian 4 is just the one you should consider. It is designed for your short duration or weekend trips with friends and family. It is designed to make your camping life as easy as it gets.

Wild Country Etesian 4


  • Lightweight

    When I say it is well-constructed, it does not mean that it is bulky in any way. Rather, it is light and sturdy at the same time. You will not need a mob to carry it around on your trips.

  • Freestanding

    The fact that it is freestanding makes it easy for you to move the tent around without bumping into uneven surfaces at the campsite.

  • Weatherproof

    Even with the threat of impending rain, you will enjoy your camping adventure thoroughly. It is designed to keep you dry in wet weather conditions. Even in sultry temperatures, the mesh ventilation helps a good deal to enhance breathability. It also keeps insects at bay.

Wild Country Etesian 4 2
Wild Country Etesian 4 3

Are you looking for cheap Wild Country tents?

Wild Country Coshee 2 Tent

Wild Country Coshee 2

Not everyone can stretch their budget without bounds. For those who are on the hunt for cheap Wild Country tents, do consider the Coshee 2 tent. If you need reliability and quality without compromising on your budget, this is it! This wedge style tent has been tried and tested for great performance.

Wild Country Coshee 2 Tent 2


  • Waterproof

    It is made up of guaranteed waterproof material. The flysheet and ground sheet fabrics are bound to provide you with great protection from the elements of weather.

  • Durable

    This Wild Country tent uses Superflex alloy poles that will provide you with a reliable and strong shelter while also remaining lightweight.

  • Double doors

    This tent features double doors that allow easy entry and exit for both the occupants of the tent.

Wild Country Coshee 2 Tent 3

Summing up the Wild Country Tents review

In this review, I have covered almost all the outdoor tents that could facilitate all your camping expeditions. Whether you are a one man camper or love camping in groups, Wild Country tents have various ranges that are suitable in different conditions. The best features of these tents are the fact that they are sturdy and lightweight while also being weatherproof. They are reasonably priced and have practical designs that you can actually use on camping trips. Trust Wild Country tents to give you the best camping experiences ever!