Best Women’s Hiking Boots
Outdoor activities that don’t require that much intensity and a high burst of energy like hiking are some of the best forms of physical fitness activities for women. And since you hike in nature-surrounded places, you get the added benefit of breathing in fresh air and communing with nature.

Make sure you are up to the challenge of long hours of hike with the help of a trusty pair of hiking boots for women. What makes these boots so ideal for hiking is that they won’t wear out your feet as easily as regular walking boots or shoes. Incorporated with superior traction and reliable paddings, you can go for long hours without suffering from blisters or frozen feet.

There are plenty of hiking boots for women out there but if you are looking for the best one, you came to the right place. Here, we will discuss which products you should get based on your personal preferences.

Benefits of Hiking to Women

Hiking boasts of a plethora of health benefits. But women might find this activity more beneficial for the improvement of their overall health. Here are the ways hiking can boost a woman’s health:

1. It can help improve mood and keep depression at bay.

Many women suffer from depression and mood swings in silence. Hormonal imbalances coupled with a stressful lifestyle can contribute to poor mental health. Regular hiking that allows women to exert more physical effort can help in regulating cortisol hormones in the body and releasing feel-good hormones that can improve mood and alleviate the symptoms of depression. Being surrounded with nature can also have a clearing effect to the mind.

2. It can help in losing or maintaining weight.

Weight gain is something many women contend with on a daily basis, but especially as we get older. Women tend to be more predisposed to weight gain because of the way the body holds on to fats. Couple that up with a sedentary lifestyle and women can easily end up with a few more extra pounds and love handles.  By incorporating fitness activities that are interesting and engaging such as hiking, women can lose their excess or maintain their ideal weight.

3. It improves cardiovascular functions.

Hiking keeps the heart rate up, which is good when it comes to promoting healthier cardiovascular functions. Having a stronger heart means you are more capable of doing anything. You have more stamina to get you through your duties like taking care of children, performing well at work or attending to the needs of your family.

4. Hiking may help in boosting creativity.

Are you experiencing a slump when it comes to your creativity? Are you having a hard time churning out something creative? Take some time off. Go hiking in your favourite trail or mountain and take a breath of fresh air. You will come back feeling refreshed and brimming with ideas.

5. Regular hiking can help in keeping the bones strong.

Women are susceptible to bone loss and diseases like osteoporosis. One way to combat that is by getting sun exposure in the morning and in the afternoon. By getting much-needed outdoor time, you can boost the vitamin D in your body.

Best Hiking Boots for Women Reviews

We found the following hiking boots the best ones out off the rest:

  • GFONE Women’s Unisex Low Rise Hiking Boots
  • Timberland 6 in Premium Women’s High Rise Hiking Boots
  • Northwest Territory Ladies Leather Lightweight Hiking Boots
  • Dek Ladies Women’s Hiking Boots
  • Grisport Unisex Dartmoor GTX Low Rise Hiking Boots

Find out which of these boots is the best for you:

1. GFONE Women’s Unisex Low Rise Hiking Boots

GFONE Women’s Unisex Low Rise Hiking BootsSee details

A good choice for the budget-conscious, this pair of low rise hiking boots surprisingly offers a full spectrum of benefits and features. The exterior features a textile material that is easy to keep clean and maintain. The gum rubber soles are thick but soft enough to offer flexibility. It gives women that added height as well, with its 35 cm of addition heel height.


  • It’s no problem using this when the ground is wet because it has a waterproof synthetic suede exterior.
  • The low rise style is perfect for day hikes. It still provides ample support to the ankles without being too heavy.
  • It’s quite comfortable to use. It has been designed for long hours of walking.
  • This pair of boots is inexpensive and ideal for those people who are on a tight budget.
  • The colour options are great as well.


  • Some said you need to size up if you want more room in your toes.

2. Timberland 6 in Premium Women’s High Rise Hiking Boots

Timberland 6 in Premium Women’s High Rise Hiking BootsSee details

All 6 inches of this pair of boots scream classic style. It is an ideal choice for winter walking and hiking because of its integrated PrimaLoft insulation. You won’t have issues with this when traversing wet grass because of its reliable waterproof construction. All the hardware integrated have been treated with rust proof materials. The collars at the ankle part are completely padded for optimum comfort.


  • Stylish pair of boots that you will be happy to wear even with everyday clothes
  • It has good waterproof features that keep moisture out.
  • This pair of boots also has superior insulation properties that can keep your feet warm.
  • The anti-fatigue design guarantees painless walking on uneven terrains.
  • The shock absorption properties can be relied on as well.


  • It is a premium choice, so it is more expensive than others.

3. Northwest Territory Ladies Leather Lightweight Hiking Boots

Northwest Territory Ladies Leather Lightweight Hiking BootsSee details

Stunning array of colours is what this pair of boots can offer you. Offered in a very affordable price range, you will be hard-pressed not to get it in every colour. One of its more remarkable features is its memory foam insoles that provide the comfort and support your feet needs for those more challenging hikes. The exterior boasts of a strong and durable leather material and the interior boasts of a comfortable textile material.


  • Stylish design. These boots are attractive to look at.
  • They are quite comfortable. You can walk on them for a long time and not feel immediately tired.
  • There is plenty of room for your toes as well.
  • Many said it does have good waterproof features.
  • These are light in weight, thereby eliminating constant fatigue.


  • Some said the soles and the laces are stiff and can require some breaking in.  

4. Dek Ladies Women’s Hiking Boots

Dek Ladies Women’s Hiking BootsSee details

We pick this pair of hiking boots as the boots that you can also use for everyday wear. So, whether you need something for hiking or for walking the dog, this pair of boots can still be relied on. The outer material is a synthetic blend that won’t succumb to wear and tear easily. The soles are made from PVC materials for more superior grip.


  • These boots are inexpensive but good quality.
  • The waterproof functions work. No water can leak in.
  • These boots are quite lightweight. You won’t feel tired easily when using them for long treks and hikes.
  • Many customers say these boots are comfortable to use. They did not suffer from fatigue after prolonged walking.
  • Great fit.


  • Some said it is a bit shorter than they preferred.

5. Grisport Unisex Dartmoor GTX Low Rise Hiking Boots

Grisport Unisex Dartmoor GTX Low Rise Hiking BootsSee details

Add this to your list of choices. This genuine leather pair of boots won’t fail you no matter what the road conditions are. Being a redesign of the famous Dartmoor shoe, you can bet that this one has been loaded with more features. It has been equipped with good insulation properties coupled with a breathable interior. You won’t suffer from sweaty feet. The midsoles are also made from polyurethane materials that are light in weight. Don’t worry about accidentally slipping because you can rely on its non-slip rubber sole to keep you safe.


  • These boots look heavy at first glance, but they are actually not. They are easy to walk on even on loose soil.
  • The quality is superb. It doesn’t wear out easily.
  • Moisture won’t get in your boots easily.
  • People with wide feet also said these boots are great for them.


  • The exterior might require more rigorous care and maintenance.

Which One Should You Get?

Affordable Choice: GFONE Women’s Unisex Low Rise Hiking Boots. No budget? No problem. This pair of boots is a fitting choice even for people on a tight budget. Despite its low price, it still boasts of upscale features such as superior comfort and amazing style.

Great for Winter Use: Timberland 6 in Premium Women’s High Rise Hiking Boots. Reserve these boots for winter walking and hiking as it has been designed to protect your feet from the cold. It has comfortable interiors that will ensure you can walk for hours without suffering from extreme fatigue.

More Colour Choices: Northwest Territory Ladies Leather Lightweight Hiking Boots. Do you want a pair of boots with more colour choices? Try these ones. You can choose from different styles and colour options that would work for your wardrobe.

Good Value: Dek Ladies Women’s Hiking Boots. Get these boots if you want something that can also double as an everyday pair of walking shoes. They are easy to use and feel light on the feet. They are inexpensive as well, making them a value for your money.

High-Quality: Grisport Unisex Dartmoor GTX Low Rise Hiking Boots. If you are not one to shy away from extra maintenance steps, try this pair of boots. It is durable and has weather-proof features but has a superior quality that makes this last for a long time.

Tips in Buying the Best Hiking Boots for Women

The best tool you can rely on in order to enjoy your hiking experience is a pair of hiking boots. Those blisters aren’t going to make the experience fun for you, so make sure you stay away from them by choosing boots that fit you well. Additionally, here are some tips that can help you find the best hiking boots for women:

1. Look for a style you like.

Start with a style. Most hiking books look the same, but they can differ when it comes to exterior material, style of laces, soles and colours. Take into account your own personal preferences. You can choose from different colours to express your style or opt for something with a neutral colour to ensure that it will match with all the outdoor clothes you have in your wardrobe.

2. Choose those with good ankle support.

Expect to encounter slippery slopes and terrains, muddy grounds and wet grass. You would want your hiking boots to have ample ankle support, so you can traverse these roads without worrying that your ankles will give out.

3. Traction is important.

Injuries due to slips and falls are common when hiking. One way to avoid that is by choosing hiking boots that have deep grooves at the soles for better traction. There are various technologies available today when it comes to increased grip, so make sure you watch out for those boots that can provide these technologies.

4. Breathable interiors and waterproof lining can come handy.

Heat can seep inside the shoes when hiking out on a hot day. It should have a breathable lining to ensure that air can pass through effortlessly and that you won’t suffer from sweaty feet. It should also have good waterproof functions to keep moisture out.  

5. It should be made from durable materials.

Get more wear from your hiking boots by choosing those ones made from the most durable materials. Pick boots that have a tough exterior where stray rocks or pebbles won’t easily graze it.

Give the boots a try to check their overall fit. Make sure you also take into consideration how much space your socks are going to take up.

What to Do Next?

Now that you know these, it’s time to click the links of the boots you think is the best choice for you. Don’t forget to check out our homepage as well to find the products that will make hiking and camping out easier for you.