A guide to choosing the best womens walking boots

best walking boots for womens uk

For the women who love the outdoors, a perfect pair of hiking boots would be the best companion. Sometimes you might not concentrate enough on choosing your boots as you would in choosing your other gear. And when you do sit to finalize the best womens walking boots it might be a little confusing! There are so many choices out there!

How to buy the perfect pair of walking boots?



If you have ill-fitting shoes you might face a lot of consequences. The right pair of shoes would keep you ready to tackle any terrain with ease. This would not just keep your feet safe from external factors but also prevent foot aches. When your shoes back you up well, you would be able to tirelessly carry out your hike without a trouble. Some might simply throw on a comfortable pair of shoes for their hike. But here are the benefits of choosing walking boots specially designed for hikers:

  1. Normal shoes might not be able to flex and stand firm based on the terrain that you take
  2. If you do not have the right shoes on, you might feel a lot of physical strain on your feet and ankles
  3. Walking boots are ergonomically designed to offer the perfect support to your feet. They curve at the right places so as to snugly hold your feet.
  4. These are often made of waterproof materials. So you would not have to worry about wet and soggy shoes slowing you down
best womens walking boots

Besides these we could also state several more reasons to justify the fact that walking boots are worth the investment. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when you buy your walking boots:

  1. Season rating:

We have walking boots of different season ratings. Choosing an ideal rating depends on how frequently you hike and the type of weather conditions in which you hike. For the normal outdoor trips, you could simply go for a 1-season pair. These would not be suitable for wet and cold weather. If you are looking for ankle support, as well as significant protection for the toes, 2-season boots would work. These are not suited for the snow, though. For better waterproofing and use in the mild snowy regions, a 3-season pair would be good. For the avid hikers who take rugged terrains and all extremities of weather, 4-season boots are, without doubt, the best options. Remember however that these are specially designed for the worst conditions. If you choose to wear them for a normal summer hike though, they might feel chunky and uncomfortable.

  1. Type of support offered:

Beginner level walking shoes might not have enough support at the ankles. But when you want the best walking boots for all your hiking trips you would need one with good ankle support. This would not just ensure your stability but also prevent strain on your ankles causing sprains.

  1. Waterproof:

Ideally you might need waterproof boots only when you are hiking on a wet rainy day. But when you are out in the woods you do not know what lies ahead. If there is a stream that you would have to cross or a sudden drizzle even on the warmest day, you should be prepared. So choose boots made of waterproof exteriors. Also make sure that the material is breathable so that your feet don’t feel too hot. The choice here also depends on the material of the boots. Leather in general would be waterproof. Other materials might come with additional layer of waterproofing added. No matter what the material is follow the respective steps to maintain the waterproof nature. If there is a protective cream or solution to be added do not skip this. This would help maintain the quality of the material.

  1. Toe cap:

Look for shoes that come with reinforced toe-caps. Additional layer added to guard the toes would help prevent the toes from injury and strain. Be it a sharp rock or a broken branch you can be sure that your toes are safe beneath the toe guard. Toe-box is an area that wears away easily. So the toe guard would also prevent tears and cuts.

  1. Design and material of the sole:

This is the main aspect that sets apart hiking boots and normal shoes. Hiking boots generally have slightly elevated soles and rigid heels. This contour is to add comfort to every step you take. Material of the sole determines the durability as well as the grip offered. The design of the sole, the ridges and textures provided would enhance the grip and prevent slips. Look for grips that last long. The soles that absorb impact better and also deliver better traction would be your best bet.

Now that you know the major aspects to keep in mind while buying walking boots, here are some of the best ones available for women”

Karrimor Bodmin IV Weathertite, Women’s Trekking and Hiking Shoes:

best Womens walking boots uk

If you are looking for a pair of walking boots that are comfortable to wear while also protecting your feet, this is the best choice. The exteriors are waterproof so you can use them even on the rainy days. At the same time the material is breathable so that your feet stay comfortable without feeling excessively warm. The high rise design with the cushioned collar offers good ankle support. The DynaGrip sole is made of a synthetic material and is known to offer one of the best grips in rugged terrains. It comes with a lace-up closure.

  • These are comfortable to wear for a long time


  • The toe protection provided is good


  • These shoes offer great ankle support

  • The reasonable pricing is another aspect that deserves a special mention. Given the fact that these boots last pretty long these are great investments for hikers

  • These boots take some getting used to. You have to wear them few times to break in and be ready for a hike.


  • The waterproofing is good just for mild showers. These are not the best options when it is raining heavily outside.


Ladies Trek Leather Lightweight Waterproof, Walking/Hiking/Trekking Boot



best Womens walking boots

Comfortable to wear on a casual day out, these are versatile pair of shoes that you could also wear with confidence for your hikes. The water resistant leather exteriors make them ideal to wear on rainy days. This pair of boots comes in a wide range of colors to choose from. The insole and the collars are all padded with just the right cushioning to keep your feet comfortable throughout. The boots, though offer a great protection, are also lightweight. So even if you wear these for the whole day you would not feel a pain. With convenient lace-up closure, these shoes are made of durable breathable material. So you would not be left with sweaty feet at the end of the day.

  • The Nubuck motion leather used on the uppers makes the shoes bend with your feet. So your feet would never feel constrained within the shoes even when you are hiking.


  • These shoes have been popular choices for mountaineering because of their lightweight rugged design.


  • The rubber soles are tough and they offer the best grip both on the road and for mountaineering.

  • The waterproofing provided on the shoes tends to wear off soon.


  • The sole support offered is not the best in the segment

Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Womens Camping Traveling Hiking Outdoors Trekking Waterproof Boots



Why that product is known as best Womens walking boots

From the brand that is known for making the best outdoor shoes we have these perfect walking boots for women. The synthetic upper material is durable and it comes with mesh inserts to make the shoes breathable. The outsoles carry patterns that offer the best grip to keep your stability. The upper material is water resistant so your feet stay dry. Be it for a casual ramble in the woods or a hiking trip, these shoes keep your feet secure and comfortable.


  • Toe and heel bumpers add extra protection. So you do not have to worry about your feet bumping against hurdles and getting injured. The reinforcements added do not simply protect your feet but also prevent cuts and tears on your shoes.

  • The foot-bed is made of molded foam. The slight padding provided offer good support for the feet at the heel and the arches. This prevent foot sores from long hours of wearing the boots.

  • The fit of the shoes might seem a bit tight for some. This would require few users to go for one size higher to feel more comfortable. So be extra careful when you choose the size.

Hi-Tec Women’s Eurotrek Waterproof Walking Boots



how to choose best womens walking boots

With their classy killer looks these shoes also protect your feet from the wet weather. These come with convenient lace up closure. The synthetic outer material is water proof. The wide toe box makes these convenient to wear. So your toes would not feel cramped inside. The arched sole offers the best support to the feet. These come with slightly raised, curved outsoles. The interiors of the shoes are roomy. So, even after your put your socks on your feet would have enough room. This would allow space for movement and ensure that your feet do not feel restricted when you move. The cushioning provided at the heel counter allow good support to the ankles. This cushioning also prevents the ankles from sudden impact and sprains.

  • The Tec-proof leather membrane is responsible for the long life of these boots. This also makes the outer layer robust and water resistant.


  • The brass eyelets provided for the lace-up closure are rust-proof. So you need not worry about them corroding and breaking.

  • There is not enough protection for the toes.

Salomon Women’s Quest 4d 2 Gtx W Climbing Shoes



best womens walking boots reviews

These shoes are every backpackers dream. With the protection required for the hiking trips, the extra comfort to be worn for long duration these shoes have everything you would ask for in outdoor boots. These are lightweight shoes and so you do not have to worry about your feel feeling sore from the weight of the shoes. The design of the shoes is specifically made keeping in mind the support required when the hiker is busy crossing rough terrains. The design also ensures utmost stability to prevent slips during climbs. The high-top design also comes with a collar that fits snugly. This prevents water from entering the shoes while it is raining. The outer material is waterproof.

  • The lace closure has been designed with the signature Sensifit design to offer a snug fit no matter what your foot shape is

  • The Contragrip soles are famous for the grip they offer even on the most slippery regions. Be it a rough or a loose surface, a wet or dry surface you can cross them all with confidence.


  • Be careful in choosing the size as the fit might appear a little tight for some. These might appear a little tight also for those with broad feet.

A final word…



You buy exclusive walking boots only because they are supportive. So choosing the perfect fit is pivotal. Before you look into the other features of the boots, understand the fit. Choose the size based on this. Some require you to go one size higher or lower based on the fit. If you have feet that are extra wide then some of the shoes on our list might not suit you, especially the last one, given its design. Karrimor Bodmin IV is one of our most favorite as an all-rounder and it also would be light on your pocket. All of the boots on our list are great for wet weather conditions while if you are out in a heavy rainfall region, you should take extra precaution. No matter which boots you choose care and maintenance would actually determine the life and performance of your boots. So which is the next pair of boots you are going to buy for your next hike?


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