Are Army Goretex Bivi Bag Quality Worth it?

The military is known to design equipment that will last longer and withstand wear over extended periods of time. The same can be said about a military bag, which makes it a first choice for any one who goes on frequent camping trips. These sleeping bags have been designed to shield against the harshest of conditions and keep the user warm and comfortable at all time. To ensure proper ventilation, it has a draft tube. The military bivi bag is portable along with a stuff sack having compression straps to pack it into smaller spaces.

Who can use an army bivi bag?

The first army sleeping bags were issued to mountain soldiers in the early 1940s. An army bivi bag is sometimes used by sportsmen and hunters who are out in severe weather, in addition to regular army troops. These are very rugged, durable sleeping bags that have been designed to function in very cold weather. Nowadays, an army bivi bag is suitable for those who love adventure sports like mountaineering and trekking.

British Army Bivvy Bag – Take a Look

Pros and Cons of British Army Bivvy Bag are:


  • Compact yet spacious - The bag is designed to put your sleeping bag inside for a comfortable snooze at night.
  • Waterproof - Keeps you safe from the rain and other elements by ensuring you are dry at all times
  • Breathable fabric - Ventilation won’t be compromised in any way as the fabric allows plenty of air to pass through
  • Taped seams - British Army Bivvy Bag has taped seams for better durability and withstanding wear.
  • Drawstring hood - This feature is for a snug fit around your body, which is extremely useful during the winter.


  • Limited gear space - Gear lies alongside you, unenclosed so is possibly more easily stolen, or gnawed at by animals after your food.
  • Too snug at times - a bivi bag is a rather snug fit around the feet.

British army Goretex bivi bag – what is the packing size?

A British army Goretex bivi bag has the following dimensions – take a look:

  • Measures 117 cm wide at top where you get in.
  • The foot of bivvy measures 66cm.
  • Total length of the bag is 260cm from foot to hood.

A British army Goretex bivi bag approximately weighs 800 grams, which is less than one kg. so you won’t have any difficulty carrying it along in a backpack or rucksack while you are outside. A heavy bivi bag might cause a problem especially if you are into adventure sports where you need to travel along rugged terrain. The sleeping bag needs to be as lightweight as possible with a reduced packing size so it can be easily bundled up.

British army bivi bag – how well does it shield from bad weather?

A British army bivi bag is made of ripstop nylon and incorporated with water resistant qualities. The sleeping bags also come with a double-pull reversible slider, allowing for bottom or top ventilation, and a draft flap which helps to prevent heat loss. For the best results in cold weather, a British army bivi bag can be placed on top of a sleeping mat made of polyfoam or tree boughs layered beneath the sleeping bag. This helps to prevent heat loss. The army sleeping bag is made to military specifications and is a very durable bag that hunters and sportsmen will be very happy in severe weather conditions.

Army Goretex bivvy bag – how breathable are they?

Army Goretex bivvy bag is made from waterproof and breathable material so the ventilation isn’t hampered in any way. Don’t worry there will be plenty of air flow for you to breathe in an out. Opt for a hooped bivi as they are attached to mesh panel that also keeps the buys and pests from disturbing your sleep at night. Rest assured you won’t feel claustrophobic if you pull up the hood. An Army Goretex bivvy bag is designed for the utmost comfort.

Dutch Army Bivi Bag – Take a Look

Pros and Cons of British Army Bivvy Bag are:


  • Great design - The Dutch army bivi bag is a comfortable model with a tent pole arch in the head area (single pole supported), in Dutch/British DPM camouflage. 
  • Lightweight - The bag weighs little so you don’t have to put in too much effort while carrying it around.
  • Very roomy - There is enough space at the head end for equipment that needs to be at hand day and night. 
  • Waterproof - The L-shaped access opening can be closed with 2 zippers. The specially designed storm flap ensures that the zippers are sealed to be absolutely waterproof.
  • Complete package - Supplied with stuff sack and poles so you can just wrap it up after use.


  • Niche market (at times) - Everyone might not be able to use a Dutch army bivi bag and sleep out in the open, especially if they are in the habit of camping in tents. You can use bivi bags inside tents too, but that could lead to a cramped sensation.
  • No Outer Storage - This bivi is available sans any outdoor storage area.

Dutch army Goretex bivi bag – what is its packing size and weight?

The dimensions of a Dutch army Goretex bivi bag are as follows:

  • When Laid out this shelter measures 245cm in length, 72 cm wide at the foot, 95 cm wide at both the shoulders and head.
  • Measures 87cm across the shoulders with the hoop fitted.
  • Height at the apex of the hoop is 41cm.
  • The area forward of the hoop provides an admin or storage area. The area available depends on the height of the user but measures 45 x 90cm.
  • The Dutch army Goretex bivi bag weighs 1.5 kg, packed this measures 35 x 12(diameter) cm. including stash sack.

Dutch army hooped bivi – how does it protect you from bad weather?

A Dutch army hooped bivi is manufactured from Goretex material making it waterproof, wind proof and vapour permeable. Thus you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night due to the rain pelting down on your face. The fabric perfectly shields you from wetness via its waterproof qualities. It can also protect against harmful UV rays from penetrating the Dutch army hooped bivi. Your sleep will not be disturbed because of the scorching sun on your face!

Dutch army hooped bivi bag – Is it breathable?

A Dutch army hooped bivi bag is standard military issue, which is why breathability is the top priority. This type of sleeping bag, as mentioned is made using Goretex, which is well-known for its breathability properties. It has a single hoop at the head with zip across, while a few models have inner mosquito mesh that keeps them from buzzing and feasting on your blood while ensuring that you feel comfy and cosy, instead of cramped and awkward.