You Camping Storage Needs Answered With The Best Camping Cupboards

It’s that time of the year again where sun does not hide behind the clouds and make a mockery out of your plans for a day out. You must be getting your tents out and checking out the list for your next camping trip. Where are you planning to store all your camping essentials while you camp? How about compact yet spacious and affordable camping accessories that can help you keep your stuff organized?

Summer is a great time for camps and camping cupboards can do a great favor in getting your essentials stored safe inside your tent. If you are looking for the best camping cupboard for your next trip, read on.

Why Do You Need Collapsible Camping Cupboards?

For some of you out there, camping involves only bare essentials and a tent. But for some, camping means a trailer packed with stuff to meet all their needs. This time, before you head out for camping session, make sure you take care of your storage options and get decent camp cupboards.

Camp cupboards are designed to be used inside your tent and suit travellers who have a hefty baggage or families who cannot cut off items from the minimal list. These cupboards can be folded away and stored while not in use and comes in a variety of fabrics with support frames. They are designed to be lightweight, compact and capable of handling common camping hassles. No matter how much you pack, these collapsible camping cupboards offer apt storage solution for each and everyone’s needs and budget.

The Good and Bad of Using a Camp Cupboard

Camp cupboards come with various advantageous to seasonal as well as frequent campers. They are:

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Easy-to-fold and unfold
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cheaper

When it comes to the bad side, these camp cupboards could get:

  • Heavy
  • Flimsy
  • Add-on luggage

What are the best camping cupboards in the UK that you can buy?

A unique kind of camping cupboards for you

Yellowstone Quick Erect Storage Cupboard

Yellowstone Quick Erect camping cupboards have black and silver exterior with three shelves and working space on top. Store away your food or essentials using this quick erecting, sturdy piece of storage equipment. All three shelf edges are sealed and hold mesh design to enhance ventilation. Each of the shelves can hold 30kg and the entire structure can be stored in the carry bag.

These camping cupboards are perfect for campsites and festivals. It is easy-to-fold and unfold, sturdy and durable. It holds a dimension of 67x56x102cm and weighs 6.6kg. Normally priced around £60, you can own one of these at a much reduced price from Amazon.


  • Strong, sturdy design
  • Three mesh shelves with sealed edges


  • A bit flimsy

Customer feedback

As per the camping cupboards customers, these are quite sturdy, spacious, good quality cabinets that are easy to assemble with reasonable pricing.

Is a four-shelf camping cupboard a space saver or not?

kampa grace cupboard 4 shelves aluminium frame

With this convenient four-shelf camping cupboard, you never run out of storage space. Kampa Grace Cupboard is made using lightweight aluminum and heavy duty polyester shell with PVC coating. The rear side has a mesh panel which provides ideal ventilation.

The entire set is easy to assemble and dismantle and storage is made convenient with a strong carry bag. This charcoal gray piece of equipment is suitable for cupboard or as a larder with aluminum edged racks providing extra strength and accessory pockets on sides. The entire cupboard measures 66x60x149cm and weighs 9kg. Priced around £43, this cupboard is available at all major online retailers.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Aluminum binding and top table
  • Practical construction


  • Bit on heavy side

Customer feedback

These four-shelves camping cupboard is a value storage space at an affordable pricing. It makes a good quality, convenient and portable piece of equipment for camping or festival goers.

Picking a folding cupboard is a good bet


The Outwell Bahamas Folding Cupboard / Storage Camping Table is a folding cupboard with convenient removable shelves. The cupboard features foldable, lightweight, portable design which opens and folds with ease. The compact structure consists of mesh ventilation and a strong carry bag for transportation and storage.

If you want to double it up as a wardrobe, there is a hanging rail for the same. The topmost shelf has a wider working space to be used as a small utility table. The structure weighs around 7.4kg and measures 72x50x82cm. With adjustable feet and stability clips, this makes a sturdy structure with quality construction.


  • Sturdy
  • Simple and compact
  • Convenient and portable


  • Heavy

Customer feedback

The Outwell Bahamas folding cupboard makes a great, sturdy and convenient storage camping accessory at a great price range of around £60.

Getting an outwell camping cupboard will serve you well

Outwell Nevis Cupboard – Black/Aluminium

The Outwell Nevis Cupboard is an easy-to-fold, portable, durable cabinet with six removable shelves. The structure looks classy with accordion-style design. The easy-to-remove shelves are quite convenient and sturdy. The topmost rack can be used as a small utility table or as a coffee table.

This camping cupboard is enclosed by zippered closures. The cupboard comes with a storage bag which eases up storage and transportation. The structure weighs around 11kg and measures 84x50x80cm. With aluminum frames, removable shelves and easy to use designing, the Outwell Camping cupboard is a great buy.


  • Accordion styled, removable shelves
  • Zippered closures with easy access
  • Easy to assemble and use


  • Heavy construction

Customer feedback

The Outwell camping cupboard is a great investment for any avid camper. It can store almost anything you would need for camping with an easy to erect structure which folds easily for storage, occupying very little space for utmost convenience.

Pick the best from the Gelert camping cupboards inventory

Gelert Kitchen Cupboard – Jet Black / Stucco

If you are won by good looks and convenience, the Gelert Kitchen Cupboard – Jet Black / Stucco

will make its way to your heart to your camping site. This makes a very convenient storage option with its zipper closure shelf and sturdy frame which is easy to put up and collapse. Storage and transportation is made easy with storage bag.

Weighing around 6kg with a low frame that doesn’t take up much space, this cupboard makes a great space saver and organizer at once. Priced around £55 in Amazon after discounts, this is a great option which will support your small storage needs. This is a simple cupboard with not much accessories to look into, but makes an ideal choice for the optimum backpackers who rely on minimalistic luggage.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong design with nice looks
  • Zippered closure for the shelf


  • Not ideal for big backpackers
  • Bit overpriced for the features

Customer feedback

Gelert camping cupboards are unique in design and functionality. If you have second thoughts on the price for such features, then look around for options. This makes the basic backpacking storage option which does not fit high-end backpackers.

Which one from the Vango camping cupboard range should you get?

Vango Camping Cupboard Cairns

The Vango Cairns Camping Cupboard is a lightweight, multi-functional storage unit. Vango Cairns has a practical design with four shelves and hard edges for better strength. The structure is easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to clean and maintain.

The entire structure is supported by lightweight, sturdy aluminum frame. The topmost shelf can be used as a small table. It has a polyester body, mesh ventilation panels and compact size while folded and unfolded. The footprint can be adjusted to fit into any space. The design has accessory pockets for small items and has a carry bag for storage and portability. This camping cupboard weighs around 6kg with dimensions of 60x52x88cm.


  • Adjustable feet for compact fit
  • Sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame
  • Polyester body with mesh ventilation


  • Nothing specific

Customer feedback

Vango camping cupboard is a great, spacious storage cupboard with durable design. Also, priced around £60, this cupboard makes a great featured, strong shelving unit worth the price.

Should you get a Highlander Camping Cupboard?

Highlander Easy Fold 3 Shelf Camp Cupboard

The Highlander Easy Fold 3 Shelf Camp Cupboard – Black/Silver is an easy-to-fold cupboard with three shelves and black and silver design for an appealing look. The cupboard has PE board layers and a hard top surface which can be utilized as a utility area or even a small coffee table. The rear side has mesh design for better ventilation to keep food, cutlery or clothes well-aired. The whole structure is easy to erect and collapse and makes an ideal piece of camping equipment.

The structure weighs around 7kg and measures 60x52x98 cm. Highlander camping cupboard is priced around £45 in Amazon after discounts and makes a great purchase for all the features it holds, especially in terms of storage space and multiple utilities.


  • Multiple functionality
  • Great looking
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Bit heavier

Customer feedback

The Highlander camping cupboard is a wonderful piece of engineering which is easy to handle and store. It has enough space for all your storage needs and is well worth the money. Removable shelves are an added advantage when more space is required. Handy pouches on both sides of the structure make space for smaller items in an organized and structured manner.

Why you should buy a cheap camping cupboard

Yellowstone Eskdale Folding Storage Cupboard

If you are looking for a cheap camping cupboard that falls within the range of £40, you should checkout the Yellowstone Eskdale folding storage cupboard. It is ideal for seasonal campers and offer value for money with its sturdy, strong structure and three shelves.

The structure can be easily assembled and disassembled with decent quality construction. The cupboard also features a spacious work space. Weighing around 7kg and measuring 87x62x62cm, this cheap camping cupboard makes a great camping accessory within budget.


  • Easy to use, store and transport with carry bag
  • Affordable, great value for money


  • Looks flimsy

Customer feedback

This is a great cheap camping cupboard with all its features being reasonably priced.

Of all these, which is the best camping cupboard?

Royal 355415 Easy Up Storage Unit

The Royal 355415 Easy up storage unit is the best camping cupboard among the lot. It comes with aluminum shelves with a unique frame structure that makes assembly and disassembly a breeze. With its classy, stylish looks and convenient design, this makes a great camping investment around £60.

Coupled with a carry case and weighing around 11kg, this model is ideal for regular campers and those who bag a lot of stuff while camping. It has hard top with two columns of three shelves each combined with pockets for mall items. The structure measures 110x52x90cm with carry capacity of around 30kg.


  • Easy to use
  • Classy, durable, practical construction
  • Spacious with wide, usable top space


  • Quite heavy
  • Not compact

Customer feedback

Royal Easy Up makes the best camping cupboard with good construction, ease of use, sturdiness, ease of maintenance, all combined by good looks.

Do you really need a camping cupboard?

A camping cupboard is a great way of organizing your campsite. It keeps away clutter and provides a great work space and storage space. Depending on your requirements and budget, choose an ideal set of camping cupboards which will tag along no matter where your next trip takes you.


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