Camping Tips

Simple tips on how to clean tent, your home in the outdoors

Camping young couple backpackers in tent with climbing gear sunset The basics on how to clean a tent If you love spending time outdoors in the wilderness, your tent is your home away from home. It protects and shields you from the elements and hence every outdoor enthusiast apart from choosing an [...]

How to pitch a tent with ease and technique – Guide to long lasting tents

An overview on how to pitch a tent under different circumstances: ‘How to pitch a tent’ is probably the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the knowhows of camping. Pitching a tent can be different in various circumstances. Striking a tent in snowy winter maybe different from pitching [...]

Camping comfort – Your guide to how to keep warm in a tent

An overview on how to keep warm in a tent while camping The most important challenge of camping is to face the wrath of unpredictable weather changes. Wintery cold, heavy winds and lashing rainfall can cause shivering chillness inside your tent. If you know how to keep warm in a tent, then [...]