The Coleman Aravis 2 Tent

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93/100 – Good quality of all elements
79/100 – Price on medium level
86/100 – One of the best in that price

Size- 260 cm x 235 cm x 95 cm

Weight – 3 kg

A Brief Overview of the Coleman Aravis 2

Coleman Aravis 2 is an entry-level tent that serves your purpose if you are looking for a two-person trekking tent. If you are on a budget, this lightweight camping tent will be an ideal pick that fits into your backpack neatly. Are you a camper who loves taking your pets along everywhere you go? This tent is cat-approved and will help you carry your feline friends along for your weekend camp. With a simplistic design that hardly takes time to set up, this tent can be propped up pretty easily.

Who should be opting for the Coleman Aravis 2 tunnel tent?

If you are looking for a two-person tent that is also affordable and has great features to flaunt, the Coleman Aravis 2 tunnel tent is perfect for you. At 149 pounds, it is towards the budget end of lightweight tents that you have been eyeing for a while, especially if you wouldn’t want to spend a fortune to make the purchase. Also, if you like lightweight travelling and are a cat person, this tent at 2.42 kg and being cat-approved will solve all your purposes.

A detailed look at the Pros and Cons of Coleman Aravis 2 person tent

The Coleman Aravis 2 person tent could be yours if you opt for it but it is advisable to take a look at the upsides and downsides of the product before deciding on it.

  • Affordable

    This tunnel tent comes at a very reasonable price of 149 pounds along with some great features. It is perfect for budget-minded customers.

  • Waterproof

    This tent is made of waterproof and ripstop material and it can hold its waterproofing capabilities till 4000 mm.

  • Easy to set up

    The coleman aravis 2 tunnel tent has a very simplistic design that makes its installation even easier. You can figure it out easily even if you are petrified of following instruction manuals.

  • Cat-approved

    This is incredible news for your feline friend who has been missing out your camping trips for a while because this tent is cat-approved and you have more reasons to buy it if you have a cat at home.

  • Sturdy

    Although it is a lightweight tent, it is quite sturdy and stands strong and stable while facing the elements of Nature.

  • Less breathing space

    Although it is a 2 tunnel tent, it would be wiser to opt for its upgraded version for more breathing space if two people are travelling because it could get claustrophobic.

  • Takes up space

    This might tend to take up a lot of space in your rucksack because even though it is light in weight, it is not very compact as bivi bags would be.

Are coleman aravis 2 dimensions comfortable after packing?

With a weight of almost 2.5 kg, it is obviously not the lightest and does take up a lot of space in your rucksack but when you are looking at it as a two-person tent, the coleman aravis 2 dimensions are certainly comfortable after it is packed.

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Coleman Aravis 2 test in the face of unfavorable weather

When you put the coleman aravis 2 to test in the face of bad weather conditions, you will see how the waterproof ripstop material offers a waterproofing of up to 4000 mm of water and the sewn-in groundsheet offering resistance up to 5000 mm. This kind of resistance is good enough for mild to moderate wind, storm and rain.

How durable is the Coleman Aravis 2 tent?

Being made of polyurethane-coated ripstop polyester, the Coleman Aravis 2 tent is sturdy and tough and highly durable. Also, it comes with a fire-resistant treatment that claims to self-extinguish when the heat source is removed.

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How easy is the setup of Aravis 2 tent?

The Aravis 2 tent has a simplistic design which allows a convenient setup. The pitching and the unpitching can be done in minutes because of the pitch-in-one structure that makes the tent highly stable against the natural elements.

What does the coleman aravis 2 tent review say?

Coleman aravis 2 tent reviews from customers show how sturdy the product is and how they have greatly benefitted from its shelter in moderate showers and winds. Its simplistic design has been appraised by most of its users and so has its weight and structure.

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I have to say, this tent was brilliant, I went to Scotland Coast of Campletown which was 500 yards from the sea were I pitched it and I was subjected to the strongest of winds. I thought the tent would give way it got that bad at points and as I had all my camera equipment in it I couldnt leave it as I was hiking. Apart from the lack of sleep due to the winds THE TENT STAYED FIRM. The rain was also a problem as I had also heavy down pours but alas the tent never let in a single drop.
What I would say and it might be a deal breaker for some is, when your sitting upright your head will touch the top of the inner skin and I am 5ft 10 but you became used to it. Also it is a defo 1 man tent. You have enough room for yourself and you gear and I had a lot of that. Most of the kit went arounf my body when I was lying down and the was plenty of room for it. There is also plenty of room between the inner and outer skins which was the TWO DOOR areas. The tent was quite warm when the inner skin was zipped up also. The two door system for me was a must as when you have it erected, you then have a choice which side you exit from depending on the wind direction and if it changes which it will through time.

The tent was very easy to put up and I hadn’t it even out of the wrapper so I didn’t even get to practise before hand as I hadn’t time. It took me about 15 minutes and that was taking my time.
The tent is very small when packed and also very light, so it fitted in my backpack with ease.
What I would say again as I have learnt from other tent use. When taking it down, let it dry out well before packing it away as this prevents mildew forming in the inner skin were possible.

I have included a photo of the tent which I took for this review which might help make your mind up but in my opinion I WOULD recommend it to the lone backpacker who wants a good tent which is light, strong and can stand up to the elements when needed. My score is 9/10.

I recently camped on an exposed mountainside in this tent during a storm… 12 hours of constant rain and strong winds. The Aravis performed brilliantly, keeping me dry and warm throughout. Setting it up is easy (it can be done in less than 5 mins with practice). The quality of material is high (rip-stop fabric which seems very strong) and there are some nice details e.g. (1) a hook inside the tent, which allows you to hang a light/lantern (2) two large storage pockets and (3) reflective cord on the guy lines to make them visible at night, so that you don’t trip over them. A lot of thought has went into the design of this tent. Having door on either side is very convenient, and with the fly sheet close there are two large porch areas created (one on each side) where you can put a rucksack, shoes etc–anything you want to keep dry overnight.

For £76 this tent is a bargain. In terms of specs, it is similar to the Vango Banshee – a tent which gets rave reviews. The Aravis deserves similar accolades. For me, it offered something which the Banshee could not – size. I’m 6′ 5″ tall. Most tents, including the Banshee, are not long enough for me to stretch out inside. No such problem with the Aravis. It is more than long enough. Like most tents advertised as ‘two man’ tents, this is optimistic. In reality, the Aravis 2 would not comfortably fit two adults, It is however an excellent solo tent. In summary – a great tent at a great price.

Used a couple of times and would suggest that this is a good size for 1 person but would be very snug for 2. It goes up quickly (5 mins on soft ground) and provides a good functional space with room either side for stowage under the outer sheet. I haven’t needed to use guy ropes and even so it feels very stable for windy conditions with the skirt of the outer sheet snugg with the ground. Space in the inner tent is good for one person with room around upper torso level for internal stowage, two pockets either side of the head area for bits and pieces and overhead hook for a light. The internal compartment can open on either side as per the outer sheet. This is handy and flexible. The inner openings also have small vents with fly mesh insets which can be opened for more ventilation. I was able to sit hunched to do a bit of map work after it got dark with head torch. Probably not able to sit bolt upright but this was comfortable for around 20-30 mins.
It can be taken down and packed as quickly as it takes to put it up (5 mins) with only two poles, around 10 pegs (without guy ropes) and the inner and otuer sheets still toggled together. I found a few folds and then rolling the sheets up was easy and have had no trouble getting it back into the packing bag with the other bits – something I have never managed to do with other tents. All packed it is about 600 mm long with diameter of around 300mm – about the same size as a rolled up single sleeping bag.
Mr. S. Burgess

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Summary for The Coleman Aravis 2 Tent review

Very Reasonable Price

Easy to set up

Cat Approved

Maximum 2 person can use it w/o problem

Coleman Aravis 2 outdoor
Good quality of all elements
Price on medium level
One of the best in that price

Why should you read the Coleman Aravis 2 review?

It is not easy to find a lightweight tent in a budget. The Coleman Aravis 2 review will help you to find a two-person tent in a reasonable price range after making a proper analysis of the product.

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