Coleman Big Basin Sleeping Bag Review

Coleman Big Basin Sleeping Bag
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Coleman Big Basin sleeping bag Made For The Tall Camper

When you go camping, one of the most important gears to carry with you is a sleeping bag to give a good night’s sleep after a long adventurous day. Knowing that you have the best brand in sleeping bags such as a Coleman can keep your sleeping worries at bay.

The Coleman big basin sleeping bag is for the year round camper who likes to have a spacious sleeping bag. High on comfort and with some great features to make your camping nights restful, the big basin is a great buy that will last you many seasons. Read on as we look at the capabilities of this sleeping bag in greater detail.

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What are the Coleman Big Basin dimensions?

The Coleman Big Basin dimensions are234 x 99cm making it a really tall and wide sleeping bag. The packed dimensions are 48cm x 31cm, which makes it quite a big sleeping bag that can easily fit in your boot but not in your backpack. Trekkers and backpackers will have to look elsewhere or

Even though the recommended height for this bag is 5 ft. 11 inches, it is much larger than that and can even accommodate those who are 6 ft. 5 inches to 6 ft. 8 inches.

What’s good and not about the Coleman Big Basin?

What works for one may not work for another. This is why there are cons to even the best products in the market. The Big basin is no exception to this. Here are the pros and cons of the Coleman big basin to help you decide if this is the right sleeping bag for you.

  • RoomyThe sleeping bag is specifically designed with tall and large people in mind as there is lots of room inside to even lie on your side with one leg up to the waist
  • ComfortDue to its high loft the sleeping bag is very comfortable and compressible for easy storage.
  • Warm feetThe foot box comes lined with fleece to keep your feet warm and toasty.
  • InexpensiveFor under £75 you get a great year-round sleeping bag that is not just comfortable but durable too give you more value for your moneys.
  • BulkyAs it is large, it can be bulky for storage and is not suitable for trekking and backpacking activities.
  • HumidityIt is also not suitable to be used in conditions exceeding 65% humidity and performs well when dry.
Coleman Big Basin Sleeping Bag

Take A Look At The Coleman Big Basin sleeping bag features

  • The Coleman Big Basin sleeping bag features some of the best technology in sleeping bags to give you a good night’s sleep on a cold night.
    • Temperature rating – It is suitable for year-round camping with a temperature rating of 0 F – 20 F.
    • Coletherm – The filler material is a special hollow fibre that creates air pockets and locks in warmth.
    • Anti-snag zippers – The two way zippers use patented ZIP-PLOW technology to push the fabric away and prevent annoying snags. No more groping in the dark for zippers as these zippers are also extra large.
    • Hood – The hood is inspired by mummy sleeping bags and comes with a drawstring for a snug fit around your head.

    The Big basin has a lot of great features packed into it for its price point.

The truly big Coleman Big Basin sleeping bags

Tall campers can now sleep comfortably as these Coleman Big Basin sleeping bags are designed to be extra roomy. It combines the comfort of a rectangular           sleeping bag and the snug feel of a mummy-style sleeping bag in one. So you have a nice wide cowl and a rectangular body to give you all the space you need to comfortably sleep through the night.

Coleman big basin sleeping bags come with a special Coletherm filling to keep you nice and warm when it’s freezing outside. The double-batt offset quilt construction makes sure that there are no cold spots either. To make it extra warm, it comes with a chest baffle to lock your body heat in and a full-length draft tube which protects you from unpleasant chilly drafts.

Every inch of the bag has been designed carefully to provide you with the maximum warmth when you need it the most.

The Big Basin is truly long-lasting

The outer shell is made of top quality ripstop nylon with a 100 % polyester liner underneath making it durable and to last years of camping. The Big Basin also comes with two way anti-snag zippers for a complete peace of mind. The product is backed by a 5 years limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Honest Coleman Big Basin customer reviews

We have also gathered some information based on other Coleman Big Basin customer reviews. Most users, especially those who are tall are extremely satisfied with the room inside the bag which they quote is a relief when compared to the restrictive mummy-style bags.

I’m 6’6″ tall and although I love camping, I never enjoyed the sleepless nights spent struggling to get comfortable in a sleeping bag that was never quite big enough – so when I saw this online, I thought I’d give it a go. A fella my size needs a big bag and for the first time since I was a kid, I had plenty of space to move and feel comfortable and I had a pretty good night’s sleep. I’ve given it four stars because it’s probably too BIG – so big that when I went camping with a couple of mates, they took a picture of one of them standing next to it because it was comically huge. I’m guessing it’s designed for much more generously proportioned folk than me but that does mean that although you get loads of room to stretch out, it’s a lot bigger than you might expect when it’s packed up and you’ll need to make sure you have the space in the boot – definitely not a hiking bag. Also my first night sleeping out in it in May it got down to about 2 degrees C and it didn’t quite feel like the level of performance you might expect for a -13 sleeping bag. Still a good buy at a relatively budget price. Now all I need is an extra long lilo and sleep mat
I wish the people that designed this used it! Too many zips and lumps for a comfy night. Rounded hood annoying. Too hot in summer. Bag not thick enough to warranty hood design. Bag feels cheap against skin. Really big but due to head design pointless. Better getting a double.
D Ross
Coleman Big Basin Sleeping Bag

Take home points of the Coleman Big Basin review UK

If you are tired of restrictive mummy-style sleeping bags that make you sleep all crouched, then the Coleman big basin will be a welcome relief. It is perfect for campers of all sizes and especially so for tall and large campers. The aim of this Coleman Big Basin review UK is to give you an in-depth look into the capabilities of the sleeping bag so that you may decide if this is the right one for you. With so many features, we are sure it will make its way into your shopping cart and to your next adventure.

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying Coleman Big Basin …

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