Coleman Coasltine 4 deluxe

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Size- 415 cm x 280 cm x 200 cm

Weight – 13,5 kg

Coleman is an outdoor company that manufactures equipment for outdoor fun and activities.

Coleman Coastline 4 deluxe four man tent is designed for comfort with specific focus on the occupant’s safety and convenient sheltering for all types of weather conditions.

Coleman Coastline 4 Man Tent Capacity That You Need To Know

Coleman Coastline 4 Person Tent is an ideal tent for a family of four that loves outdoor fun time and for those campers who want to experience some adventure outside for a weekend. The tent sleeps four people in a two plus two pattern and its quick pitch tunnel design is quite simple to make sure you make more use of your much awaited holiday.

The living space of Coleman coastline 4 man tent consists of two large PVC windows that has self-rolling feature for opening and closing. The front doorway has a single large panel that can be propped open to form a canopy. The fly sheet is made of polyester coated with PU. It has taped seams and provide 2000mm hydrostatic protection. The inside part is made of breathable polyester with mesh doors that give privacy. Ground sheets are manufactured with PE with welded joints.

Coleman Coastline 4 Man Tent Advantages and Disadvantages

Quite easy to set up

On your own with a time ranging from 30-50 minutes, depending on your expertise.

Front porch

Makes great space for camping furniture with good coverage from sun or rain.


Are self-rolling and gives neat look.


Are spacious for four people to have fun cooking and eating together and the tent tunnel provide ample living space without cramming.


Make with sturdy stature can withstand tough weather conditions.

Zippered bedrooms

Provide privacy, yet connected.

Better ventilation

Helps during hot weather conditions, from overheating the tent.

Bug repellant mesh on the door

Could have given an option to let bugs out even when door is open

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Comfort and Size – Does Coleman Coastline 4 Package Have it?

This tent is popular for its roll up windows. They also contain a semicircular opening close to the ground with in built bug screen mesh that circulates air, acting as an air vent. The design also provides a zipped opening with a power lead to hook up any electric equipment such as an electric heater in cool weather, if need be.

Coleman Coastline 4 package comes with a carry bag for easy packaging and carrying. Keep an eye on couple of metal pieces that need to be inserted to make the roll up windows work. The tent comes in a package with a rolled up size of 70x27x27cm and weighs 13.51 kg. The tent comes with three major elements- Coastline 4 Deluxe tent, 640×300 cm Footprint groundsheet and the 4 tent carpet, along with six grey pole attachments in the pole bag to support the canopy.

Coleman Coasltine 4 deluxe dimensions

Is Coleman Coastline 4 Man Stable In Exreme Weather?

When it comes to stability under tough weather conditions, Coleman Coastline 4 man tent is a winner. This product has a tough construction offering full head height throughout its length, making use of its entire structure. The ventilation ports are adjustable for better comfort, added with the self-rolling window, the tent provides fast, easy and one hand operated access to the outside world everything you exit.

Coleman Coastline 4 man tent is made of fire retardant materials. The fly sheet is made of 3000 mm, PU coated, polyester with taped seams. The inner part contains breathable polyester and no-see-um mesh and the ground sheet is made of fully integrated and welded PE.

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Pitching Time

Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe Tent- Four Person -Is Difficult To Setup?

The Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe tent -four person capacity structure can be set up easily with minimal errors using the color coded poles and sleeves. The entire structure can be pitched and un-pitched in 30-50 minutes. The inner bedrooms come already attached and are fixed in a way to allow packaging as such. There are added pockets to allow storage. The porch area will allow completely dry interior by leaving all wet stuff outside.

How Durable Is Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe?

The Coleman Coastline 4 deluxe four man tent is manufactured using fire retardant and water resistant materials. It is designed with WaterTecPlus. The construction poles are also of high quality fiberglass. Combined with the polyester fabric, PE welded ground sheet and built in bug resistant mesh, the Deluxe 4 man tent can withstand weather conditions including rain or mild storms.

customer reviews

Snaphshot Of Top Coleman Coastline 4 Reviews

As per Coleman Coastline 4 reviews by various customers online, we can find that this tent is an easy to use outdoor equipment that provides ample comfort. The roll up window, air vent and the porch are great highlights of this structure. It offers great value for money especially with its build quality.

Bought this tent as our first family tent with 2 young kids (1 and 3) after a lot of research. We had it for 2 years and used it about 6 times for long weekends at the beach. I loved it, solid, sturdy and very straightforward to put up. We never used the sleeping area divider, we were able to fit a double airbed, single airbed and a travel cot in. It didnt leave much room to move but what do you expect. Really liked the zip up windows, very tidy and practical. We got the Coleman carpet in the 2nd year, made a huge difference to the comfort levels in the tent.
Bought this tent for a three day scout camp to use with my three children. I am an inexperienced camper and this is my first none-instant tent of any size. I found it easy to erect by myself (kids having abandoned me to my fate) with just a moderate amount of patience needed when threading the poles. From taking out of the bag to having the outer shell standing took about twenty minutes, with an audience of ‘Scout Dads’ to add to the pressure…and I reckon I could do it quicker next time. There was little weather on our trip so i can’t comment on waterproofing, but the heat vents on each corner of the tent helped circulate the heat from the sun and kept condensation to a minimum. The internal sleeping compartment was easy to connect and provided a decently shaded sleeping area. The overall living space was sufficient to contain the shoes and bags for me and three kids as well as a couple of seats…for any more kit I’d have needed to buy the coastline porch ‘expansion kit’ as well. That said, I would definitely recommend this product for at least a long weekend family camping trip.

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Summary for Coleman Coastline 4 deluxe review

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We like

Front porch


Windows and Doors

We don’t like

Ventilation could be better

Coleman Coasltine 4 deluxe outdoor
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What we can say on ending about Coleman Coasline 4 Deluxe tent review

This high performing, spacious tent provides good value for the money spent. It combines good quality materials into a well-designed structure to offer best comfort and fun experience to campers.

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buing Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe …