Coleman cobra 2 review

Coleman cobra 2 tent
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An overview of coleman cobra 2 tent:

If you are looking for a simple tent that is good in terms of wind resistance and can easily be pitched up, coleman cobra 2 tent is a great choice. This tent can comfortably accommodate 2 average sized adults inside. The polyester fabric of the tent is a breathable material that improves the inner temperature. The no-see-um mesh also offers protection from insects while simultaneously keeping the interiors of the tents well ventilated.

Coleman cobra 2 uk- who is this tent for?

For a single hiker, the tent is pretty spacious and can also offer some good storage space. For two, the space is just right so as to not feel congested within. This is a great option for beginner level hikers and backpackers who wish to carry less weight during their trips. This can be used in moderate weathers all year round. This lightweight version weighs just 2.05 kg. Though it’s not the lightest 2-man tent available on the market, it is definitely lighter than most other 2-person tents especially given its dimensions.

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Talking about coleman cobra 2 dimensions

Outer dimensions:

  • Length x height (cm)- 300 x 82

Inner dimensions:

  • Usable space within the tent is 257cm x 125cm (at the widest point)
  • At the ends, the widths are 58cm and 90cm

Though this is not the roomiesttent you would find on the market, it is pretty lengthy and thus it is a great choice for taller backpackers. If we should score the tent on the basis of the dimensions, it can be given 4 out of 5.

Coleman cobra 2 backpacking tent pros and cons:

Weighing the features of the coleman cobra 2 backpacking tent to see what is good and what’s not so good about this tent:

  1. Stability:

The heavy gauge material used in the tent construction and its hardware are sturdy and they make the tent pretty stable.

  1. Pricing:

There are very few tents that offer the features that this one offers at such an impressive price. This makes it a great choice for a starter tent for budding backpackers.

  1. Choice of materials:

The tent fabric is water resistant and fire retardant. This offers reasonable protection for the campers.

  1. Packs small:

The tent when dismantled can be packed in a small space. Besides being lightweight this is another requirement for backpackers. If you are looking for a family tent, when you are traveling in your trailer, it is a different case. This tent is for those hiking, trekking or mountaineering expeditions where you would need something that can be pitched up in minutes.

  1. Not very roomy on the inside:

This 2 person tent might sometimes seem small especially for those adults of larger build. The headroom is also not very impressive and this might make you feel a bit claustrophobic. But this tent solves the purpose of offering a shielded sleeping space for 2 adults.

  1. No storage space:

Again, as the space is just enough for the sleepers, you might not find room for storage of your gear. This tent is great for those trips where you are carrying light luggage.

  1. Single door design:

The single door design is something that might not impress everyone. This makes accessing your belongings within the tent a bit tedious especially if you are storing your bags in the far corner.

coleman cobra 2 person tent

Bad weather performance of coleman cobra 2 person tent:

The polyester fabric of the tent comes with a water column of 3000mm. Any value above 1200mm is decent enough to be used in a rainy area. This tent also comes with PU coated material and taped seams which add to the waterproofing that the tent offers. The wind resistant construction of the tent is in a wedged tunnel shape. This adds to the stability in windy conditions. For the given pricing, the performance of the coleman cobra 2 person tent in bad weather can be rated 4 on a scale of 5.

The durability of the Coleman cobra 2 lightweight:

Like most other Coleman models, this one too is known for its durability. Coleman tents have the fame of lasting for years. The coleman cobra 2 lightweight is made of a strong polyester fabric which is tear resistant and thus contributing to the durability of the tent. The aluminum 7001-T6 poles are also strong and durable. The coleman cobra 2 lightweight tent scores 4 out of 5 in terms of the overall durability of the tent fabric and accessories.

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Coleman cobra 2 pitching process:

The tent comes with a fly-first pitching design. This makes it quick and easy to set up the tent. Once you get the knack of it, you would need hardly 5 minutes to get the tent out of the bag and up on the ground. Dismantling and packing the tent is also an easy process. The two-way compression bag with wide opening makes it easy for you to roll up and stash your tent into its bag in minutes. Coleman cobra 2 pitching process gives this tent a score of 4 on a scale of 5.

What do the coleman cobra 2 uk customer reviews have to say?

The users of this 2 man tent have nothing much to complain about. This tent has impressed several campers thanks to the feature packed option at a reasonable price for the beginners. This is what makes this tent a great first tent for the backpackers. Aluminum poles used in the tent are great in offering the stability and flexibility required in a windy area. But there are those that come with lighter carbon poles. Another factor that might not suit several backpackers is the weight of the tent. 2.05kg is not the lightest option to find in the 2 man tent segment. There are many 2 person tents that weigh less than 1kg.

customer reviews
This tent is excellent value for money and was delivered in three days.
I used it last week on the Dales Way and it stood up to the heavy rain with no problems.
It is extremely simple to put up and on the second morning i took it down inner frst, which I packed separately
as it had rained all night. There is plenty of storage, wet boots and rucksac in one side, rest of my gear in the other. I bought better pegs before I left as the ones supplied didn’t look too strong and I wasn’t going to take any chances on the tops. I would recommend this lightweight tent, you can pay £200 pounds more for one a pound lighter but it’s cheaper just to lose a pound in weight before your trip.
Firstly I’m not trying to win any prizes so I’m not going to pad this review out with nonsense.

The tent is good, all the obvious characteristics of a tent. Single door is a major downside. Assuming you’re backpacking you have to either leave your bag(s) in the door causing a lot of hassle or drag/lift the bag(s) (and anything on the bags such as dirt/soil/leaf litter) through the tent to store in the space on the opposite side of the tent. Another problem with the single door is that the tent it designed to face into the wind, great idea but with only one entrance point this can lead to complications on where you can actually place the thing. you mights say “not a big deal just pitch it a different way” and you would nearly correct but there are several factors that dictate the best position to set up your tent.

I’m not sure what the reasoning was behind having a single point of entrance but if it was just to keep costs down let me say I would be happy to spend a few more £ and get more versatility.

side note, unless weight is a huge issue I would get the next size up. This really is a small tent internally.

source: I’m backpacking without personal transport.

A. Montgomery
coleman cobra 2 tent

Making the right choice based on the coleman cobra 2 tent review:

We wish that this review helped answer some of your questions about this 2 man tent. If lightweight is your highest priority and if you do not mind spending few extra bucks, you would find lighter options on the market. But if you are looking to buy your first tent and if you are a single camper or a camping couple, then this is one of the most affordable tents that also comes with decent bad weather performance.

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying coleman cobra 2 tent …

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