Coleman Da Gama Outdoor Tent

Fast Summary

85/100 – Good design with a lot space for head
73/100 – Medium plus price level
79/100 – Medium durability

Size- 505 cm x 280 cm x 190 cm

Weight – 17 kg

Coleman Da Gama 4 man tent features a vast living area and full head height throughout the tent, so you will be sure to get the most out of your camping experience come rain or shine!

Coleman Da Gama 4 man tent – a brief overview

The bedrooms are also quite roomy with generous dimensions so you don’t have to worry about feeling stuffy and cramped, even if all 4 occupants are inside at the same time. Coleman Da Gama 4 man tent has a large, front rain porch that provides shelter from rain on entry and exit and is an ideal space to store muddy boots.

For which customer Coleman Da Gama 4 tent is best ?

Coleman Da Gama 4 tent is a 4-berth steel poled tunnel tent with plenty of space for the whole family. It is ideal for small families and groups of friends who are looking to spend some time away from their hectic lifestyle. At times, a large sized tent might not be what you need for planning the perfect camping trip. For instance, what will you do with a big tent that sleeps 8 when it is just your husband and yourself along with another couple, out for a romantic trip? The Coleman Da Gama 4 tent has some excellent features to ensure your trip is pleasant and hassle-free.

Coleman Da Gama 4 man camping tent – what are its pros and cons?

Amazing Space

The large living space and high head height ensures you can stretch your legs, move freely and be comfortable inside.

Better Privacy

The breathable polyester inner tent has a divider curtain to split the inner into a 2+2 sleeping arrangement. There are panoramic windows that are equipped with privacy curtains.

Improved Ventilation

The inner tent contains a no-see-um-mesh to optimise air circulation, while the front door is a large ‘D’ door with a mesh double door for the same purpose.

Keep Pests at Bay

The Coleman Da Gama 4 man camping tent has a fully sewn-in groundsheet and a mesh screen on the front door to keep out bugs and insects..

Fire Retardant

The fire retardant property ensures that the fabric doesn’t flare dangerously out of control and will self-extinguish.

Small Scale

While the Coleman Da Gama 4 man camping tent works when the number of occupants is relatively low. The moment there is an extra person – if a couple with two kids has a third or gets a pet the tent, becomes unsuited for camping purposes.

Open Vent

Open ventilation in the bedroom made it very drafty in cooler/breezy weather.

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Coleman Da Gama 4 dimensions – is it comfortable?

Coleman Da Gama 4 dimensions feature a pack size of 72 x 32 cm, which weighs 17.1 kg. There is a front extension that adds even more space and is ideal for establishing your camp kitchen area. It is made with all of the same materials as the main tent forming a seamless addition your camping experience. The fitted carpet will fit snugly into the living area of the tent and the footprint groundsheet will allow you to keep the sewn-in groundsheet of your tent fully protected.

Technical specification:

Dimensions: 505 cm x 280 cm x 200 cm

Weight : 17.1 kg

Pack Size (cm): 72 cm x 32 cm

Pitching Time: 20 minutes

Coleman Da Gama 4 tunnel tent dimensions

How well does Da Gama 4 tent protect from bad weather?

The Da Gama 4 tent has a rain canopy surrounding the front door that shelters from bad weather and provide a place for you to store your footwear. The fully sewn-in polyethylene (PE) groundsheet keeps draught away apart from doing a brilliant job of guaranteeing waterproof protection. It has a WeatherTec polyester flysheet as well. The Da Gama 4 tent is equipped with UVGuard shielding fabrics so you don’t have to worry about exposure to harmful sun rays.

Weather Resistance icon
Pitching Time

Coleman Da Gama 4 tent is easy to setup!

The Coleman Da Gama 4 tent has a flysheet first pitching system, which is made simpler due to strong and robust steel poles. The overall pitching time is just 20 minutes, and you don’t even need much help!

Coleman Da Gama 4 tent – how durable is it?

As discussed, the Coleman Da Gama 4 tent is made using a strong, waterproof polyethylene groundsheet, which is extremely durable and enhances the longevity of the tent floor, especially when the ground is rocky or muddy. The flysheet has taped seams to minimize wear, so the tent resists tears, rips, and snags for years to come.

customer reviews

Da Gama 4 tent reviews – what do others say?

The Da Gama 4 tent reviews portray this product as a versatile family tent that can accommodate a reasonable amount of items inside including a table and chairs without compromising on comfort. The weatherproof and bug-free systems are efficient and perform very well, so parents don’t have to worry about painful insect bites, getting wet in the rain, or catching a cold, when it comes to their kids.

A perfect tent. All fully sewn in which is great for cooler camping that we did in Scotland. The two doors both have mesh fly nets too which keeps out pesky insects and would be brilliant to use in hotter climates. Great height in the lounge and bedrooms. The sleeping area can be opened up to be one large bedroom but the zipped divider is much better than some others I have seen in other tents.It was our first tent with steel poles. Heavier but sturdier! This tent met every specification that we wanted.
Steven M
I bought this tent to fulfil two functions: a solo tent with lots of room and a tent capable of growing for two people and two dogs. I have only used this tent for two nights so this review is not much more than first impressions, but I must say, I am impressed. If you have watched any tunnel tent pitching videos ( peg four corners,put up middle pole etc,) this tent is a breeze to erect. It took two of us about 15 minutes start to finish without breaking a sweat.Once up, this tent is very stable. We were in a lovely cliff top position and had wind ,rain,and that other rare kind of weather ( think it is called sunshine )The tent handled everything beautifully, being very stable and remaining dry inside.The headroom inside is fantastic,and because if the style this does not reduce much near the sides, giving a great amount of usable space.The ‘build quality’ seems to be extremely good on first inspection.The bedrooms are just about tall enough to stand up in at the front so no need to crawl around when getting changed. Living area is bright and pleasant to be in. I can’t wait for my next outing ( late July ) which is for a couple of weeks. I will have got the front extension by then so will be able to give the extended outfit a thorough test. I will report back on that when I return. Only nine out of ten?.That is just in case I can think of some small niggle that knocks off a star. So far this tent is, for my needs, almost perfect.

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Summary for Coleman Da Gama 4 tunnel tent review

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We like


Build quality

Quite easy to setup

We don’t like

Not so suitable in cold breeze weather

Coleman Da gama 6 tent outside
Good design with a lot space for head
Medium plus price level
Medium durability

Coleman Da Gama 4 reviews – the verdict!

Although Coleman Da Gama 4 reviews paint a fabulous picture, it is best to evaluate your preferences and then go ahead – not the other way round. This is a long-term investment, so you need to think it through before taking the plunge that will cost you.

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buing Coleman Da Gama 4 …