The coleman da gama 6 is great to use on camping due to the outstanding features and the quality of material from which it is manufactured. There is no need to worry if the weather is rainy as water cannot enter in it as it contains a large front rain porch that works as a shelter from rain. The experience of using it is great as I have the experience of using it in stormy condition, I an impressed with the protection it provides.

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Why Coleman da Gama 6 is the perfect choice?

The living area is spacious in which table with chairs can be placed for dining or for having a gossip session with the family or friends. The space available in the tent is enough for accommodating 6 to 7 individuals which makes it the best option for purchasing for fulfilling the camping needs. The tent contains 3 bedrooms that are comfortable and the total area of the bedrooms is 210 x 390cm.

Coleman da gama 6 tent is best option for camping with kids

Coleman da gama 6 tent is best for family campers and the people with small kids because they can’t leave them in a separate room, so there is an option of removing the dividers and combining all the 3 rooms. It is manufactured by keeping in the mind the full head height due to which the entering and exiting in the tent is easy. The spacious area of the tent allows more campers to stay one tent so; it is the best option for the campers who want to stay together under one roof.

Pros and cons of da gama 6 tent:


Safety from rain water

The material from which it is manufactured don’t allow the rain water to enter in the tent and the campers can enjoy the rain from the windows.

Protection from Sun rays

The tent is made up of a fabric that provides the protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Fire resistant

The fabric of the tent doesn’t catch the fire immediately and the campers get time to get out of the tent in case of emergency.

Sleeping together

If all the campers want to sleep together, then it is possible because the dividers can be removed and the campers will get a spacious area to place the beds.

Dining together

If all the campers want to sleep together, then it is possible because the dividers can be removed and the campers will get a spacious area to place the beds.


Heavy steel poles

The steel poles used in the tent are not light in weight and they increase the weight of the tent, but it can be handled because it makes it stable and provides extra peace of mind which is mandatory.

What benefits coleman da gama 6 front extension offer?

The coleman da gama 6 front extension adds more space to the tent and it works well as a camp kitchen area where one can easily cook. It offers extra storage space where the shoes can be kept without any worry as the same material is used for the manufacturing which keeps every single item safe. The front extension features windows with curtains that let the light in if desired and provides a chance to enjoy the rainy weather. The size after packing the tent is 79 x 33 x 33 cm and it comes with a carry bag making it easy to take anywhere.

Da gama 6 manufactured with high quality Bad Weather resistance fabric

It contains a hydrostatic head of 3000/4000mm* which makes the campers safe from the rain and also contains fabric with SPF50 for the protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Breathable polyester is used in the Da gama 6, the groundsheet is made up of Polyethylene which is great for the protection from water and the flysheet is prepared with Polyester PU coated.

Coleman da gama 6 instructions and guide

There is no need to get the assistance from many individuals for setting up the tent, a person can read the Coleman da gama 6 instructions and can get it done by himself. The pitching requires just 20 minutes and so the unpitching.

Coleman da gama 6 man tent is long lasting made up of durable material

Coleman da gama 6 man tent is made up of high quality material due to which it is durable and the heavy rain cannot affect it. It is manufactured with the technology Coleman WeatherTec™, which assists in staying dry on a rainy day.

Tent Coleman da Gama 6 meets the camping demands

For us, Tent coleman da gama 6 is the perfect selection as it meets the camping demands and We have seen many campers getting benefit from it. It works well in severe weather conditions and is best for the safe camping with young ones.

Only got out once and it rained solid for an hour in the morning and I’m pleased to report that the tent didn’t leak. Also is surprisingly easy to put up. It is heavy though, so I took the poles out of the main bag and carried them separately.

Recently returned from 2 weeks at Sea Barn Farm,in Dorset.Extremely pleased with our Da Gamma 6,plenty room,completely waterproof,draught proof,easy to put up/take down.We had 2 nights of high wind and rain,no problems.Well ventilated in hot weather.Would recommend to anyone wishing a well designed modern tent,easy to erect for a weekend and big enough for a whole holiday.Bedroom was big enough for a queen size,double height airbed,and the front door can be poled out as a sun awning,though poles and guys are not supplied.

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Summary for Coleman Da Gama 6 review

We Like

Good weather and fire resistant

One room tent

UV protection

We dont like

Heavy poles


Many satisfied customers especially in camping area


Reasonable expense


Fabrics,components and design are very good quality

Coleman da gama 6 tent review with the experience of using it

We have selected the tent after reading the Coleman da gama 6 tent review given by the individuals who had used it and I am happy that I made the right decision. The other main reason of selecting it from the wide range of tents available is that it comes with a warranty of 2 years, which makes the decision making process easier for the individuals who plan camping frequently. The warranty ensures that the tent is long lasting and as I have used it, so I can say it with confidence that the tent is worth spending hard earned money because the weather was stormy when I was on camping with my buddies, but the tent made the experience outstanding. After coping with the storm and heavy rain, it is as it was when purchased.

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