The Coleman Galileo 5-man tent is the perfect tent for families, with enough room for comfortable, divided bedrooms and a living area with room for a family dining table and chairs. This gives families plenty of room to move around in at night or if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

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Coleman Galileo 5 Man Tent – General Overview

The Coleman Galileo 5 tent is a great value option with a great deal of features that make it the perfect choice for families and groups of up to 5 people. It has bee designed to be as spacious and comfortable as possible.

Coleman Galileo 5 Man Camping Tent – Key Features



There is plenty of headroom and floor space to accommodate an entire family and there’s even enough room for a table and set of chairs.

Easy to pitch

The Coleman Galileo 5 has an easy to pitch tunnel structure with ring and pole attachments and pre-bent ferrules so that you can pitch your tent quickly and with minimal effort.

Integrated Groundsheet

The integrated groundsheet makes pitching your tent even easier to set up as there is no need to fiddle with the groundsheet trying to get it to fit properly.

Divided Bedroom Compartment

There are two compartments in the bedroom section that are separated by a vanity mesh. Both of these compartments are spacious enough for a double mattress.



Zips on the side door snag up easily


Coleman Galileo 5 – Package Size

The Coleman Galileo 5 is easy to put up and take down. The tent packs away into a bag that can be easily stored and carried. This means that taking your tent away with you is really easy and will still allow you to pack plenty of other items.

Technical specification:

Dimensions: 470 cm x 335 cm x 195 cm

Weight : 16 kg

Pack Size (cm): 73 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm

Pitching Time: 15-20 minutes

Bad weather resistance of Galileo 5

The Coleman Galileo 5 tent is made from high quality Polyester with a waterproof rating of 3000mm. This means that a column of water ¾ of a meter tall can be supported by the fabric before water started to leak through it. The Ministry of Defence class any hydrostatic head that can support 800mm as waterproof and this material surpasses this standard by far.


How easy is setup of Coleman Galileo 5?

The Coleman Galileo 5 is so easy to set up that it can be pitched by just one person in minutes. This combined with the built in groundsheet allows you to get your tent set up quickly and easily so that you can start relaxing on your holiday as soon as possible.

Coleman Galileo 5 Materials and Build Quality

The materials that each part of the Coleman Galileo 5 is made out of are incredibly durable so that you can be confident in the structural integrity and performance of the tent and that it will stand up to any challenges that are thrown at it. The fibreglass poles are designed to ensure that the tent stands up and holds it shape in any weather conditions. The fabric of the tent is also flame retardant so that you can be confident that your tent won’t go up in flames before you and your family can get to safety in the event of an emergency.



Customer Reviews and Awards of the Coleman Galileo 5

The customer reviews for the Coleman Galileo 5 are overwhelmingly positive with users finding its ease of use and spacious interior perfect for families and groups of people who are looking for a decent quality tent. Users have also been impressed by the ability of the tent to stand up to wet and windy weather. The Coleman Galileo 5 was voted tent of the year which just proves how good a quality tent this is. With great customer reviews and having won this award there really is no reason not to consider this tent for your next camping trip.

We chose our Galileo 5 carefully as it’s our first ‘proper’ grown up family tent, we have been happy with our smaller Vanga for years but the bones are getting creaky so thought it was time for some luxury and Head Height! We love it, we feel very grand when we put it up and it’s become a home from home (the car full of accessories helps too). Criticism echoes previous reviews. No Mesh on the front 🙁 issue as I do not like creepy crawlies! We are currently working out how to fashion our mosquito net (from previous travels) into a front mesh as the side one does not do the job on very hot days. Also the poles displayed are not included which is a shame, as is the cost of the accessories (carpet) etc. For now we are happy with our buy and continue to enjoy the experience.

Perfect size tent for a family with small children. Packs down to a reasonable size and the bag is generous enough that you can actually get everything in, every time.

Construction quality is good and I would imagine – although I haven’t yet been in that situation – that it would survive anything but the worst weather. Then the simple tunnel design might show its age.

If you’ve been camping before, then putting it up is easy. If not it will take a couple of goes to get into the swing. One tip is that the “keys” sewn into the tabs insert into the poles at ground level (they’re not pegs!)

First outing we got the poles threaded and started to lift it up all , going well until we tried to put poles in the ring and pins, but they weren’t there so had to improvise with a couple of tent peg and some tape .It was lucky that it wasn’t windy, went Inside and when we closed the curtains the rings that the toggles went thro were also missing, when we looked round next morning the cover over the air vent was sewn to tight and was twisting the fabric round.Returned to supplier and had an exchange But not for another Coleman Galileo ,(nice size but quality RUBBISH avoid)


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Summary for Coleman Galileo 5 person tent review

We Like

Very spacy

Integrated groundsheet

We dont like

Quite easy to break zips



Coleman have always positive quality



Medium level of price



Besides the zips other fabrics are ok

Summary of Coleman Galileo 5 tent review

If you are looking for a spacious and comfortable family tent that is easy to pitch and pack away, then the Coleman Galileo 5 is the tent for you! With durable materials to stand up to the toughest weather conditions, and plenty of room for sleeping and moving around, the Coleman Galileo 5 is perfect for families. The bedroom compartment can be divided into two compartments which have plenty of room for a double bed in each compartment. There is enough room in the living compartment for a dining table and some chairs so that you and your family can sit around in the comfort of your tent, safe from the wet and cold weather from outside. So, for families looking for a large and spacious tent for weekend camping getaways, the Coleman Galileo 5 is the ideal tent for you!

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