Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6 family tent – what does it entail?

If you are looking for comfortable holiday or a home from home experience, the Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6 family tent covers all your needs. Boasting a spacious flexible living area, two large bedrooms and full head height throughout ensures your camping trip is as enjoyable as possible. Abundant with clever features, the tent includes large windows with patent-pending, self-rolling window covers, while the enhanced ventilation option of the cool air port and handy features such as the reflective guy-lines, power cord vent and clever Peak Protection sheltering you from the rain as you unzip to enter, add to a family’s camping experience.

Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6L tent – who can use it?

The Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6L tent offers full head height throughout and a functional cabin design. This expansive six person design is the ideal choice for families looking for a camping experience. Normally, teens and adolescents are keen about personal space even if they are on family trips, and Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6L tent grants it to them as well as the parents. As mentioned, the bedrooms are on opposite ends so both parties get some peace and quiet when required. These tents offer some quality family and “me” time in a single package.

Coleman Mackenzie 6 person cabin tent – Know the pros and cons

  • Convenient entrance

    The front door is hinged exactly like a proper one so getting in and out is way easier as compared to most tents.

  • Weather resistance

    Complete steel pole construction for optimum strength to stand tall in all weather conditions.

  • No insects

    It has a fully integrated sewn in PE groundsheet, providing dry and bug-free camping.

  • Excellent capacity

    the Coleman Mackenzie 6 person cabin tent accommodates 6 people comfortably without compromising on privacy.

  • Fire Retardant

    The fire retardant property ensures that the fabric doesn’t flare dangerously out of control and will self-extinguish.

  • Not Ideal for Everyone

    the Coleman Mackenzie 6 person cabin tent might not be suitable for small families due to the large size, which is more than they need.

  • Tad Overpriced

    Due to amazing features and cutting edge technology incorporated into the design, the tent is quite expensive.

Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6 XL dimensions – what is the packing size?

Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6 XL dimensions feature a pack size of 86 x 49 cm, which weighs 32.95 kg. There is a front extension that adds even more space and is ideal for establishing your camp kitchen area. It is made with all of the same materials as the main tent forming a seamless addition your camping experience. The fitted carpet will fit snugly into the living area of the tent and the footprint groundsheet will allow you to keep the sewn-in groundsheet of your tent fully protected

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Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6XL tent – how is the bad weather resistance?

The Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6XL tent helps you to stay protected from the outdoor elements with the new rising groundsheet made from a poly-blend that combines the feeling of comfort you get with a sewn-in groundsheet with the excellent ventilation and easy-clean capabilities of a traditional flat groundsheet. It is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry during rain, storm, or snow. The Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6XL tent is equipped with UVGuard shielding fabrics so there is no danger of exposure to harmful sun rays.

Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6 tent – what about its durability?

Breathable polyester and ultra-fine mesh make up its inner, while the groundsheet is made of 140 g/m polyethylene and flysheet is PU coated too. Thus the Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6 tent is made using a strong, waterproof polyethylene groundsheet, which is extremely durable and enhances the longevity of the tent floor, especially when the ground is rocky or muddy.  The flysheet has taped seams to minimize wear, so the tent resists tears, rips, and snags for years to come.

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Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6XL tent – is it simple to set up?

The Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6XL tent is provided with robust and strong steel poles that make it super quick to set it up. The pitching system is simple and you can get it done within in about 3 minutes without any help. Similarly, it is equally easy to dismantle the Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6XL tent when you leave the campsite – it takes the same time to take it apart and bundle it into your car.

Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6XL – what do customers say about it?

Customers have had a positive reaction to the Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6XL, especially because of the advantages offered by the quick pitching time. It becomes extremely convenient when you can disassemble the tent and pack it up without undergoing a complex un-pitch mechanism. That is why you will see a lot of great feedback about the Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6XL.

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The Coleman Mackenzie x6 is a great tent, it has a detachable double inner bedroom in the ‘long’ end and a single detachable bedroom in the shorter end -leaving plenty of options.

It comfortably sleeps two people in each of the 3 bedroom spaces (ie;a standard Coleman double inflatable mattress will fit into each bedroom). We use one double bedroom for us, one for the dogs & yet another as a ‘tidy’ to stow away loose ends out of reach of the inquisitive ones.
The pegs are not as durable as the alloys supplied with my 2 man backpacking Quasar tent, but will do the job without bending on reasonably clear ground. The stitching & materials are top notch (but see my comment at the end) and the tent is supplied with plenty of guy ropes which together with the very strong frame provide peace of mind in strong wind. There are plenty of pockets and places to hang lanterns as well as a single horizontal bar hanger and 2 opposing side windows which each include an insertable spring/strip which provides a neat way to self wind the blind material when dropping (opening).
In rain, the extra space afforded by this tent comes in useful since you have plenty of volume/headroom to cook inside with an appropriate table/stand cooker.
First pitch is time consuming since the instructions sewn in the bag aren’t brilliant (if you havent put up a tent like this before). But after working it out on the first go, we feel as though we might be able to get the tent up in about 30 minutes next time (between the two of us -and yes it is a 2 person task).

On using the tent for the first time we discovered one of the no-see-um doors on the bedroom had been stitched too close to the zipper -preventing the ‘window’ from fully opening. It wasn’t a deal breaker -but we contacted Amazon anyway to see if there was anything that could be done about it. Within a couple of hours they responded apologising for the defect & arranging for another tent to be sent out immediately as replacement (which was sent out the next day by courier). Totally unexpected and totally beyond any service I have received from an internet supplier before.

I can’t fault the tent design & Amazon have an A+++ in my book for service above & beyond expectations -hence my motivation to write my first Amazon review here!

Got this tent last year and have been so pleased with it. It is well built and roomy. The metal poles make it a heavy tent to carry but gives it such a robust feel, and I have no concerns about sleeping in it during bad weather. First time I took it out we got caught in a heavy thunder storm and we managed to fit the large group we were camping with (+20 people – kids and adults) in the tent, and absolutly no leaks. I was amazed! Not that I’d necessarily recommend that many people in it at a time, but just to give you an idea of how roomy it is.

Like the one of the previous reviewers, I use two of the rooms to sleep in and the third as storage, just to keep things out of site. The windows and the colour of the tent mean that it’s nice and bright inside. I have not found it drafty, in fact I like the ventilation, I think it’s important to have good ventilation in a tent, especially if you have to spend a long time in it.

I agree with the other reviewers in that the tent instructions can be a bit confusing first time, but so simple to put up second time round. A practice run in the garden (if you can fit it in) would be a good idea.

I’m glad I got this tent after a lot of time looking round at other tents. I got this tent because I wanted to be able to camp with two kids and have enough room to be comfortable in bad weather, and that would last us a good few years. This ticks all the boxes.

I don’t usually bother writing these, but this is in my opinion quite a lot of money to spend out on a tent and you would expect a great product. The tent is well built and pretty sturdy and has a lot of clever little ideas as you will see in the description, but there in lies a lot of its problems, it has so many vents, windows, pockets, hangers etc that it seems to have compromised it waterproofness, it leaked a lot, and we didn’t even get that hard of a rainfall, and the venting system is a good idea but in practice just creates a wind tunnel that shakes the whole tent, although in fairness most of the vents can be closed but the tents still seems to have a lot of movement which is not great while you’re trying to sleep. A nice idea, and maybe a great tent if you’re lucky with the weather or only away for a short break (as its pretty easy to put up and take down) but not good enough in my opinion for a week away in the good old British weather and therefore not worth the money we spent so will be returning to buy a different one.
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Summary for Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6 review

Convenient Entrance

Weather Resistance

No Insects & Excellent Capacity

Not be suitable for small families

As Coleman always do
Quite Expensive
Positives feedback are given

Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6 reviews – the conclusion

The important thing to remember is what you require – just because someone has posted a glowing testimonial about a particular tent, it doesn’t mean the same will work for you. The best way to go through Coleman Mackenzie cabin 6 reviews is to look at all of them objectively, and consider your specifications and preferences before coming to a decision. Always buy from a reputed dealer so you are 100% certain about the quality and reliability.