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97/100 – Highest possibly level
70/100 – Medium range
95/100 – Very durable raw materials and technology

Size- 156 in x 156 in x 82 in

Weight – 10,7 lbs

The Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 is the ideal way to enjoy camping because it offers breathtaking, panoramic views while offering tranquility and privacy at the same time. The tent is very versatile – along with its standard inner and outer configuration, it can also be pitched as just a flysheet for a spacious shelter or you could use the inner and poles to create a mosquito proof screen room.

Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 – what is it about?

As is evident from the name, the Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 sleeps eight people with the utmost comfort and is at its best with a big double airbed and camping comforts like tables and chairs for dining. Luxury camping has been redefined thanks to this excellent specimen, which is the proud recipient of 2015 Tent of the Year at the Camping Magazine Editor’s Choice Awards!

The Coleman Octagon tent is apt for large groups as it accommodates 4 short of a dozen! It is quite popular among young couples going camping in a big group with other couples or a big family with more than 2 children and pets looking to spend a weekend away from the noise and chaos of a city. Although tents are primarily used for camping purposes, you can use it to camp out at festivals and even during garden parties – the Coleman Octagon tent is serves many purposes and occasions.

What are the merits and demerits of the Coleman Octagon 8 tent?

Fire retardant

The Coleman Octagon 8 tent self extinguishes and doesn’t flare when exposed to naked flame.

Dual pitching style

You can pitch the tent along with the flysheet or remove it and use the inner and poles to structure a big insect-free space for dry and hot days.

Convenient entrance

The front door is hinged exactly like a proper one so getting in and out is way easier as compared to most tents.

Slightly expensive

The Coleman Octagon 8 tent is practically flawless in terms of design and looks but it can set you back by quite a bit. However, this is the initial investment, for which you can get returns for years to come due to its long-lasting characteristics.

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Coleman Octagon 8 tent dimensions – what does it offer?

This tent makes it easy for large groups to go camping on a moment’s notice. Despite its size, it is clear from the Coleman Octagon 8 tent dimensions, it is relatively light, weighing about 20.7 kg. It offers several useful features such as:

  • The part polyester and insect-proof mesh ensures the tent is well-ventilated and free from bugs and pests.

  • Big mesh windows guarantee that natural light and views aren’t restricted.

  • The sewn-in groundsheet offers protection from wet ground and insects at the same time.

  • For better privacy, you can use the room divider – attach with toggles and loops to split the tent in two.

  • The Coleman Octagon 8 tent dimensions pack size are only : 85 x 30 x 30cm.

coleman Octagon 8 tent dimensions

Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 tent – exceptional weather resistance

The flysheet of the Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 tent is fully waterproof – 2000mm Hydrostatic Head with taped seams to keep the occupants dry at all times. The hinged door makes coming in and going out quite hassle-free, while ensuring no rain water or drips enter the tent thanks to its large storm flap.

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Pitching Time

Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 man family tent – easy setup procedure

The Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 man family tent is provided with robust and strong steel poles that make it super quick to set it up. The pitching system is simple and you can get it done within in 20 minutes without any help. Similarly, it is equally easy to dismantle the tent when you leave the campsite.

Coleman Octagon 8 accessories – what is the tent made of that makes it durable?

As a part of the camping package, the Coleman Octagon 8 accessories include the flysheet and groundsheet made of PU coated polyester and integrated PE respectively. The fabrics are sturdy and won’t rip or tear easily – thus the tent is quite durable and long-lasting.

customer reviews

Octagon 8 – what do reviews say?

Octagon 8 reviews are generally positive with families complementing the fire retardant feature, which is usually not that common in other tents. Even though the Octagon 8 is costly, this particular characteristic has clearly proved that manufacturers have placed safety as the top priority, which has worked in their favor.

I gave a lot of thought to purchasing this tent and read the reviews and specs very carefully. Now I’ve had a chance to use it, I am very pleased I bought it. In spite of its large size, setting the tent up is easy and straightforward, though it is not something I would like to have to do single-handedly in a strong wind. Once erected, the steel frame is rock steady and the internal space it provides is amazing – the comfort and luxury of all-round standing height is such a pleasure and the tent still had plenty of space to move around in even after I set up a double bed, inflatable sofa and two tables. The rigid, hinged door is marvellous – why don’t all tents have them? The greatest attraction about this tent though is the all round windows as I simply hate being enclosed in a giant bag. The upper half of the inner lining is mesh which means when the outer skin sections are tied back you have perfect visibility of the outside. Moreover, because it is mesh the air circulates freely through it and, for the first time ever, I was able to sit comfortably cool inside my tent with the sun shining and all the bugs were all shut out. This is not a tent I would like to use in winter as this same air circulation through the mesh of the inner would make it uncomfortably draughty at night, but as someone said, it is big enough to have a pop-up tent inside if you wanted a completely draught-free sleeping compartment. I am looking forward to using my Octagon again for the rest of this summer’s camping.
Shut up and buy this tent! This is the best tent on the market today. My husband and I have been living in it while remodeling our cabin. We have been in it a month now, and it is fantastic. We are not young, in our early 60s, and there is plenty of room for our dog, our stuff, and even a potty. It does not leak when it rains, and it has so much ventilation, that it stays cool with the slightest breeze. You have to zip it up on the outside, so you need to catch the rain indicators early, unless you don’t mind zipping up the rain fly while getting a drop or two of rain on you. But you are camping, for gosh sake,…not going to the prom! This tent is roomy and beautiful. Just shut up, stop looking, and buy this tent. Easy to assemble, great carrying bag, with good handle and wheels! Oh, it is 14 feet in diameter (octagon) so you will need to pick up two 12 x 14 tarps, if you want the benefit of full tarpage below your tent. I could not find a 14 x 14 tarp. The bottom of the tent is strong, and you really don’t need any tarp, but I like the extra protection, especially since we are actually living in this thing for such a long stint. The cabin will be done soon, but we are leaving up the tent for a screen room cocktail lounge! Buy it, you won’t be disappointed!!
WARNING – poles bend easily and Coleman does not sell or replace their poles for this tent!
We used the tent 3 times and had it blow over during take down. It bent 5 of the metal poles. When contacting Coleman, they said, “Unfortunately, we do not offer replacement poles for this tent and since it was damaged due to a storm, the warranty won’t cover it. Hmmmmm. Wish I had known
Steven 33

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coleman Octagon 8 tent outdoor
Highest possibly level
Medium range
Very durable raw materials and technology

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As a bonus feature, you get a wheeled carry bag, which is a practical accessory for those going camping – you need to carry the tents properly, right? Design and practicality rule the roost for sure and it is clear from the Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 reviews that this particular camping gear – award or not – is an out-and-out winner.

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